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Business. Ronix Wakeboards 2014. This entry was posted on April 30, 2014 by S2AS.

Ronix Wakeboards 2014

Pop Up Gazebo BBQ Shelters. A flurry or two of snow aside, winter is officially over and spring is here.

Pop Up Gazebo BBQ Shelters

While it’s not exactly balmy just yet, the weather has turned that bit sunnier. The daffodils are in full bloom, Easter is not far off and it’s no longer dark when you leave the office. Finance. SEO Experts. Travel and Holidays. Villas in Majorca to Rent. Bennorman. Wedding Planning. Learning/Education.

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Music Tech. Selling Stuff. Technology. Dog Care. Architecture and Buildings. Insurance info. Budget Car Insurance - Online Insurance Quotes, Budget Insurance. Car Insurance. Logistics. A Universe of Graphs. A personal voyage in the Google Graphs. Wired 12.03: The Complete Guide to Googlemania! Shedding Some Light on the Concept of Dark Social. In recent weeks, the buzz around the concept of “dark social” has been steadily growing. Whether from a love of new trends, social media, or melodramatic sounding buzzwords , many marketers are becoming more and more intrigued by this new concept.

We’ve put together a brief post with everything you need to know about the latest marketing buzzword. Was the London killing of a British soldier 'terrorism'? (updated below)

Was the London killing of a British soldier 'terrorism'?

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Info for Mum and Dad. Food. Platform. By English Cufflinks - Website of englishcufflinks! WordPress Optimization Guide - Things To Do After Installing Wordpress. You can install WordPress in 2 easy steps but it is recommended that you tweak some of the default settings to optimize the performance and also improve the security of your WordPress website.

WordPress Optimization Guide - Things To Do After Installing Wordpress

These suggestions are only applicable to self-hosted sites and not blogs. Also, I assume that you are running WordPress on Apache under Linux. The guide is now updated for WordPress 4.2. Let’s get started: 1. WordPress store all your uploaded images and files in the wp-content/uploads folder. Open your wp-config.php file and add the following lines to change the location of the wp-content folder. Define( 'WP_CONTENT_URL', ' ); define( 'WP_CONTENT_DIR', $_SERVER['HOME'] . 2.

If you look at the HTML source code of your WordPress site, you will find a couple of meta tags in the header that aren’t really required. What we've Learned from England's Rollercoaster Autumn. On Sunday morning, newspapers up and down the country were waxing lyrical with patriotic pride over England’s astonishing 38-21 victory over New Zealand.

What we've Learned from England's Rollercoaster Autumn

It still surprises me how, in any sport, a single result can change an entire nations mood on the direction their team is moving in. The days of criticising England and their captain Chris Robshaw for their decision making against both Australia and South Africa seem nothing but a distant memory. Fast forward a few days and some of the excessive optimism has been tempered with the reality of where the England team actually is at the moment, and their allocation in what will surely be known as the ‘group of death’ in the 2015 Rugby World Cup, alongside fellow rugby heavyweights Australia and Wales.

LinkedIn: The Creepiest Social Network - Interactually. This is a post I’ve been wanting to write for a while.

LinkedIn: The Creepiest Social Network - Interactually

In fact, it stems from something I noticed way back in August of last year. After digging for answers and even a couple attempts at contacting their customer support, I’ve concluded that LinkedIn is by far the creepiest social network. The primary reasons LinkedIn is the mustached, trench coat and wire frame glasses wearing mouth breather of the internet are the “People You May Know” and “People Also Viewed” features.

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Bikes and Cycling. Cool stuff. Company Profiles. Services. Insure4retirement - Home Insurance for Over 50's by Insure4Retirement. Interesting Jobs - Offshore and Shipping. Marketing Material. UK Parcel Delivery Services. Dog Show Dates. PC Diagnostic Software and Test management Solutions. Route Master. Get your audio applications talking to each other with Reaper's ReaRoute.

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Malcolm Jacobson Gather your pieces of analogue effects gear together and put them in a pile. Now take any two of those pieces and try to connect them. Chances are they'll both share a common, standard connector that lets you send audio from one unit to another and back again, with the minimum of fuss. Now gather your DAW programs together in a virtual pile. TWIN FALLS - OFFICIAL SITE — HOW DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL STOLE MY IDENTITY: A Cautionary Tale For Bands.

First off, I feel the need to introduce myself.


I’m entirely unknown in the grand scheme of things and some back-story is required in order to understand my position… My name is Luke Stidson. How to set up a WordPress website. If you’re looking to set up a new business in 2013, it’s essential that you choose an effective content management system, one that makes publishing simple.

How to set up a WordPress website

There are many online publishing platforms to choose from. But, if you’re intending to run a successful business, or create a blog that makes money, then WordPress is almost certainly your best solution. WordPress is the web’s most popular blogging software.