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Allen Realty

Allen Realty is an award winning residential Auckland property management company providing services for landlords, property investors and tenants. Minimise stress and maximise your rental income with Allens.

Why Choose Allen Realty for Property Management in Auckland? We believe that trust has to be earned.

Why Choose Allen Realty for Property Management in Auckland?

We can talk until we're blue in the face about our 25 year track record as property managers or the fact that we are one of Auckland's most successful award winning property managers…or the fact that we are a market leader in innovative systems and customer service…or the fact that we ourselves are passionate property investors…or our unhealthy obsession and detailed knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act… But all of that means nothing unless you take the first step and contact us for an information pack or a free and confidential discussion about how we can help you.

Auckland rents on the rise: Landlords don’t miss the boat. Increased demand for quality rental accommodation in Auckland has been one of the main contributing factors for increasing rents throughout most suburbs in 2015.

Auckland rents on the rise: Landlords don’t miss the boat

The increase in demand is driven by many factors including strong positive net migration and also the current climate in the Auckland property market. Cost barriers have meant many tenants are continuing to rent longer rather than purchase. These costs barriers include the continued increase in the cost to purchase property and the new LVR lending rules which require purchasers to have a minimum deposit.

Although recent rent increases may not have been as dramatic as the increases in the actual values of properties, the increases add up over time and it is most important that landlords put in place a systematic process to complete regular rent reviews. Ensuring your properties are receiving the best market rent possible will help you maximise the performance of your property or portfolio. Auckland Property Market Update November 2015.

While the volume of property sales was up 4% from October last year, they fell 19% compared to September.

Auckland Property Market Update November 2015

Although Auckland may look to have stopped in its tracks, it had been running unusually hard through most of the year and a recalibration of the number of sales was not unexpected. The volume of sales has resumed to a level that is in line with the number of transactions recorded in the month of October since 2012. A drop in the number of sales since the beginning of October correlates with the introduction of new bank rules – the requirement to have an IRD number and bank account to purchase property, along with the introduction of 30% deposits for property in the Auckland region.

Although these measures have dampened some consumer sentiment, record low interest rates continue to prop up buyer demand. Recent housing confidence surveys indicate over half the respondents still believe house prices will continue to increase over the next year. Tenant Resources. If you have successfully secured a property from Allen Realty, then at the time of signing the tenancy agreement you would have been explained all the terms and conditions of the tenancy which will help ensure that you meet all your obligations as a tenant, including our Rent Arrears Policy.

Tenant Resources

You will also have received our Tenant's Handbook which explains the most important terms and conditions of your tenancy in an easy to read format. You should keep your tenancy agreement and Tenant Handbook in a safe place for future reference. Our Tenant Induction Video contains information on the most important obligations of your tenancy with captions in English and multiple other languages for those that have difficulty following the audio.

Scoop InfoPages. Scoop InfoPages creates a news-hub with all the published news content from an organisation.

Scoop InfoPages

This creates a great resource that enables everyone to keep up-to-date with the latest news on Scoop by their favourite people and organisations. Allen Realty Wins Again At REINZ Awards. Allen Realty Wins Again At REINZ Awards The winning team at Allen Realty once again came away with an award from the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) 2014 Awards for Excellence in Residential Property Management.

Allen Realty Wins Again At REINZ Awards

These awards are held annually and this is the fourth year running that Allen Realty has successfully competed in the awards. As their Business Development Manager, Simon Allen reported, the competition was tough this year and saw the biggest ever number of entrants from around the country. Allen Realty’s Top Tips for Landlords. Press Release – Allen Realty’s Top Tips for Landlords Allen Realty offer their Auckland clients a comprehensive, yet flexible residential management service for landlords who require an experienced specialist with proven results.

Allen Realty’s Top Tips for Landlords

Whether they own one property or hundreds, Allen Realty’s commitment to excellence and innovation translates to a proactive service, with a focus on communication and customer service. One of the problems the Allen Realty team assist their landlords with is noisy tenants. Unfortunately for the landlord, rather than complain to the police or noise control people from the council, affronted people will often complain directly to the landlord about the noise coming from their tenant’s rental property. There are no easy solutions to this problem but it is a problem that needs to be managed with care.

Property Management South Auckland. Allen Realty Property Management Manukau is conveniently located right in the middle of Manukau at Unit D, 10 Sharkey Street, Manukau, and this office services our South Auckland customers.

Property Management South Auckland

South Auckland covers Otahuhu and south as far as, Papakura, Takinini and Ardmore. Anything further south than this is generally regarded as the Franklin District. South Auckland isn’t officially the name of a specific district and is a name given to this large, general and undefined part of Auckland by locals. Like certain parts of West Auckland, South Auckland is often described as a lower socio-economic and Manukau City centre is the heart of this region.

Wikipedia describes this area as "often stereotyped as a socio-economically disadvantaged, and sometimes rough, urban area with a relatively large Polynesian and Māori population. " Allen Realty Landlord's Handbook. Property Management Testimonials. "It is with great pleasure that I can provide you with a testimonial around the service and support I have had from Allen Realty.

Property Management Testimonials

Being a remote landlord I have to rely heavily on the property manager looking after my property in Highland Park and this has not always been the case. When I first moved from Auckland to Wellington I engaged another property manager who ended mishandling my property leaving me with a repair bill and months of lost rent. I then engaged Allen Realty who from the outset worked to ensure I was very comfortable with every decision they made and ensured my property was fully rented with very few weeks ever being empty.

The service has been so good that I continue to use your services now into the 15th year and would happily recommend you to any other prospective client. —Tony Hickmore, July 2015, Taupo Based Landlord “Just want to thank Simon for all the hard work on getting the house rented out, lots of $$ spent but I think it’s worth it. —Amal Amleh, Landlord. AllenRealty's Bookshelf. Allen Realty Tenant’s Handbook. Description You will have received a copy of the tenancy agreement and we advise that you keep it with thishandbook for your ongoing reference.At the time of completing your tenancy agreement, you would have had your obligations as tenantexplained to you.

Allen Realty Tenant’s Handbook

Our Tenant Induction Video also contains information on the most importantobligations of your tenancy and you can view this under the Tenant Resources section of ourwebsite at encourage you to keep in touch with your property manager about any issues.The Department of Building and Housing also provides a lot of useful information for tenants ontheir website and they also provide general advice on 0800 836 262.Thank you for renting with Allen Realty and we look forward to a long and successful relationship. bio. Allen Realty. Property Management Services. REAL Landlord Insurance Policy.

As property managers our service is designed to take proactive steps to protect property owners. Having a property manager does not eliminate risk but reduces risk by ensuring that yourself and your asset is protected as much as possible. If your tenant damages your property or fails to pay the rent your property management company will take urgent steps to terminate a tenancy and hold the tenant responsible for any debts. Unfortunately in some cases the property owner is dis-compensated financially whether it be due to a tenant not paying rent or causing damages. Currently there are a couple of different organisations offering cover to help protect the property owner against their tenants. This is referred to as Landlord Insurance and is generally separate to your normal household insurance.

REAL Landlord Insurance New Zealand is specifically designed for landlords of residential rental properties that are managed by a licensed real estate agency. Allen Realty Landlord's Handbook. Property Management in West Auckland. West Auckland is surrounded by the Waitemata and Manukau Harbours and the Waitakere Ranges. Although some maps indicate that West Auckland includes suburbs encircled within Herne Bay, Hillsborough, and Waterview, most Auckland locals describe West Auckland as all suburbs west of Avondale. The area is well known for its stunning black sand surf beaches such as Piha and Muriwai. Locals are often affectionately referred to as “Westies” due to their location, but this term also conjures images of surfies, long hair, black t-shirts and ripped jeans. Highly acclaimed New Zealand TV comedy series “Outrageous Fortune” following the fictitious lives of the West family living in West Auckland has also added to this image.

Although not an official area of Auckland, West Auckland encompasses what was formerly known as Waitakere City Council, and at the time this was said to be New Zealand’s fifth largest city. Property Managers Auckland. Allen Realty is located at 582 Great South Road, Greenlane, Auckland with ample parking right outside our office. Allen Realty Property Management Services. Allen Realty Sales Ltd. March 2014 sees the introduction of an additional service in "Sales" selling investment and family homes for our clients, family and friends. Renting a Property - NZ Guide. We manage a portfolio of rental properties Auckland wide from Bombay to Whangaparaoa and can assist you to find that special property within these areas.

We appreciate that often securing new accommodation can be a tiring and sometimes exhausting experience and we endeavour to make this process as smooth as possible for you. As professional landlords we respect our tenants rights and take our landlord responsibilities seriously. You can be assured of a proactive service and our best intentions at all times. Property Managers Auckland. Property Management Auckland.