METAL INQUISITION METAL INQUISITION More and more business owners are beginning to weigh up options to shift operations away from running a physical office. With office rent going up each year, that is if you can find office space to rent in South Africa which makes acquiring a virtual office a definite and lucrative option. Virtual Office South Africa With more and more people shifting their business and reshaping their businesses to cut down on over heads has left the commercial office sector with many vacant commercial buildings and South Africa is actually seeing a decline in rates for physical office space. More and more vacant offices jumps back onto the market these days making finding office space for rent or offices to let a breeze.
My Toon Boom book is official! I’ve been writing for almost 12 months and I’m now finally wrapping up the illustrations for the last chapter. The Focal Press page currently has scant detail, but as the release date (July 2014) approaches there will be more info, more than likely including the table of contents. Pretty soon you’ll be able to pre-order, if you want to secure your copy ahead of the release. Bitey Castle - - watch things and learn stuff Bitey Castle - - watch things and learn stuff
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