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Alpha Catering Equipments

Alpha Catering Equipment Pty Ltd has been a family owned and operated business since 1975 and has built a strong reputation as one of Sydney's top premier shop fitting (fit out) suppliers. Located in Penrith, we have one of the largest commercial kitchen showrooms in Western Sydney, displaying our complete range of stainless steel benches and kitchen equipment from industry-leading suppliers.

Commercial & Food Transport Catering Trolleys by Alpha Catering Equipment. Trolleys are essential for helping your food service staff members move large quantities at once without getting fatigued or risking their safety.

Commercial & Food Transport Catering Trolleys by Alpha Catering Equipment

Whether you depend on catering trolleys when working with large amounts of food for guests at a special event, or use a clearing trolley to quickly clean tables and get them ready for the next customers, trolleys can help you enjoy a more efficient and pleasant work environment. Browse through our selection today and discover what’s available from brands like KSS, Rubbermaid, and Vogue. Many of the trolleys we stock have a multi-tiered design so you can store things on several levels.

Others are made for specific needs, such as baking. Pick out a trolley today and see how it can make your food service facility more productive. >> View more. Commercial Rotisseries. When it comes down to catering meals, you want fast and efficient equipment for your hospitality establishment.

Commercial Rotisseries

To prepare large quantities of healthy, tasty meals, using a commercial rotisserie is the way to go without the need for additional grease and oils. Rotisseries are perfect for cooking a variety of foods, including chicken, turkey, beef, pork, and vegetables. These are also great for keeping large batches of food warmed such as chili. Since some rotisseries hold up to 36 birds, your staff can keep up with the large volume of orders. Commercial Ice Maker Machine. An Ice maker machine is a definite plus in any industry, but hospitality establishments have a need for them around the clock.

Commercial Ice Maker Machine

An ice maker can give you the large volumes of ice needed in a variety of shapes for your design and servicing needs such as half cubes, flakers, hollow cubes, and solid cubes. There is no need to order ice when you can make it yourself! We provide a host of ice maker brands such as Brema, Hoshizaki, Kozyair, and Scotsman so you can find the one to suit your needs and your budget. We don’t just supply a general ice maker for sale, as you’ll find we have numerous features such as storage bins and cold water dispensers. You can store these where you need to so your employees increase their speed of delivery of beverages, as well as your profitability assisting customers in a speedy manner.

Be sure to also check out the complete Bromic, F.E.D., Ice Pro, Icematic, and Semak product lines we stock for other amazing commercial kitchen equipment >> View more. Commercial Urns - Stainless Steel Urns. Catering urns have come a long way since their invention thousands of years ago to transport water, vinegar, and wine.

Commercial Urns - Stainless Steel Urns

Our modern commercial urns can help you boil large amounts of hot water for your restaurant’s coffee, tea, and other hot water needs. Whether you’re looking for a stainless steel hot water urn with a 10-litre capacity or one that can handle 40 litres, we have something that will suit your needs. We carry a range of efficient large hot water urn varieties from top brands such as Birko, Buffalo, Robatherm, Semak, and F.E.D. Many of our urns are equipped with advanced features such as thermostat controls, overheat protection, and other safety features.

Be sure to take a look at our other offerings from Birko, F.E.D., and Semak. >> View more. Alpha Catering Equipment. High volume hospitality establishments can quickly rack up in dirty dishes.

Alpha Catering Equipment

It’s essential to have a high-powered and quality commercial dishwashers in your kitchen. Our Classeq and Washtech brands are trusted by all in the hospitality industry to safely clean dishes to get them ready for use. A commercial dishwasher keeps your staff freed up to work on other necessities, not washing dishes constantly. We have high and low-temperature commercial dishwashers so you can use hot water or chemicals to sanitize.

You can choose between features such as a single or double rack commercial dishwasher and compact or full sized commercial dishwashers. Buy Commercial Display Fridges & Food Display Cabinets by Alpha Catering Equipment. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and when it comes to selling food, a display is worth a thousand pictures.

Buy Commercial Display Fridges & Food Display Cabinets by Alpha Catering Equipment

Displays are the end-all and be-all when it comes to marketing food because there’s nothing that is quite as inspirational to people as being able to see things such as luscious cakes, tasty warm food, and divine sushi.