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Flash browser - FreeMind - free mind mapping software. From FreeMind There is a GNU GPL licensed Flash browser for FreeMind.

Flash browser - FreeMind - free mind mapping software

Download it (50 KB), unzip the archive, and read readme.txt, or double click mindmaps.html. Download Instead of downloading Flash browser separately, you can export Flash browser from FreeMind application; see #Menu. Installation Unzip the above file "freemindFlashBrowser.zip" and save the following three files to a separate folder: flashobject.js mindmaps.html visorFreemind.swf Create your FreeMind mind map and save it to the same folder where you extracted the above three files, e.g. under the name "test.mm". Documentation There are the following documentation resources for Flash browser: readme.txt, delivered with the Flash browser - a mind map that documents Flash browser, viewable in the Flash browser.

Version The latest version of the Flash browser is 1.0b. Version history of the Flash browser: All the release dates are estimated from the dates of release announcements in this thread. Feedback Troubleshooting Authors. WinDirStat - Windows Directory Statistics. Pushlets. Speex: a free codec for free speech.