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Supercharged restaurant POS Benefits - AlohaEPOS. What would you say if I offered you better control over your labour and stock, faster table turn and better engagement with your diners in these troubled trading times?

Supercharged restaurant POS Benefits - AlohaEPOS

It’s a no-brainer, of course – and that’s why it’s worth supercharging your restaurant POS in 2019. The evolution of restaurant POS is a real bright spot for the hospitality industry as it fights foes including Brexit uncertainty, rising costs, waste and inefficiency. Yet as one top chef-director said recently, 2019 is tough, but also offers opportunities as harsh trading conditions force rents down. This is the time to make the most of what you’ve got. So what are the 9 great reasons to supercharge your restaurant POS? 1. Restaurant POS puts the power in your serving staff’s hands, quite literally.Servers use handheld devices including tablets and smartphones to take customers’ orders and payments right at tableside, while your managers gain an end-to-end view of operations online from their mobile or laptop. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Why Promoting Staff Wellbeing and Productivity with EPOS Software. When Jamie’s Italian group announced 22 restaurant closures, around 1,000 hospitality jobs were put in jeopardy – and they were not the first under threat this year. Yet unlike some industries – steel or car production, for instance – there was little outcry about the job losses. The hospitality industry is the third-biggest employer in the UK, according to figures from UK Hospitality. It’s also been responsible for around 15% of jobs created since 2009. How Mobility and Restaurant EPOS Software are Changing UK Restaurants. “These businesses are driving – and will continue to drive – a generational shift in the way humans buy their food.”

How Mobility and Restaurant EPOS Software are Changing UK Restaurants

Who is analyst Giles Thorne talking about? The Dutch food delivery firm, who want to buy Just Eat. Thorne told the BBC that this is ‘one of the last great digitalisation stories.’ Voice ordering to be revealed at the Restaurant Show. How EPOS software is driving up loyalty at famed restaurants. Executive summary The renowned Balans Soho Society group of restaurants and bars was launching its seventh restaurant, situated in Ealing, London.

How EPOS software is driving up loyalty at famed restaurants

With a definitely demanding that numbers many celebrity guests, Balans decided it would continue its long relationship with NFS Technology and use the Aloha EPOS software that has already proved successful at their other branches. The decision has paid off – and Balans is particularly happy with the loyalty programme Aloha has enabled it to set up. Their loyalty customers are spending more than 40% more than their non-loyalty guests. At a glance. Which EPOS Software should you choose for your hotel restaurant? Some of the finest dining in the UK now takes place in hotels, with star chefs making a huge impact – but even if your ambitions are not quite so high, food and beverage is a huge contributor to any hotel business.

Which EPOS Software should you choose for your hotel restaurant?

The principles of F&B success are the same whatever your hotel company model: great food and great service, provided when your potential guests need it. But which hotel EPOS software should you choose? With a wide range on offer, it can seem hard to decide – but it shouldn’t be. EPOS is providing an incredible boost to restaurants all over the country – and its hotels are eyeing up the software choices to achieve the same results. Some hotels PMS systems include a limited element of F&B management; others are still managing with paper diaries and order note pads. AlohaEPOS and Kitchen cut together at this year’s restaurant show. Next week will see the launch of The Restaurant Show 2019 and NFS will be joining together to showcase their pioneering technology, F+B Engine and Aloha EPOS.

AlohaEPOS and Kitchen cut together at this year’s restaurant show

Taking place 30 September – 2nd October 2019 at Olympia London, The Restaurant Show has become the ultimate destination for the hospitality industry to connect, celebrate and discover new products, services and suppliers. Visitors to the show will be able to see Kitchen CUT’s ground-breaking platform, F+B Engine, in action. Members of the Kitchen CUT team will be available every day to give demonstrations, and visitors are also encouraged to use one of the tablets available and see for themselves just how intuitive it the system is. F+B Engine has been designed specifically for the global hospitality sector, sitting at the heart of all hospitality enterprises, tracking and managing the ‘engine room’.

Accessible anywhere, from any device, the system is there to support, engage, educate and transform the way teams operate every day. Fix your Business with these 20 Restaurant Software Top Tips. As a restaurateur, how do you feel about your business right now?

Fix your Business with these 20 Restaurant Software Top Tips

In these competitive times, many owners and managers have the uncomfortable feeling that things are not quite right within the operation. So we’ve compiled 20 ways your business might be going all wrong – and looked at how restaurant software and give you the kind of control that makes it all go right. 1. 7 Secrets of Seasonal Success with Restaurant EPOS Software. Ding-Dong!

7 Secrets of Seasonal Success with Restaurant EPOS Software

The festive season is in full action with restaurants and hotels already bursting at the seams – but are you perfectly placed get the best out of this year’s jolly holly effect? If you’re not sure, don’t worry! New partners, New Clients and New Features for Aloha EPOS Software. It’s been a busy year for Aloha by NFS, the leading EPOS software for restaurants, bars and hotels – and 2020 is looking even more positive.

New partners, New Clients and New Features for Aloha EPOS Software

The company has seen existing clients expanding internationally, new clients coming on board and technology partners being selected to add further strength to the Aloha EPOS software mix. Here’s just a flavour of some of the big developments in 2019. New partners Keeping ahead of trends in the hospitality industry is vital in these quick-changing times, and NFS is constantly building on the capabilities of Aloha to meet new demand.

Deliveroo: With home delivery opening up new revenue streams for many restaurants, NFS added integration with Deliveroo to its armoury this year. Head of sales Chris Cartmell says: “Aloha now really streamlines the process of fulfilling home orders for many restaurants. What’s menu engineering – and does my restaurant really need it? Menu engineering is more than a buzzword for the F&B industry – it could make the difference between growth and failure for your business.

What’s menu engineering – and does my restaurant really need it?

NFS asked Michelin starred chef John Wood – Co-Founder of our strategic partner Kitchen CUT – to explain what it is, and why you need it. John says: “Menu Engineering is used within the hospitality industry, but it can be applied to any business that makes and sells food or beverage. The main aim is to maximise a business’s profitability by subconsciously encouraging customers to buy what you want them to buy.”

That usually means the higher profit dishes – and those that have the best margin percentage. How to reap the benefits of bundling restaurant EPOS and card payments. Restaurant POS Systems – shaping the future of UK dining? It’s 2020 already – but what will the world of tomorrow look like?

Restaurant POS Systems – shaping the future of UK dining?

If you’re a restaurateur seeking hungry diners, probably like this: Your customer has been talking to Alexa, and his device asks if he wants to book a table at his favourite restaurant. Instead, he uses Facebook Messenger to place an order for delivery.Another customer arrives at the burger chain she likes best, having pre-ordered and pre-paid for her meal on the restaurant’s app. The system remembers her usual, knows she doesn’t like relish, and the perfect personalised order is there to pick up as soon as she arrives. No queueing, no delay.Another customer takes his car for a pre-ordered meal. What’s the cost-effective way to finance restaurant EPOS? Hotel EPOS: 7 key questions every hotelier should ask. Did you know: according to the British Hospitality Association, the UK hospitality industry dishes up more than 8.3 billion meals every year.

Hotels are gaining a bigger and bigger slice of that lucrative market, with some now playing host to destination restaurants, and many growing F&B into a valuable revenue stream. The most successful are using sophisticated hotel EPOS (electronic point of sale) systems to support and streamline their operations. So if you don’t have it, chances are you probably want it – but in a competitive market where margins are always tight and ROI is crucial making the right choice can be confusing. So we’ve compiled the 7 key questions every hotelier growing an F&B operation should be asking. 1.

A PMS is the backbone of hotel operations, managing all aspects of hotel business from reservations to guest billing and payments. The 5 ways values are driving restaurant trends in 2020. Hotels and venues reveal virus impact – and share their tips. Positive tips as hospitality businesses fight back. The UK hospitality industry has never had times this shocking – but at NFS we’ve been drawing together tips from across the sector that can provide a little help. Takeaway solution made easy for restaurants and pubs. UK restaurants have been given hope of reopening from July – but in the meantime, hospitality businesses across the country are dreaming up some innovative ways to keep going.

Reopening restaurants keep guests safe with new solution. Restaurant Stock Control Management - Aloha EPOS. Fraud Prevention Software - Aloha EPOS. Restaurant Kitchen Automation Software - AlohaEPOS. Restaurant Guest Management Software - AlohaEPOS. Payment Solutions - Aloha EPOS. Hardware Solutions - Aloha EPOS. Restaurant EPOS Software in the UK - AlohaEPOS. Eat Out is over – but how do you keep diners coming back? Britons scoffed more than 100m discounted meals during the August Eat Out to Help Out scheme – but what are you doing to capitalise on the scheme now it’s finished? Some operators such as Gaucho are continuing the initiative at their own expense for a while, thanks to the droves of customers it brings in.

6 ways technology is helping hospitality under curfew. Hospitality businesses are still reeling at last week’s news that they must shut by 10pm every day. Easy Instagram hacks to get your restaurant takeaway buzzing. With lockdown restrictions putting the spotlight once again on takeaway, your restaurant needs to use every trick in the book to grab customers – and one of the best is Instagram. But if social media isn’t already a biggie for you, how do you succeed in making a splash on the ‘Gram? Restaurant Labour Management Software - AlohaEPOS. Real-time Reporting - Aloha EPOS. Multi-Site Management System from Aloha EPOS. Restaurant Customer Loyalty Software - AlohaEPOS. Hand Held Ordering Restaurant Software - AlohaEPOS. Quick Service Restaurant EPOS Software - Aloha EPOS. Table Service Restaurant Software. Data Driven Hospitality Decisions To Future-proof Your Business - Aloha EPOS.

The impact of the Pandemic has been massive, particularly on the hospitality sector. So, how can you use data to better understand the state of your business and more importantly, what you need to do as an operator to drive your business forward? In looking at the market that is emerging, with changed consumer behaviour and operators shutting down sites (potentially reduced competition) the time is ripe for a targeted data driven strategy to drive your business forward. In this article I will look at how data can be used to make the right decisions now, that could have a major impact on the shape of your business in the next 12 to 24 months. So, what has reopening been like? The picture will be different depending on location, type of business and historical brand demand patterns. The other important data to consider would be staff hours and F&B cost ratios in relation to revenue. Make informed decisions about staffing levels against revenue Get the total view of your group’s operations.

7 top tips for adding takeout delivery to your hospitality model. Once again, many restaurants are facing up to the challenge of what to do when your customers can’t come to you – and finding the answer in takeaway. It created lifesaving revenue streams for many operators during the full lockdown, and many have continued it ever since. Some groups have even opened delivery kitchens to make the most of the opportunity.

NFS customers including Dishoom, BrewDog, Gaucho and MyLahore have had great success in trying out new customer service models ranging from drive-thrus to delivery and food kits. But like every aspect of the hospitality business, creating a successful takeaway and delivery business depends on getting EVERYTHING right – particularly making sure customers feel completely safe. Best Restaurant EPOS Software.