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Little Bird Tales - Home. Childrens Book Sequels. Ambleside C.E. Primary School. Try one of our own Language Activites: LOOK, COVER, WRITE AND CHECK - Powerful online spelling tool.

Ambleside C.E. Primary School

Teachers and pupils can create their own lists or adapt and choose from many built in lists. Children at Ambleside can create their own personal lists! (Req. FLASH4) Our Online Book review section - read our reviews or add your own! The SUPERSPELLER - Prefixes and Suffixes - Try Year 4's machine! The Interactive Pet Adventure - Can you make it home? Jungle Adventure featuring "Lara Amble" - We have been using some excellent adventure gamebooks to explore story and plot development.

Crazy Story Machine - try our own interactive story generator! Crazy Limerick Machine - Made by children in Year 4 - Check it out! Haiku Generator made by Year 4 - on the theme of the lake District Ancient Greeks Comprehension - read carefully and you'll be OK. Science Comprehension Test - learn all about refraction. Call my Bluff - challenging word definition game by Year 4 Homophones - their / there / they're quiz.

Comic Master. Year 2011 Events – What would you Remember 2011 for? Vote Now. A Web Whiteboard. Great Websites for Kids.

For pupils up to age 14. All round coverage. – alizarussell

Children's books. Study Vibe - How to study - study skills for primary and high school students.