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30 Sachin Tendulkar Quotes Which Spark A Billion Dreams in Us. Whenever the word ‘Cricket’ comes up, no Indian can stay without giving voice to the name of our God of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar.

30 Sachin Tendulkar Quotes Which Spark A Billion Dreams in Us

He is one of the greatest batsmen in the history of cricket to step into the field and Indians would concur with the fact. It has been almost two years since he retired, but he has left us all inspired with his records, style and journey. He still is the inspiration of not only Indians but people across the globe. He not only inspires people to take up cricket as their sport but to chase their dream. Very few sportsmen have gained such popularity as our master-blaster has, and he totally deserves it.

Just like the human being, quotes by Sachin Tendulkar also highly inspire when someone feels demoralized. For you to get deeply inspired and lighten the spark inside you to chase your dreams, here is our list of 30 Sachin Tendulkar quotes. 1. This quote needs no explanation. 2. One shouldn’t ever compare self to others. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 30 Lovely Eckhart Tolle Quotes on Love, Happiness and Change. Eckhart Tolle is a teacher, author and a spiritual guide and thus, is very well known for his teachings and is rated as one of the best writers of all times.

30 Lovely Eckhart Tolle Quotes on Love, Happiness and Change

His books like ‘the power of now’ have been rated as the new york bestsellers more times than we can count. He was born in Germany and started looking for answers in his life at a mere age of 19. In the beginning, he was a german and/or Spanish teacher at the Cambridge university and is known to have started his journey there.

Below given are a few Eckhart Tolle quotes which will make a large impact on you causing may be some differences in our life: 1. This one might be heard multiple times. 2. Another one of Eckhart Tolle quotes trying to tell us that we should leave the past behind or at least try to. 3. 30 Places To Visit In Mumbai Which Are Great Tourist Attractions and Local Hotspots. “Mumbai Meri Jaan!”

30 Places To Visit In Mumbai Which Are Great Tourist Attractions and Local Hotspots

This is probably one such phrase which every Mumbaikar has spoken or come across. It is not just a phrase, it is a feeling. A feeling which cannot be expressed in words but through everyday actions and doings. Mumbai is the largest city in India and is also known as the financial centre. From the dhobi ghat to the big film city, Mumbai is a spot-on attraction for tourists. However, it still attracts around 6 million tourists per year, making it the 30th most visited location worldwide. 1.

30 Quotes on Smoking which Help You Quit And Lead A Better Life. It doesn't matter how much you smoke.

30 Quotes on Smoking which Help You Quit And Lead A Better Life

Smoking ruins the life of smokers and the people connected to them. Smoking kills the life of consumers. It results in cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung diseases, diabetes, COPD, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis. It increases the risk for tuberculosis, few eye diseases, immune system disorder, and rheumatoid arthritis. It's necessary to quit smoking. 35 Ernest Hemingway Quotes on Love, War, and Life That Offer Solace. A unique style of writing is what Ernest Hemingway is mostly known for.

35 Ernest Hemingway Quotes on Love, War, and Life That Offer Solace

These Ernest Hemingway quotes will make you ponder upon how Hemingway was different from all writers we know. He has an element of iconic writing ranging from love to war covering the life that’s in between. He is also noted to be among one of America’s greatest writers. 16 Amir Khusrau Poetries That Are Soulful and Heartfelt. Words are not simply the conjunction of letters that they emanate emotions mercily and ruthlessly as well.

16 Amir Khusrau Poetries That Are Soulful and Heartfelt

When words are put in certain order representing a person’s thoughts, it is a kind of art, called poetry. Poems make better sense than simple writings because they are sometimes short, clear cut and moreover coincide with our innate emotions beneath our hearts that cannot be explored easily. Our India owns a clan of poetry in which Amir Khusro poetry is remarkable. His works, predominantly in Persian and Hindavi, rose to fame in the court of Mughals to flee worldwide. 54 Love Quotes That You Can Send To Your Lover As A Reminder And Confession. One of the best feelings in the world is knowing how much you mean to someone and expressing the same.

54 Love Quotes That You Can Send To Your Lover As A Reminder And Confession

The power of love is the greatest among all emotions in mankind. For the days you can’t express how you feel, here is a collection of some of the best love quotes to send your lover. The uniqueness of love remains its mystery. 40 Waqt Shayari Reflecting The Value of Time, Which Is Ever-Changing. Ever wondered what is the most precious thing in life?

40 Waqt Shayari Reflecting The Value of Time, Which Is Ever-Changing

If yes, you might have also thought about why it is so precious? I don't know your answer, but I'm talking about time. Time is the most precious thing we all have, in equal measure. 30 Nostalgia Quotes That Prove Everyone Has Different Memories of Past. Those times will never come back.

30 Nostalgia Quotes That Prove Everyone Has Different Memories of Past

Often we hear this statement from people or many times use it too. It merely means you are nostalgic. All you want to do at that moment is to jump into a time machine and to be there. Nostalgia can be many things to many people. 35 Eat Pray Love Quotes That Will Inspire Every Woman. Are you among the people who found Eat, Pray, Love irresistible?

35 Eat Pray Love Quotes That Will Inspire Every Woman

If you loved the movie/book you’ll have a great time recollecting some of these gem ‘Eat, Pray, Love quotes’ that have the power to change a paradigm. This story is very important and highly recommended as it teaches you to love and value yourself, at priority. We need peace, a meaningful life that's worth living, one where we end up discovering our best selves. And American author Elizabeth Gilbert's memoir, Eat, Pray, Love, and the Julia Roberts-starrer movie based on it, is a perfect guide to living your life the same way. 30 John Green Quotes On Love And Life That Place Hearts Back Together. With his name in the Time magazine's list of "The 100 Most Influential People In The World", John Michael Green is one of the most famous authors.

His debut novel 'Looking For Alaska' won him the 2006 Printz Award and his fourth solo novel, 'The Fault In Our Stars' launched at Number 1 in the New York Times Best Seller List. He also has a YouTube channel, which he runs with his brother. 51 Mother Son Quotes That Portray The Beautiful Relationship They Share. The first love that was created for each one of us is our mother. No one can abject this. Even we can say that she knew us from our first as she knew us before everyone from carrying us for 9 months. The relationship between a son and his mother remains unique. What makes that relationship more special?

Either we get no answer or many answers. 1. 30 Propose Day Quotes To Grab Your Valentine’s Heart At Once. The second day of Valentine's week, Propose Day is the most difficult day in a lover's life. It is a deciding day for the acceptance of the proposal and a 'happily ever after' life. You make the best efforts to propose your beloved in a way they can not forget. Many of you must have started preparations for Propose Day long ago, but if you are still missing out on the charm of the plan, consider adding a Propose Day quote to it. We have listed Happy Propose Day quotes here for your help! These quotes are sure to make your proposal the cutest of all proposals. 1) You are someone I cannot be without. 35 Rose Day Quotes To Start Valentine’s Week On A Sweet Note. Valentine's week starts with Rose Day on 7th February every year and wishing your Valentine on this day is very important. Every couple must have started preparing themselves for the Valentines celebrations and a different romantic experience altogether.

To give your Valentine a cute surprise, you can write beautiful happy Rose Day quotes along with a rose and gift it to your love. It is undoubtedly going to take romance notches higher this year. 8 Types of Love Defined By Ancient Greeks To Find Out Yours. Life seems to be surrounded by broken love or rejuvenating love. But that’s not the end of the story. There are different relations with different persons or even with our own self. 60 Happy Valentine's Day Love Quotes For Your Special Someone. 30 Peter Pan Quotes About Growing Up, Dreams, Friendship and Love. Peter Pan is a timeless Walt Disney animated classic, initially came to life more than a century ago in a play, and later a novel, by Scottish writer J.M.

Barrie. 30 Old Romantic Songs From Hindi Movies That Define Evergreen Love. 45 Valentine's Day Movies To Watch With Your Soulmate Every Year. 7 Days of Valentine Week With Their Meaning To Plan In Advance. 40 Valentine's Day Fun Facts and Trivia From The World You Never Knew. Valentine’s day is celebrated on the fourteenth of February worldwide. It is the day particularly known for the affection of lovers to their special ones. They display their love via cards, gifts, wishes, and some special surprises. Although it is known as the day of love, the history behind the day might be quite different than expected. 42 Love Quotes For Boyfriend That Make The Mood Romantic and Bring You Closer. 35 CV Raman Quotes for Success, Life Lessons and Inspiration. Every man in the world is just a dupe of another by birth. 16 Amusement Park in Bangalore To Have An Adventurous Day. Some of the best moments in life to look back upon are the ones in which we have let ourselves be free and let go of it all.

35 Hindi Romantic Songs From Bollywood That Will Fill Your Heart With Love. Bollywood can never be good enough without its songs. 49 Atal Bihari Vajpayee Quotes Who Was A Poet More Than A Politician. 70 Patriotic Dialogues From Bollywood Movies To Show Your Josh. 70 Patriotic Dialogues From Bollywood Movies To Show Your Josh. 20 Bhagat Singh Quotes That Instill Patriotism and Courage In You.

52 Patriotic Songs To Celebrate Independence Day with Love, Respect and Gratitude. 21 Standup Comedy Specials by Indian Comedians To Stream Right Now. 40 Guru Nanak Quotes That Fill Your Soul and Life With Happiness. 18 Famous Nursery Rhymes for Children To Learn and Recite. 30 Chanakya Neeti for Success In This Clever Human World. 27 Books By APJ Abdul Kalam That Inspire Everyone To Do Something Of Value In Life.

52 Disney Movie Characters That Are Unforgettable And Nostalgic. 51 Sadhguru Quotes On Life, Love, And Inner Power That Heal Your Soul. 20 Makar Sankranti Songs That Will Make Your Kite Flying Experience Fun. 22 Spots For Trekking In Mumbai Which Is Perfect For Adventure Loving People. 27 Books By APJ Abdul Kalam That Inspire Everyone To Do Something Of Value In Life. 25 Best Pakistani Drama Serial With Great Content To Watch Online. 22 Disney Couples Who Defined Love With Their Disney Love Story. 30 Indian Youtube Web Series Which You Can Binge-Watch for Free.

18 Subhash Chandra Bose Books Which Prove Massively Impactful. 9 Dan Brown Books and Novels That Are On The Shelf Of Every Book Lover. 31 Museums in Delhi That Are Not Just Places To Visit But Treasures. 22 Temples in Bangalore for Unmatched Spiritual Experience. 22 Jasleen Royal Songs That Are Amazing To Listen When You Feel Low. 17 Sanjay Leela Bhansali Movies With Exceptional Cinema Experience.

54 Bollywood Item Songs That Are Energetic Masala Numbers. 30 Shawshank Redemption Quotes Which Are Filled With Inspiring Life Lessons. 35 Harvey Specter Quotes That Are Powerful, Badass And Help You Ace Your Work. 25 Captain America Quotes From Marvel Movies, Avengers Infinity War and End Games That Prove Inspiring. People Gave Taglines To Their Favourite Companies Without Cheating. Signs Take Up These Roles In Life Resembling Actors In Films.

11 Most Commonly Misused Emoticons In Text Conversations. 35 Best Christmas Songs For Setting The Mood of The Holiday Season. 49 Secret Santa Gifts for Girlfriend To Choose From This Christmas. 51 Swami Vivekananda Quotes That Are Inspiring And Motivating. 17 Life Lessons To Learn From Advertisements Before You Die. 7 Types Of Girlfriends Every Bro Has Met While Dating Until He Gets Serious. 20 Crutch Words That You Unknowingly Use To Spoil Sentences Every Day. 15 Dialogues By Your Favorite Characters That Perfectly Fit Your Everyday Life. Top 10 Viral Videos Which Made Trending Names Like Sanjeev Srivastava. 35 Superhero Quotes Which Are Motivational & Inspirational. 23 Gajendra Verma Songs To Listen And Heal From The Heartbreaks. 20 Women’s Day Quotes Which Reflect & Identify Her Worth. 50 Phobia Kinds And Symptoms That Everyone Should Be Aware Of.

10 Facts About Surgical Strike 2 Conducted By IAF In Balakot, Chakothi and Muzaffarabad. Sheroes Cafe Lucknow, Restaurant Run By Acid Attack Survivors. 11 Great Teachers The World Has Seen And Should Learn Life Lessons From. 25 Mahatma Gandhi Quotes For The World To Lead A Great Life. Indian Monsoon Is Here - I Hear Leaves Drinking Rain And Poor Land Rejoicing. 11 Life Lessons That You Wish You Would Have Learned It Earlier. 34 Mirza Ghalib Shayaris In Hindi That Are Lesser Known But Leave Deep Imprints. We Live In 21st century But Believe In Superstitious 18th Century. 5 Of The All Time Best Books To Read This Winter.