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A Guide to Buying Property in Dubai. Buying property in Dubai can seem like a daunting task. There are the local laws, rules and regulations to consider, and there is the ever-present question of what the exact expense might be when various fees are added in. To help simplify the process, we have put together an outline to how you can buy property in Dubai.

Who can buy property in Dubai? Anyone of any nationality can purchase freehold property in Dubai. The buyer is not required to have UAE citizenship, or even residency status within the country. No special permit or other documentation is required for purchasing property. Where can I buy property in Dubai? Property in the UAE can be purchased in any freehold area that has been authorized for property transactions by the governing bodies of the UAE. What documentation I need to buy property in Dubai?

Below are the documents you will be required to present, depending on whether you are buying as an individual or as a corporate entity. Required Document for Corporate Buyers: What Makes for an Ideal Luxury Home? Buying a new home is never an easy decision, and a few factors must be taken into consideration before you sign on the dotted line. What would one consider to be the perfect home? There’s no single answer to that, as it really depends on personal preference. However, there are a few key points that you might want to think about Location, Location, Location This may well be the most important factor when it comes to buying and selling real estate in Dubai, and all over the world.

Where you live has a major impact on how you live. How Does It Look? This ties in with our previous point. Furnished or Unfurnished? Another very crucial point is the interior of the home. Whether on the inside or the outside, an important thing to look out for is extra space. Living Smart With technology reaching new heights every day, most contemporary homes feature the latest in smart technology for the convenience of residents. World-Class Lifestyles Are you athletic? Tallest Residential Towers in Dubai Marina. Dubai Marina, aside from being the most sought-after districts in Dubai for apartments, is also known for having the ‘Tallest Block in the World’, a cluster of residential towers that stand a minimum of 350 meters high.

The soaring denizens of this block include: 1. Princess Tower, 413.4 m The Princess Tower, also known as Burj Al-Ameera, is the tallest building after the famous Burj Khalifa, standing at a height of 413.4 meters with a total of 107 levels including the basement and ground floor. 2. 23 Marina, 392.8 m 23 Marina is an 88-storey residential skyscraper that used to hold the distinction of being Dubai’s tallest residential building until it was overtaken by Princess Tower. 3. Elite Residence is a mega skyscraper that overlooks the Palm Jumeirah. 4. 5. Cayan Tower, once known as Infinity Tower, is one of Dubai’s most unique buildings thanks to its winding structure. 6. Read More: 1. 5 Most Creative Buildings Ready in 2018 2. 8 Most Impressive Buildings in Dubai.

Best Off-Plan Investments in Business Bay. The penthouses and apartments for sale in Business Bay are designed for contemporary urban living, offering unique aesthetics and lifestyle experiences. Prices across the district have been fairly steady at an average of AED 1,466 per square foot, with some of the newer projects going over AED 1,800 per square foot, making it an excellent choice for investors. Gross yields have stayed upward of 5.5% over the past 12 months, inching closer to 6% in the last quarter.

As further development around the Dubai Canal starts to hit completion, it will become an even more attractive prospect for future home buyers. The location really is one of the major factors that works in Business Bay’s favor. Sitting adjacent to Downtown Dubai, it is in close proximity to world-famous attractions such as The Dubai Mall, The Dubai Opera and the magnificent Burj Khalifa. In fact, many of the office buildings and residential towers in the area have an unobstructed view of the world’s tallest building.

8 Reasons To Invest in Dubai. In the first half of 2018, Dubai saw AED 111 billion worth of real estate transactions, and with the recent announcement of 10-years visas being granted to investors, the total investment into the city by the end of the year is expected to be monumental. No matter what direction the market turns, Dubai has maintained its position as a solid choice for investors the world over. But what makes this city such an attractive prospect? takes a closer look at why you should be investing in Dubai. Central Location Dubai, and indeed the UAE, sits in a very strategic location on the world map.

It is roughly a six-hour flight from most of the major cities in the East and the West, offering a convenient waypoint for those who are crossing the globe and serving as a hub for local businesses who want to expand in either direction. Booming Tourism Industry City of Innovation Dubai is always looking to the future and trying to find ways to bring that into the present. Impressive ROI. Inside A Desert Leaf Villa in Al Barari. Seven City in Jumeirah Lake Towers. Seven Tides, the developer behind some of the most stunning developments on Palm Jumeirah such as Anantara Residences, Oceana Residences and the upcoming Se7en Residences, has announced its latest project – Seven City JLT.

Swapping out the beaches of the Palm for the urban waterfront neighbourhood of Jumeirah Lake Towers, Seven City JLT will be located at the intersection of several key communities in Dubai. The 27-storey apartment complex, composed of interconnected towers with a very contemporary glass-fronted aesthetic, will be set in Cluster Z on the northeastern border of JLT, which places it just across the road from the exclusive Emirates Hills community and its two world-class golf clubs. The development is ideally positioned alongside the main highway of Sheikh Zayed Road, providing excellent transport connectivity to the nearby districts of Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach Residence and Palm Jumeirah.

Most Palatial Villas on Palm Jumeirah. Palm Jumeirah is one of Dubai’s most exclusive addresses, offering a beachfront living experience that can be found nowhere else in the city. Adding to its renown is a selection of incredible villas that are more like mini palaces. Below, we have put together a small selection of our favorite villas where that will make you feel like royalty before you even walk through the front door. 1. Frond J This 7 bedroom villa resting on the exclusive Frond J of Palm Jumeirah is a massive 18,000 square feet home set over three levels and built for pure luxury. The interiors are done up in elegant white and neutral tones with a mix of premium grade travertine, marble and wood finishing.

The left wing of the ground floor consists of a reception room, grand living area and formal dining while the right wing has a family dining and living area with a stunning open kitchen. The master bedroom consists of a dressing room and a magnificent bathroom. 2. 3. All bedrooms come with en-suite bathrooms. 4. 5. Top expensive apartments to rent in Dubai | Write for us. How to make off-plan property investment successful. The investors of buy to flip felt out of finances due to property crash of 2008 which took the buying off plan into the dark side. However, it is right to say that off-plan buying is taking its step forward in 2019. There are various off plan payment plans as the result of developers, and there are restrictions in order to avoid the earlier crash so that investors do not increase the price for the customers. The following useful tips will help the investor in making the off plan purchase: Less cash needed Though you need a good lump sum saving to be used as a deposit, the amazing thing is that sometimes it does not equal to the 50% property value.

Cheap off-plan You can better arrange your payments with off-plan buying as you are not under the loan stress of whole property value. Reputed developers We know that repute of a developer matters a lot in UAE, such as all the off-plans are not lent fully by the banks. Property for sale can only be advertised by the authentic developer. Factors to consider while choosing a Property Management Company in Dubai | Asian Entertainment And Lifestyle. Everything you need to know before moving to a new apartment in Dubai. ​Points to consider before investing in Dubai. A Guide to Buying Property in Dubai. UAE Announces 100% Company Ownership & 10-Year Residence Visa. A major announcement was made by the UAE government yesterday, granting a 10-year residence visa to international investors, skilled professionals and top-performing students. This is part of the country’s ongoing initiative to foster an environment of exceptional talent and to further cement its position as a prime destination for investment. takes a closer look at what this announcement means. What are the changes that have been announced? Anyone coming into the UAE as a professional or as an investor is typically granted a residence visa of two years, which is renewable. This has now been changed to a ten-year visa for investors and professionals in highly skilled fields such as engineering, medicine and science. Another very significant change is in the ownership of companies.

At present, mainland businesses can be partially owned by expatriate entrepreneurs, but must have a UAE national as a majority shareholder in the company. Why is that important? Read More: Long-Term UAE Investor Visa: How Does One Qualify? In May of this year, the UAE was abuzz with an announcement that had the potential to permanently alter the country’s business landscape – the introduction of 10-year visas for investors and 100% foreign ownership of local businesses. For months, there was speculation of how exactly this new ruling would be implemented and what the criteria were to be eligible for a long-term visa. At last, the veil has been lifted and we have a clearer idea of just what the new visa system entails. Investor Visas For investors, the long-term visa is divided into two categories: Those investing a minimum of Dh 5 million, in real estate or otherwise, will be granted a 5-year residence visa in the UAE.Those investing a minimum of Dh 10 million will be granted a 10-year residence visa in the UAE with the stipulation that at least 60% of the amount must be in a non-real estate investment.

There are a few stipulations that must be kept in mind before investing, however. Other Visa Types Economic Growth. Mightier Than The Sword: The World's Finest Pens. Property Tour: Sienna Lakes. Ruth Harris takes a walk through a beautiful five-bedroom villa in Sienna Lakes, Jumeirah Golf Estates. Featuring a Mediterranean-inspired architectural style, the villa is an inviting presence with its warm hues, rustic brickwork and sloping tiled roofs.

Spread over a generous 7,600 sq ft and comprising three floors, the villa has a similar sense of warmth and is brightened up by large windows. Key highlights include a kitchen equipped with Miele appliances, a spacious basement, multiple balconies and gorgeous views over the Fire golf course and a lovely lake. Click below to learn more about this villa and the other fines homes at Jumeirah Golf Estates. Contact us or enquire on our website to schedule a viewing and move one step closer to finding your perfect family home in Dubai. The Social Calendar - 2019. It’s almost 2019 and as the new year rolls out ahead of us, so too do the red carpets. 2019 diary dates have now been released for almost all of the world’s most esteemed galas, shows, festivals, events and balls. Here’s our round-up of the best with insight into how to attend in true style. Unfolding on top of the ice of the frozen lake in St.

Moritz, the Snow Polo World Cup is known as the globe’s most pre-eminent polo tournament on snow. The top tier tickets give you access to the VIP area, where you can watch the sporting action unfold undercover whilst eating a gourmet lunch provided by 5-star Badrutt's Palace Hotel. To really make the most of the occasion, you’ll need to get tickets to the black-tie gala dinner, too.

It’s held at Badrutt's on the Sunday evening and tickets cost £670 per person. The Grand National is one of the highlights of the international horse racing calendar. Entry to the Met Gala is by invitation only. Interior Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2019. Property Tour: Orange Lakes, Jumeirah Golf Estates. Masters of their Craft: The World's Finest Artists.

On 15th November 2018 the record was set for the most expensive artwork by a living artist sold at auction. David Hockney’s Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures) was snapped up for $90.3 million at an auction in New York. The sale price was 5,000 times what the artist originally sold it for in 1972. There’s no denying that artwork is an investment. However, art is arguably the most singular sort of status symbol, too. Whereas you can customise a car, plane or piece of jewellery to a certain degree, paintings are unique as a fingerprint. With this in mind, here is a list of the world’s most sought after artists with a guide to where you can buy their works today. Born in Bradford in northern England in 1937, David Hockney spans the genres of print, photography and paint with his artwork. Many of Hockney’s pieces portray human relationships. It was Jeff Koons that Hockney stole the record from when Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures) sold in November.

Beyond Skiing: The World's Finest Winter Experiences. We have previously looked at some of the finest ski resorts from across the world. However, there are many other thrilling and unique experiences you can enjoy in the winter that don’t involve the slopes. Here are some of the world’s best luxury winter experiences. Contrary to what the name might imply, ice sailing doesn’t involve enjoying snowy scenery from the comfort of your private yacht. Rather, it is a dynamic combination of sailing, jet skiing and snowboarding where sailors ride on boats known as ‘ice rockets’ and glide along frozen lakes at speeds of almost 97 km/hr. Probably the best place to experience this adrenalin-pumping activity is Michigan, which is home to its own ice yacht sailing association. The snow safari is the seasonal companion to jungle and desert safaris.

Swapping out lions, elephants and grassy terrains for reindeer and frozen tundra, these safaris are day-long trips offered in Finland with a few different options to choose from. Dubai's Finest Beachfront Homes. Wintertime in Dubai is a beautiful contrast of chilly evenings and warm, pleasant afternoons. It is the perfect time to spend a day by the beach or to go go for a leisurely swim. When it comes to refined beachfront living, Palm Jumeirah is without a doubt one of the best options you can have and the apartments we have curated below are some of the finest beachfront residences available on Palm Jumeirah.

Located along the main trunk of the Palm, Muraba offers a highly exclusive collection of 46 apartments and 4 penthouses. This apartment features an understated contemporary look that combines pristine white walls with light wood finishes. Floor-to-ceiling windows are present, of course, to maximize the lovely sea views, and the complex offers access to a gorgeous private beach. A stunning contemporary hotel and residential development on the Palm trunk, Five marks a dramatic presence courtesy of a glass arch that frames a central courtyard. Episode 5 - in Bahrain. The World's Finest Private Chefs. The Finest Homes in the Hamptons for a Christmas Filled With Warmth. The World's Finest Ski Destinations. Dubai Rugby Sevens - More Than A Tournament.

Property Tour: Exclusive Burj Khalifa Apartment. Best Ways to Spend National Day Weekend in Dubai. Dubai's Finest Homes Fit For A Formula One World Champion. Long-Term UAE Investor Visa: How Does One Qualify? Start Your Engines: The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Turns 10. How to Calculate A Perfect Valuation of Your Home. Al Barari Apartment Investment – 2 Ways to Increase Property’s Net Worth. Right Time to Buy a House in Dubai for Turkish | Gobble Turkey Articles. Best Time to Buy Property in Dubai with Financing - Business Partner Magazine. Why London Property Market Is Lucrative | G.C. Property.

District One Residences - (D1 Residences) by Meydan Sobha. Upcoming Residential Projects to Watch Out For in Downtown Dubai. Inside an Dh85 million duplex on Dubai's Palm Jumeirah. Arabian Ranches - One of Dubai's Best Family Communities. Best Off-Plan Investments in Dubai Marina. Top 5 Apartments Above Dhs20 Million. Mohammed Bin Rashid City Villas. Great Travel Destinations in Egypt - Luxury Lifestyle Magazine. Best Off-Plan Investments in Downtown Dubai. Apartment Guide - Palm Jumeirah Trunk. Dubai Apartments with the Best Views. Incredible Villa Communities with a View of the Burj Khalifa. BURJ KHALIFA DISTRICT-MOST PRESTIGIOUS ADDRESS IN DUBAI | ZIMAYDAR.COM. Property Tour: Exclusive Burj Khalifa Apartment.

Best Ways to Spend National Day Weekend in Dubai. The World's Finest Ski Destinations. The Finest Homes in the Hamptons for a Christmas Filled With Warmth. The World's Finest Private Chefs. Beyond Skiing: The World's Finest Winter Experiences. Dubai's Finest Beachfront Homes. Episode 5 - in Bahrain. Vlogs on Tour - Episode 5. Luxury Apartments for Sale in Downtown Dubai.

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Long-Term UAE Investor Visa: How Does One Qualify? Start Your Engines: The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Turns 10. Where Sky and Water Meet - The World's Finest Rooftop Infinity Pools. "All The World's A Stage" - The World's Finest Opera Boxes.