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English Teaching Online. Now that the new GCSE specs are finally with us, turn to our trusty ETO team for a comforting hand hold as you tiptoe tentatively through the highs and lows of Curriculum 2010.

English Teaching Online

Geoff Barton thinks GCSEs are an old, neglected friend. Rhiannon Glover isn't convinced, but she's ready to do her duty. Keith Brindle, Esther Menon and Geoff Parker offer a host of practical classroom suggestions. What's not to like? Kate Lee Resource editor View topic - what's the most interesting thing you've done today?

Moonwatcher wrote:I need to get one soon as well.

View topic - what's the most interesting thing you've done today?

I think 2 months is the longest I've ever gone in between haircuts. I think if I waited 8 months, I'd resemble one of the man-apes from Quest For Fire. Itled. Admission application The University of North Texas is a selective university and does not guarantee admission of all applicants.


It is recommended that students apply well in advance of the stated application deadlines. Many departments have earlier deadlines that vary by program. (See the departmental sections of this publication and the departmental web site for these program-specific dates.) Applications are submitted online at

Some funding opportunities require early admission to the program to ensure eligibility. Admission application fee. Capital Soup - Florida News Straight from the Source. Orlando, Fla. – Cambridge International Examinations, a part of University of Cambridge [England] will host a kickoff event for its Global Perspectives program in Orlando on Tuesday, December 10, 2013.

Capital Soup - Florida News Straight from the Source

The event will be held at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld from 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Cambridge created the program to support schools and students in the development of core research, collaboration, communication and critical thinking skills essential for success at college and beyond. This event will give principals and educators the chance to experience Cambridge Global Perspectives and the benefits it can bring to their students. Bilkent News. BLIS Learners Achieve "Top in the World" Results in Cambridge Learner Awards Two leaners at Bilkent Laboratory International School (BLIS) have received awards from Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) to acknowledge their exceptional performance in the June 2012 Cambridge examination series.

Bilkent News

The Outstanding Cambridge Learner "Top in the World" Awards recognize the success of learners who have achieved the highest standard mark in the world for a single subject. Julia Yasemin Kettner and Berkay Ekinci each achieved perfect scores in the Cambridge exam in German, earning the Top in the World award. High School Principal Michael Saffarewich noted that the awards recognized the talent, dedication and commitment of both learners and staff.

Language iGCSEs for bilingual families. iGCSEs are becoming increasingly popular in UK-based bilingual families as a way to gain a language qualification earlier than 16 or as an additional subject outside the school system.

Language iGCSEs for bilingual families

Typically bilingual children are more than capable of passing a GCSE examination earlier or in a language not typically offered by schools. iGSCEs (‘International’ GCSEs) can help by allowing subjects to be studied at home instead. Books tailored to iGCSE language exams are increasingly common. The iGCSE is the world’s most popular international qualification for 14 to 16 year olds and is frequently used in schools overseas with education systems derived from the UK’s or in private international schools used by ex-pats. Like any other GCSE, it is recognised by universities and employers worldwide. Collaboration. Working to improve language learning Cambridge Assessment As part of the Cambridge Assessment group, Cambridge English Language Assessment can access a vast resource of research and expertise in delivering educational assessment services to the state sector in the UK and many other countries.


Anyone got any CIE AS level biology past papers??? - Biology-Online. School exams. Cambridge IGCSE as level Physics Review by Ruchika Bansal. D.C. demographics could challenge new charter school. The Washington region is a hot zone of student achievement, with leading high schools offering a plethora of Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate classes to prove that theirs is a rigorous path to college.

D.C. demographics could challenge new charter school

But next year, a public charter school will open in the nation’s capital that raises the concept of academic rigor to a new level. Seventh-graders will take Algebra I and Latin. AP courses will not be an option for high school students — they’ll be the heart of the curriculum. To graduate, students will be required to complete at least eight AP courses and pass six exams. The school, to be known as Basis DC, replicates a model developed in Arizona and represents a potential turning point for a charter sector in the District that has grown explosively in the past decade but yielded uneven results.

Its founders say the school will be a game-changer for a city struggling to raise the quality of educational offerings for poor children. How online challenges are helping to stretch student chemists. I was recently interviewing prospective students at St Catharine's College, Cambridge, where I am the director of studies in chemistry, when something unusual happened.

How online challenges are helping to stretch student chemists

I was genuinely surprised, impressed and, quite frankly, rather taken aback, with the considerable detailed knowledge and level of understanding displayed by one of the candidates when pressed further on a particular topic. University of Cambridge: Credit Opportunities. Earning advanced standing Credit Advanced standing reports indicating how previously earned credits will transfer to OSU are prepared for fall term applicants who pay the advance tuition deposit (ATD) and register for an orientation session (START).

Credit Opportunities

During other terms, advanced standing credit is applied to a student's record after the student has been admitted to the university and official transcripts or score reports have been received by the Office of Admissions. Please allow 2-4 weeks for credit to be evaluated and appear as part of your student record. For information on credit by examinations or subjects not listed in this brochure, please contact the Office of Admissions or the appropriate academic department after you have enrolled.

Top English language courses for international students. Learn your language well and command it well, and you will have the first component to life.Edward Roscoe Murrow, American news broadcaster NEW figures released in November show the number of Chinese people studying overseas will reach 450,000 by the end of the year, up by more than 50,000 from last year. Increasingly, students from the Asia-Pacific region look to the US, Australia and the UK to access reputable, high-standard degrees. A good command of English is an indispensable skill for international students who wish to move abroad to study at top-class Western universities.

Most will already have a decent level of English, but they will often require an intensive program to bring their language skills to university level. Many teenagers in China are now enrolled to take British A-Levels rather than the country’s gaokao examination, illustrating the growing trend of pursuing foreign education later on. Top English language courses for international students. Cambridge University Press showcases GCSE Computing MOOC and Shakespeare resources to meet demands of new curriculum » Care And Support » Cambridge University Press showcases GCSE Computing MOOC and Shakespeare resources Headlining on stand B340 will be Cambridge GCSE Computing Online developed by the Cambridge-based partnership of Cambridge University Press, the Raspberry Pi Foundation and exam board OCR and shortlisted in the BETT 2014 Awards in the category ‘Free digital content/Open educational resources’. Designed primarily to support teachers and GCSE computing students, this new Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is also accessible to secondary school students keen to learn the basics of computer programming and demystify the world of algorithms, logic gates and RAMs.

Also new to the stand will be the 2014 editions of the highly successful Cambridge School Shakespeare now fully supported by enhanced web resources for Key Stages 3, 4 and 5. Hemsworth Arts & Community Academy - Exam Revision. Entry requirements for international students. ThIS Weimar - Middle Years Programme. Students continue to build upon their existing knowledge through the academic subjects studied in Primary School. » Mathematics » Science » Languages (English, German, French/Spanish) » Social Studies (History and Geography) » Music » Visual Arts » Personal, Social Health Education. Cambridge IGCSE. IGCSE Chemistry - Eddis Tutorial Services. Science - Biology -iGSCE. Science - HE Examinations. From HE Examinations Overview Home ed students generally take IGCSE Sciences because the controlled assessment aspect of GCSEs is extremely difficult to arrange for private candidates.

However, there is no need to worry about this as IGCSEs are extremely well respected. Please see the page about IGCSEs for more information. You can choose a "Combined Science" award in which you study all three sciences, or you can take individual IGCSEs in Physics, Chemistry or Biology. What about practicals? Practical aspects are examined in IGCSEs by questions asking how students would go about doing experiments. Single Sciences In 'Single Science', the examination consists usually of two papers - the first is taken by those studying for combined/double science and also the single science award (eg Biology only), while the second is taken only by 'single science' candidates.

Here is one family's experience: Dd has to do single science igcse award- can someone help me out here? Cambridge IGCSE « Physics Geeks. Cambridge iGCSE Physics. International Bilingual Department – August 2014. Internationalisation-Integration-Inspiration It is with great pleasure that Institut Sankt Joseph can formally announce the launch of our new international bilingual program, open to all primary students (Kindergarten-6th grade) beginning August 2014. The time for a program that is designed to offer the academic quality and transferability of Cambridge International Examinations, while simultaneously providing a framework for the possiblity of genuine integration and internationalisation has arrived! Customer service training, hospitality training, tourism training, sales training.

Health and Fitness

Cambridge International Examinations - Welcome to CIE, International Education from University of Cambridge. Welcome to our 10,000th school. We are delighted to welcome the 10,000th school to our global learning community. The Sanskaar Valley School, a leading educational institution in Bhopal, India has recently registered with Cambridge and is the 10,000th school to offer Cambridge qualifications in the world.

Find out more about Cambridge Primary Maths. Environmental Awareness Training for Sustainable Tourism - Green Edge. Delivering Service Excellence Customer Service Training Course. Delivering Service Excellence Customer Service Training Course. Welcome Host Customer Service Training Course. Full course details This definitive one-day Welcome Host training course includes a mix of inspirational presentation, stimulating group activity, essential tips and individual action planning. Customer Service Training Courses.

Customer Service Training UK. Factors which Contribute to Your SEO Rankings [Infographic] It’s a fairly well-known fact that website’s need to obtain and maintain a strong presence in the search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant keyword searches to receive a strong flow of organic traffic. Less well-known, however, are the methods for achieving this. There are many factors which contribute to your search engine rankings both on-page and off-page. This infographic details some of the most important factors which can have a great impact on your organic search engine performance when implemented successfully. International Education Programmes and Qualifications from Cambridge.