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Allison Williams

I’m an attorney representing clients with Family Law issues and the founder of Williams Law Group, LLC, in Short Hills, New Jersey. Approved by the National Board of Trial Advocacy as a Family Law Trial Attorney, I’m also a Matrimonial Law Attorney, certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey. A brief background of me, I received my B.S., Magna Cum Laude, and M.S., Summa Cum Laude, from Florida State University. Afterward, I attended law school to pursue my dream to become a lawyer. I attended Syracuse University College of Law, where I earned my Juris Doctor degree in 2003, allowing me to practice family law since then. With founding Williams Law Group, I wanted people to free themselves and their families from legal conflicts and reclaim their power. Keeping that our firm’s goal, I practice exclusively in a wide range of family law cases. Most of them include adoptions, divorce, domestic violence, child support matters including UIFSA, child custody including UCCJEA, DYFS hearings (both Superior Court and OAL hearings, and including abuse/neglect and guardianships), and appeals. To get legal assistance from me or other attorneys at Williams Law Group, give us a call at (908) 810-1083 or click on the given website link. Address: 830 Morris Turnpike Suite 440 Short Hills, NJ 07078

Short Hills Domestic Violence Lawyer. A divorce is a complex legal action.

Short Hills Domestic Violence Lawyer

In a typical divorce, issues such as custody, parenting time, and child support need to be addressed. Many factors can affect the outcome of a divorce, not least of which is domestic violence. As a family lawyer in Short Hills can explain, if you are involved in a divorce where domestic violence is an issue, you are probably wondering how it will affect the outcome. Domestic violence is a particularly concerning issue in divorces when custody is contested. Domestic abuse can, in egregious cases, affect the division of property or alimony. These issues involving children can be affected by household violence because, at times, it is not in the child’s best interests to live with a parent who committed abuse.

Allison Williams - Family Law Attorney. Short Hills Adoption Lawyer. Bringing a child into a family through adoption is an extraordinary act that creates a lifetime of legal and economic commitment.

Short Hills Adoption Lawyer

Our Short Hills adoption lawyers are ready to assist you through this process so that you can prepare for the new addition to your family. While the path to welcoming a new child can be stressful and complicated, our dedicated family attorneys understand the state, national, and international laws that apply and could guide you through making important decisions during this process. Types of Adoptions in Short Hills There are many kinds of adoptions, such as private, domestic or international, contested, or adoptions by foster parents, to name a few. Each type varies in how the system works and the rules that new parents must follow. Private Adoption During a private adoption, the biological and prospective adoptive parents can organize this arrangement with or without the help of an agency. Step-Parent Adoption Grandparent or Relative Adoption. Williams Law Group, LLC - Firm Logo. Short Hills Child Custody Lawyer. As a parent, you find your children to be a singular focus in your mind.

Short Hills Child Custody Lawyer

There is little in the world more important than their safety, stability, and happiness. When faced with a divorce or separation from the children’s other parent, the questions swirl in your head. What impact will this have on the children? Where will they live? Child custody law is complex and intricate, but the bottom line is that you have rights to your children. For your benefit, we have outlined the factors that courts must consider in their custody decisions and the different types of custody arrangements available. What Forms of Custody Does Short Hills Recognize?

There are two forms of custody, legal and physical. Joint Legal Custody to Both Parents In this common arrangement, the child will usually live with one parent most of the time, this parent is the residential custodian of the child. Sole Legal and Physical Custody to One Parent Shared Legal and Physical Custody Yes. Short Hills Alimony Lawyer. Alimony is a legal obligation one spouse has to provide financial support to the other spouse, either during a marital separation, or after a divorce.

Short Hills Alimony Lawyer

Not surprisingly, the award of spousal support is also the cause of significant disputes between divorcing spouses. The questions of who will pay, how much will be paid and how long the payments will last can create tensions, anger and frustration. It is extremely beneficial to have the calming, experienced presence of a Short Hills alimony lawyer from the Williams Law Group during these difficult negotiations. Our family law attorneys have handled literally hundreds of spousal support cases, skillfully navigating the New Jersey court systems, working hard for a favorable outcome for our clients. We have the knowledge and compassion, to walk you through the process of alimony, as well as many other issues related to divorce.

Alimony Once Tied to Marital Misconduct 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Legal Help for Ending a Marriage. There is much more involved in getting a divorce than simply having the papers filed, approved and signed.

Legal Help for Ending a Marriage

Like it or not, ending a marriage is more than just a legality; your life is being separated from that of another person, and, in many cases, your entire identity is being torn apart. You may be responsible for helping your children cope, possibly moving from a home you have lived in for many years, changing jobs, changing financial status, and, essentially, beginning your life all over again. Your ultimate goal will be to make your new life work for you both on an emotional and a practical level.

Assuming both parties wanted the divorce, then it may be a bit easier to deal with, although still an emotional time. However, if one spouse wanted to end the marriage and the other absolutely did not, then the emotions can run even higher. How Our Attorneys in Short Hills Can Help You Through Your Divorce What is Alternative Dispute Resolution? Ending a Marriage with Mediation.