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UK Car Insurance Drops - PG Times. Figures recently released by the AA show that car insurance premiums in the UK have fallen by £100 on average.

UK Car Insurance Drops - PG Times

The decrease in premiums is largely credited to a crackdown on the organised groups that have performed crash for cash scams in the past. Overall there is a large decrease in the number of whiplash claims. The £100 reduction in cost means the average comprehensive policy is now £531, representing a 17% decrease overall. Young drivers and those living in the North East seem to have benefited the most, both enjoying reductions of over 20%. The AA warns this decrease could potentially be short lived if further measures to tackle fraudulent claims are not introduced. To ensure premiums continue to drop there must be an effort made in several sectors, from the legal side they must ensure only genuine claims get through, and try to curb the ‘Blame for a claim’ mentality that seems to be taking root. Porsche Design Tower In Miami - PG Times. Porsche Design seems to have moved up in the world.

Porsche Design Tower In Miami - PG Times

Having got tired of designing trainers and watches, they have decided to have a stab at the architectural world. As you would expect form Porsche, there is a heavy focus on peoples cars. The 60 storey building that features 132 apartments also has glass car lifts installed. This will allow the residents of the ultra high end apartments to drive their car right into the garage of their apartment, and then admire it through the garages glass walls. Each elevator can hold 2 or 4 cars. With the apartment block leading straight onto the beach, we are pretty sure all the residents will have some spectacular views of the ocean.

At the recent launch event of the site they said the initial sales process had gone excellently, with lots of interest and reservations. Do German Vehicles Still Justify The Tag “German Engineering”? VW and Audi Car Part Searches On the Increase. (PRWEB UK) 3 February 2014 Research conducted into parts searches on the Parts Gateway website from 2012 to date revealed a surge in demand for VW & Audi parts whilst requests for Japanese vehicles such as Honda and Toyota are falling.

Do German Vehicles Still Justify The Tag “German Engineering”? VW and Audi Car Part Searches On the Increase

In January 2012, searches for VW parts stood at 2,995 whilst the forecast for January 2014 is estimated to reach as many as 4,193. This large jump is reflected in the VW Passat’s Reliability Index Warranty Direct rating, which is edging incredibly close to ‘Poor’ at 159 points. The average of all cars is 100, meaning this model is 59 points below average. The measurement is based on the cost of repairs and frequency of failures, and the higher the number, the less dependable the car. Despite the Passat’s rating, Parts Gateway discovered that 25% of Volkswagen car part requests were for this model, with the Polo just behind with 24%. Audi queries had a smaller but notable jump in number, from 1,791 in January 2012 compared to 2,221 as this year’s forecast.

Top Signs Your Car Needs Repairing And How To Fix It On The Cheap. We rely on our vehicles a surprising amount in order to complete everyday tasks, so it’s important to keep your pride and joy in peak condition.

Top Signs Your Car Needs Repairing And How To Fix It On The Cheap

But money doesn’t grow on trees and so you might be forgiven for letting that brake squeak develop into more of a grind or for letting the tyres get a bit too worn before considering replacing them. However, you’d be surprised at what basic repairs you can carry out yourself with minimal experience, the right tools and a little bit of research. Brakes By putting off any brake work, you are putting yourself and passengers at risk.

Sometimes it’s not easy to tell what diagnosis to make, so here are a few pointers: If your vehicle does not come to a stop as quickly as expected, your brakes likely need adjusting or you require new linings. Budget Car Insurance. Website: Budget Phone Budget Car Insurance: 0800 028 9044 Entirely focused on price rather than benefits- Budget will find you competitive quotes from a host of insurers.

Budget Car Insurance

NCD protectionLegal protectionVoluntary excessBudgetNo-frillsFlexiblePayment protectionBranches Budget car Insurance are nothing to do with the rent-a-car people; it’s actually a company that’s big in South Africa and Australia. They’re intermediaries rather than direct brokers (so they hunt around for a good deal) and also operate an affiliate scheme, which generally means that unless you go to their site directly, someone else is getting a cut of your premium. They have a fairly large branch network (particularly the South East, North and Scotland) and as well as cars, vans and bikes, they can offer life, household and travel insurance policies. - Insurance - Dial Direct Car, Home and Van Insurance. Home and Car Insurance Reviews. Reviewed by Insurance Prepared Rating: 5 /5 I have seen a lot of ads about this company lately that it was I took some time to make a review of it.

Home and Car Insurance Reviews

And as I have discovered, the ads were telling the truth. Budget Insurance, Peterborough. Why is Car Insurance a Legal Requirement?Insure4Retirement. Imagine a world without car insurance.

Why is Car Insurance a Legal Requirement?Insure4Retirement

While some might celebrate the financial freedom and revel in saving a few hundred pounds a year, others would live in near constant fear. The value of insurance is only ever felt when you need to make a claim. If you go through your whole life without ever having to contact your policy provider, then it can seem like a wasted investment. However, if you are involved in a collision or your vehicle is stolen, suddenly that safety net can appear to be invaluable. But to understand where we are today, we must first go back to the beginning. Car insurance has been available to motorists since the very early days of private ownership. However, as the roads got busier and accidents increased, the government was forced to take action.

While the makeup of insurance and the number of claims may have changed drastically over the last 80 years or so, the legal requirement has remained much the same. So what is your liability? Car Insurance » Dial Direct Car Insurance. Star Rated Home Insurance. Our team of experts analyse every home insurance policy on the market.

Star Rated Home Insurance

Star Ratings indicate where a product sits in the market in terms of the features and benefits it offers. more… Star Ratings at a Glance We rate every product from 1 to 5 Stars so that you can see where a product sits in the market in terms of the quality and comprehensiveness of the features and benefits it offers. Dial Direct Car Insurance. Dial Direct Car Insurance - Compare Quotes Online. Why choose Dial Direct car insurance?

Dial Direct Car Insurance - Compare Quotes Online

RAC breakdown cover included as standard with comprehensive policies Protection for your personal effects, stereo and sat nav UK-based 24-hour claims helpline open 365 days a year. Dial Direct Private Car Policy (Comprehensive) Details - Car Insurance - Full product details for the Dial Direct Private Car Policy (Comprehensive) car insurance policy, including car insurance details, application criteria, standard cover, equipment cover, courtesy car, windscreen cover, medical cover, cover abroad, excess, claims, discounts, payments & fees, short term car insurance, car insurance comparison sites, black box insurance, specialist cover and taxi insurance.

Dial Direct Private Car Policy (Comprehensive) Details - Car Insurance -

This product is no longer available... or Compare... Dial Direct : BGL Group. Budget Van Insurance. Budget Van Insurance Budget or Budget Insurance is part of the Budget Group of companies and has operated since 1992. Budget now has over one million customers, employees around 2000 people and has their head office based in Peterborough. Mpare Budget Car Insurance - Top 10 Car Insurance.

Budget Car Insurance Quotes - Compare Online with Budget car insurance Budget will search from among over 100 different motor insurance schemes from the leading car insurance companies that they deal with. You can apply online and receive a quote online and customers can will save through discounts when they apply online as well.