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These free novels are books and fictional works presented in their entirety online either as html or a downloadable file; they are available as free online novels from the authors in order to promote their work, seek representation, promote additional work, and/or develop a following. Sci-fi and Fantasy News, Reviews and Opinion. Strange Horizons, a weekly speculative fiction magazine. Welcome to the Orion's Arm Universe Project. SABERHAGEN'S WORLDS of SF and FANTASY. Post Apocalyptic movies tv and books. Science fiction, fantasy and horror from infinity plus. SFRevu September 2011.

Troynovant - the city of nobly recurring knowledge. The Black Star Passes - John W. Campbell. The Twenty-Second century, viewed from 1930: giant propeller-driven aircraft carrying two thousand passengers across the country at 500-plus miles an hour, progressing to molecular-motion drives run by solar heat, to interplanetary voyages and war with Venus, to an "invasion" by a rogue star crossing the solar system.

The Black Star Passes - John W. Campbell

Few authors could maintain this pace and still make an interesting story, not just bare bones and action. John W. Campbell was one. The Black Star Passes is the first of a science fiction trilogy dubbed the Arcot-Morey-Wade series after its central characters. The other books are Islands of Space and Invaders from the Infinite. Richard Arcot is the nation's leading physicist, only recently supplanting his father, also a great scientist-inventor. From the introduction by John W. These early science-fiction tales explored the Universe; they were probings, speculations, as to where we could go.

[Morey, junior:] "Look over there! " Do you like action?


Science fiction. Gregory Benford: Nebula Award-Winning Science Fiction Author. Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Reviews. Untold Scifi - Science Fiction Films, TV Shows. SciFi Movie News - Latest Movie News & Movie Reviews. Comic Book & Sci-Fi Movie News - Heat Vision. With the release of X-Men: Days of Future Past just over a month away, three more videos promoting the movie have appeared online to give some more information on what happens in the movie, and how high the stakes are for mutantkind.

Comic Book & Sci-Fi Movie News - Heat Vision

The three videos, part of a cross-promotional campaign called “Take Control of Your Future” with Norton by Symantec, feature Hugh Jackman, Ellen Page and other actors from the movie explaining what happens to set up Days of Future Past. End of the World Fiction, Film and TV. Against the Day. Copyright (C) 2007-2014, Answers 2000 Limited Disclosure: Our company's websites' content (including this website's content) includes advertisements for our own company's websites, products, and services, and for other organization's websites, products, and services.

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F or the past year or so I've been spending most of my waking hours in a place where light, matter, energy and time obey different laws of physics than those that rule our own universe.

Plus, Minus: A Gentle Introduction to the Physics of Orthogonal

Studying the way things move and interact under these alternative laws reveals some familiar behaviour, some strange and eerily beautiful phenomena, and some terrifying risks. To reach what I will call the Riemannian universe involves nothing more than changing a minus sign to a plus sign in a simple equation that governs the geometry of space-time. And curiously enough, although the consequences sometimes seem bizarre, the basic laws here can be understood more easily and intuitively than those that apply in the real world. We have known for more than a hundred years that the best way to understand time in our universe is to think of it as combining with the familiar three dimensions of space to form a four-dimensional space-time, which obeys its own distinctive geometrical laws.

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