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Allied Paralegal Services is a licensed paralegal with the Law Society of Ontario, offering a wide range of legal assistance to our clients. Backed by years of experience and exhaustive knowledge, we provide the favorable results you come looking for.

Myths of Being a Paralegal. Are you interested in seeking a career as a paralegal?

Myths of Being a Paralegal

Whether you are just starting in your career and have selected this path or considering a career change, making an informed decision is always the best option. Being a paralegal, like many other professions, is riddled with myths and misconceptions. Employer Accident Reporting Obligations. Workers are covered by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act (WSIA) if they are incapable of working due to a workplace-related injury or illness.

Employer Accident Reporting Obligations

Workplace Safety Insurance covers employees for lost wages as well as health benefits, rehabilitation treatments, and prescription drugs. The program is courtesy of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), where every employer has the right to file a complaint/ contest it in "court near me. " When notice is required Employers must notify the WSIB or court near me of a work-related accident if they learn that a worker requires medical attention and/or: How Can I Fight My Traffic Ticket? Do you want to fight my traffic ticket?

How Can I Fight My Traffic Ticket?

What is the most effective method for deciding whether or not to contest a traffic ticket? Begin by speaking with a paralegal. The Law Society of Canada regulates and licenses paralegals in Ontario. Paralegals are familiar with the Highway Traffic Act and court procedures in the court near me. Areas of Law Practice In Ontario. All the lawyers near me are entitled to provide legal advice on all Ontario statutes.

Areas of Law Practice In Ontario

Legal advice on specific Ontario laws provided by paralegals who are licensed to do so. In some instances, you can hire a lawyer or a paralegal to assist you. In other cases, you'll need the assistance of a lawyer. You have the choice of representing yourself in any case. The following information will assist you in understanding your options. FAQs Human Rights Applications. The Canadian Human Rights Act aims to ensure that every citizen’s right to be free of harassment and discrimination is protected and enforced uniformly across the country.

FAQs Human Rights Applications

Individuals get security and protection under the Human Rights Act from discrimination based on race, color, heritage, place of origin, faith, disability, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, and criminal record. We received so many requests the last time we published a Frequently Asked Questions About Human Rights Code.

For additional information, see the new Human Rights Applications FAQ section. After reading our previous FAQs related post, one of our readers stated that he no more needs to search 'lawyers near me,' 'court near me,' or 'justice of peace' to find out answers to his specific legal questions. What should I do if I am considering making a human rights application? Are Virtual Law Offices Ideal For Legal Assistance? Some people define a virtual law office as “a professional law system that exists virtually through a stable portal and is accessible to both the client and the attorney from anywhere the parties has internet access.”

Are Virtual Law Offices Ideal For Legal Assistance?

Others may consider LegalZoom and other similar services to be virtual “court near me” or virtual justice of peace. However, in this post, I will discuss a legal practice that does not have a traditional brick-and-mortar office. Typically, these firms are smaller, and the attorneys work from home or in a non-traditional office space. According to a 2014 poll, only 7% of law firms used virtual law offices. It appears that 10% of solo practitioners used virtual law offices, while 8% of small firms (2-9 attorneys) and 8% of large firms (500+) used them. Ways To Be A Happy Paralegal At Work. How can you make yourself a happier paralegal at work?

Ways To Be A Happy Paralegal At Work

More money, better benefits, more vacation time, less work, more resources — the list goes on and on. I wish there were a recipe for being a happier paralegal, but every job is different, and each paralegal is an individual. What makes one paralegal happy at work may not be the same for another. Five Most Important Paralegal Traits. Can we just pick five features as the most crucial paralegal characteristics to succeed as a paralegal?

Five Most Important Paralegal Traits

The answer, in my opinion, is “no.” It would be impossible to pick only five attributes as the most crucial traits you need to be a good paralegal. The paralegal industry has developed and expanded over the last few decades to embrace various positions and tasks as now, more people are searching the queries like “lawyers near me” and “court near me” than ever. Furthermore, paralegals today work in a variety of related industries outside of law firms.

Briefing On Licence With LSO. A paralegal is a legal practitioner with the necessary training and experience to render legal assistance to the general people, but they are not attorneys.

Briefing On Licence With LSO

Paralegals in Ontario are regulated as officials of the court and licensed by the Law Society of Ontario. Since 2007, the Law Society has had regulatory authority over the province’s approximately 9,000 license paralegals. What are paralegals authorized to do? Paralegals with licenses are allowed to represent clients in the following areas in the court near me: The Brief History of Human Rights in Ontario. Following WWII, the concept that all human beings have rights and liberties just because they are human spread worldwide.

The Brief History of Human Rights in Ontario

On the other hand, rights and liberties have their origins in numerous cultures’ historical and oral traditions dating back thousands of years. People have argued conceptions of rights and obligations throughout history as part of their relationships with their families, communities, religions, nations, and one another. Countless actions, norms, and institutions have resulted from the ongoing discourse, which tells the story of human rights around the world. It’s a long history of progress and reversals. However, the one thing that stays customary is the justice of peace. Top Paralegal Services Offered In Ontario, Canada. Allied Paralegal Services is a Law Society of Ontario-licensed paralegal that provides a wide range of legal services to our clients. We deliver the positive outcomes you seek thanks to our years of experience and extensive understanding.

All of the services are a friendly paralegal near you who provides legal services at a reasonable cost. Handbook On How To Acquire License In Ontario. There are 12 different types of licenses in Ontario. Each one entitles you to operate a specific vehicle. Your license class must correspond to the kind of vehicle you are working on. For example, to drive a vehicle, van, or compact truck, you'll need a Class G license. WSIB Guide Benefits, Services, and Responsibility. The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board is the provincially governed workplace compensation board in Ontario. The WSIB is supported entirely by employer premiums, administration fees, and investment proceeds and functions "at arm's distance" from the Ministry of Labour, Training, and Skills Development.

The WSIB is one of North America's largest compensation boards, with primary responsibility for implementing the Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Act (WSIA). As a result of work-related trauma or sickness, the WSIB is available to help you by providing benefits, compensation, and return-to-work services. Nobody should get any injury on the job, but we will offer the care and assistance you need to heal and return to work safely if you are. Know All About Demerit Points in Ontario. Nobody enjoys being held by the cops but the majority of us have. Despite how good a driver we are, we’ve all been caught speeding or running a red light or stopping at a stop sign.

However, certain people are controlled by the police far too frequently! That is precisely why Ontario has created demerit points. Frequently Asked Questions About Human Rights Code. The Human Rights Code is a law in Ontario, Canada ensures equality before the law and outlaws discrimination in specific social areas like housing and work. The right prohibits discrimination based on race, color, gender identity or expression, sex, sexual orientation. It also bans bigotry on the basis of creed, age, or other factors under the code. The Ontario Human Rights Commission administers the code.

Which further the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario enforces. Municipal and Expropriation Law. CVOR And Highway Traffic Act. Workers Requirement to Claim and Consent. ONTARIO HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION CODE. 4 Things to Note When Filing A Small Claims Court Claim In Ontario. How to Choose a Correct Paralegal near You. Useful Tips To Remember When Considering A Commercial Tenancy.