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Today’s Personality Tests Raise the Bar for Job Seekers. The Delaware North Cos., a hospitality company whose customer-service representatives help people plan vacations at national parks, sometimes struggles these days to keep 80 or so seats filled at its call center in Fresno, Calif. —a city tied for the 9th-highest unemployment rate in the U.S. The company has no shortage of job applicants. But finding the right candidates has gotten tougher since the company started using a customized assessment last year to see how applicants stack up against top call-center workers in such traits as friendliness, curiosity and the ability to multitask.

Managers said the new test, administered online, has reduced turnover and allowed Delaware North to more accurately select applicants who best fit the job. Pre-hire assessments have been used for years, but never have such tests been deployed so widely at companies across the U.S. Eight of the top 10 U.S. private employers now administer pre-hire tests in their job applications for some positions. Mr. Mr.

Mgt Paper: Strategy/5 Forces

Hewlett-Packard Set to Break Up 75-Year-Old Company. Org Chart HP - Hewlett-Packard. Meg Whitman talks corporate culture, tech future at Stanford event. By Clifton B. Parker L.A. Cicero Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman speaks at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research about the importance of corporate culture.

Meg Whitman knows a challenge when she sees it. And she has a new one. The CEO of Hewlett-Packard and former gubernatorial candidate talked about the importance of changing the culture at HP during a Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research event. Symbolism matters, even at one of Silicon Valley's oldest computing titans. "You have to connect with the people," Whitman told an audience at the Koret-Taube Conference Center. For a 75-year-old computing company that had endured three highly publicized CEO turnovers in three years, the stakes were high, she acknowledged.

It has not been easy. Turning a huge company like HP around involves capitalizing on technology trends, said Whitman, who has held corporate leadership posts at eBay, Hasbro, Stride Rite, Walt Disney and Bain. The New Leader's Playbook - Tips for onboarding/on-boarding | PrimeGenesis. Moving into new roles are crucible events of leadership and some of the toughest challenges people face. Nearly half of new leaders fail in their first 18 months*. Avoid that problem by getting a head start, managing your message, and building your team. Further, know that while people will follow a charismatic leader for a time, they will devote themselves to the cause of a BRAVE leader over time.

Those are the underlying premises of this note which itself serves as an overall executive summary of The New Leader's Playbook articles originally published on since February 2011 and woven through two of our books: The New Leader’s 100-Day Action Plan and First-Time Leader. Our publisher, Wiley, suggested that The New Leader’s Playbook could be printed as traditional book. They said there is a body of knowledge here that can help others accelerate their onboarding and strengthen their own leadership. Part I – Executive Summary In brief, building from the outside in: Where to play?

Streamlining HP. “Why am I meeting with you guys? " It was the spring of 2005, just three weeks into Mark Hurd's tenure as CEO of , and product design was not at the top of his list of priorities. Hurd was consumed with the monumental task of restructuring a company with more than 150,000 employees in 170 countries and making operational efficiency a cornerstone of the tech giant's competitive strategy. The ponytailed Sam Lucente, who'd become HP's first-ever vice president of design two years earlier, was in the hot seat. He flashed a slide that showed dozens of HP logos, each created by a different team within the company. The next slide was of a single logo, crafted by his corporate design crew, that could be used everywhere.

"Now," replied the boss, "you've got my attention. " Lucente argued that design could achieve equally impressive results with HP's software, product controls, packaging, enterprise systems, even parts of its supply chain. Attitude Adjustment Game Time. IBM and HP Are Looking at Diversification, But Where Should You Invest? Hardware giants like International Business Machines (IBM) and Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) are diversifying into more areas to propel growth given the slowing personal computer market.

Cyber security and cloud computing are among the most talked-about markets in IT solutions growing at a rapid pace. The products such as mobile communications, cloud computing, and security solutions are being focused upon by IBM since they are higher margin markets with higher growth products. Acquisitions and partnerships are considered as the ideal ways to step into such markets. IBM’s rock-solid cash position has enabled it to make a few acquisitions and its established brand image has enabled it to enter into agreements with leading players. IBM acquired Xtify to broaden its portfolio in mobile communications software. The mobile payment transactions might exceed $235 billion as forecasted by Gartner. IBM is investing $8 million in Spain for cloud data centers.

Conclusion. How To Survive A Bad Boss: Learnings From Hewlett-Packard's Mike Nefkens. Management - About Samsung - Samsung. Management theory applied to my experience. Meg Whitman's strategy bible - Business Insider.