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Easy Cat Eyeliner Tutorial - StumbleUpon. Cat eyeliner has got to the most unpredictable thing in makeup.

Easy Cat Eyeliner Tutorial - StumbleUpon

You never know what shape you'll end up with. One wrong move & you'll have to think of ways to make it look right. I thought I'd share with you how I've been doing mine, because I think it's almost mistake-proof. So, here's a step-by-step tutorial: Apply eyeshadow on lid. *It's up to you whether you want to line the lower lash line or not. Products Used: Because I have hooded lids, it's important that I contour my crease. Hope you liked the tutorial! ♥ Cynthia Z * Out of the ordinary Beauty Tips that work.

Use toothpaste on yellow nails.

Out of the ordinary Beauty Tips that work

This usually happens when you let nail polish stay on your nails for very long and when you’ve used cheap nail polish. Whiten them all up by rubbing toothpaste to remove the stains. You can also add a few drops of lemon for extra whitening, it’s a natural bleaching agent. See other uses of lemon with this POST. Use suntan oil to treat damaged hair. Treat burns with milk. Powder Your Roots If by any chance you have no chance to jump into the shower and you need to look your best. Cure Calluses with Vaseline or petroleum jelly It’s very unsightly to see hard calluses on your feet especially when you’ve been wearing closed shoes for a long time.

Spot-Treat Smudges I find cotton tips very usual for this. Super-Glue a Nail Yikes! Buff with Baking Soda I’ve laughed at that episode in Friends when Ross went to a self-tanning sauna and got disastrous results. Use Toothpaste on a Zit Use just a pea-size amount. Walk More to Prevent Weight Gain (Infographic) Scientists aren't sure exactly what caused our ancestors to lift their knuckles from the ground and walk with an upright posture, or even how or when this occurred. Of course, research into our past has offered up various clues; and regardless of the how, when and why, modern humans today reap the rewards of walking on two feet. Think about carrying your Coach bag or even a baby in your arms while on all fours. Walking is great exercise, too, with our bipedal bouts shown to keep pounds off (at least with brisk walking), boost memory (in older adults) and your mood. It can curb chocolate cravings, decrease diabetes risk, and enhance brain function.

So whom should we thank for our upright stance? Scientists think the modern human foot first evolved in our ancestors around 1.8 million years ago, though studies suggest that well before then, our mostly tree-climbing ancestors were walking upright for short stints. Embed: Paste the code below into your site. - StumbleUpon. Eating 10 hot dogs in 6 minutes and belching the national anthem may impress your friends, but neither of those feats will do much for your body—at least not much good. Instead, why not train yourself to do something that may actually pay off? We're not talking bench presses and interval training (though those do help). You can teach your body to cure itself from everyday health ailments—side stitches, first-date jitters, even hands that have fallen asleep. Just study this list, and the next time your friends challenge you to an ice cream eating contest, chow down: You know how to thaw a brain freeze—and 17 other tricks that'll make everyone think you're the next David Blaine.

But without all that "hold your breath for 17 minutes" mess. Do Them Right: To mazimize your workout, good form is a must. Cure a Tickling Throat When you were 9, playing your armpit was a cool trick. Experience Supersonic Hearing If you're stuck chatting up a mumbler at a cocktail party, lean in with your right ear. Body tricks everyone should know! - Cool Mohammadi - Weblog, Jokes, Pics, Illusions, Bios... Navigation Adjust font size: Comments June 12, 2007: Body tricks everyone should know!

Body tricks everyone should know! - Cool Mohammadi - Weblog, Jokes, Pics, Illusions, Bios...

Comments made indy wrote: Tried the arm thing and it didn't work well. July 07, 2007 10:45:48 | Keep up-to-date --> Subscribe to Comments... | Subscribe to Comments by Email heterosexual female wrote: Is the Jessica Simpson thing supposed to work with heterosexual female pee-ers, too? July 07, 2007 11:10:16 | Keep up-to-date --> Gary wrote: That comment on the French is uncalled for.