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Genetic Engineering Project - Goats that make spider silk

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Unspinning the Web of Spider-Goat. Breeding transgenic goats for spider silk is unethical, and passing surplus goats onto the public food chain unsafe; the project has never been subject to regulatory risk assessment and there is not a single report characterizing the transgenic sequences in the spider-goats’ genome Dr.

Unspinning the Web of Spider-Goat

Mae-Wan Ho A concerted PR campaign Within the past two years, a concerted media campaign has been launched to promote the ‘spider-goat’, a goat genetically engineered to produce spider silk proteins in its milk. Spider-goats. Credit: the prodigal untitled13 @ Flickr …does whatever a spider-goat does.Can she swingfrom a web?


No she can’tshe’s a goat……however, she can produce spider silk proteins in her milk. The story You may have watched the Horizon programme Playing God on BBC2 on Tuesday, and if you didn’t there is still time to catch it on iplayer. If you are teaching about genetic engineering it is well worth spending time watching it as it covers some amazing uses of this branch of biotechnology. Spider Goats - Spider goats are one of the many species that have been genetically altered.

Spider Goats -

These goats look like ordinary goats, however, their milk contains an extra protein that can be extracted and spun into spider silk. The gene from the orb-weaver spider that produces dragline silk was placed into the DNA of a goat that produces milk in its udder . Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. Scientists breed goats that produce spider silk. ( -- Researchers from the University of Wyoming have developed a way to incorporate spiders' silk-spinning genes into goats, allowing the researchers to harvest the silk protein from the goats’ milk for a variety of applications.

Scientists breed goats that produce spider silk

For instance, due to its strength and elasticity, spider silk fiber could have several medical uses, such as for making artificial ligaments and tendons, for eye sutures, and for jaw repair. The silk could also have applications in bulletproof vests and improved car airbags. Normally, getting enough spider silk for these applications requires large numbers of spiders.