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Green Lab Center : AquaJellies 2.0. The artificial jellyfish have an intelligent, adaptive mechanism and are equipped with an electric drive unit.

AquaJellies 2.0

Their integrated communication and sensor technology plus the real-time diagnostics enable a coordinated, collective behaviour even in a limited space. Collective behaviour: the AquaJellies show how autonomous actions of individual systems can result in an overall system Highly integrated platform: Model for lightweight construction and energy efficiency ... ... plus system capability and integrated communication technologies Natural role model: the peristaltic thrust propulsion of the AquaJelly has a strong resemblance to the natural movements of the jellyfish. New research suggests women can make sperm, and men can make eggs. It would be worse than inbreeding, as even sibling and paternal relationships are only partially identical genetics.

New research suggests women can make sperm, and men can make eggs

Reproducing with yourself would be far worse. This would generally be worse than inbreeding. In any breeding situation, there is a chance that both parents are carriers of recessive disorders like cystic fibrosis or sickle cell anemia. In inbreeding, people are related so there is a greater chance that they are carriers of the same recessive diseases.

If you are self-breeding, you are 100% sure that if you are a carrier, so is your mate (yourself). I figured as much. BUT if you are already doing all that, why not repair the genes... and you are good to go. L'hologramme de Tupac s'est vu décerner un prix. L'hologramme d'Empreinte. Le plus bel hologramme réalisé dans le monde de la mode fût peut être celui de Kate Moss projeté lors du défilé Mc Queen en 2006.

L'hologramme d'Empreinte

C'est sur le thème de la Liste de Shindler que Kate Moss dans une sublime robe blanche flottait dans les airs. L'hologramme, depuis, a fait du chemin et la semaine dernière c'est dans une vitrine du nouveau concept store parisien que la marque de lingerie et son agence Carlin International ont choisi de l'utiliser pour faire le buzz. Manifest. Is It Humanity's Fate To Be The 'Mitochondria' of Super-Intelligent AIs? Fabriquer le vivant. EPO - European publication server. Notice The translation is machine-generated.

EPO - European publication server

It cannot be guaranteed that it is intelligible, accurate, complete, reliable or fit for specific purposes. Critical decisions, such as commercially relevant or financial decisions, should not be based on machine-translation output. The publication of patent documents by way of this site is subject to a disclaimer1 in respect of the accuracy of replication. Accessoires fluo et LED - produits lumineux festifs.

Optics. ELM - Home Built Laser Projector. Photo 1.

ELM - Home Built Laser Projector

X-Y Scan Head I think everybody saw Laser Effects that shows up stages, discos or festivals. There are two categories on the laser effect. One is Beam Effect, it shows the laser beams that flying in the air to the audience. The other is Screen Effect, it shows the laser graphics that drawn on the screen by a moving laser spot. This is a challenging project to build the laser projector with professional grade :-).

Inside of the Laser Projector Figure 1. Basically, the laser projectors are used for entertainment industry. Laser In old days, red He-Ne laser had been used for the laser art, and then white mixed-gas laser which can generate several number of color simultaneously has being used. Blanking/Modulator The blanking mechanism interrupts any unnecessary laser beam. RED. Systeme de son sphere. Construisez vous même votre système sonore sphérique, et vivez une nouvelle expérience auditive. Unique et insolite, fabriquez vous un objet de décoration fonctionel. Simple a construire, il fera le meilleur effet dans votre salon ou dans votre salle de jeux.

Prenons par exemple deux récipients en plastique de type rond et profonds (gros saladier par exemple), bien choisir sa couleur, sauf si on est prêts à peindre… Il nous faut aussi bien entendu un système de son prêt à l’emploi. pour cela on peux tout accheter dans un magasin spécialisé (baffles, filtres, eventuellement ampli et connectiques), dans ces magasins les vendeurs sont de très bon conseil.

Donc, une fois la partie « sonore » réglée, passons à la réalisation. LCD Watch Design with Time, Date, Alarm, EL Backlight and Accelerometer: Kisai Online. A futuristic watch design with continuous vertical lines, Kisai Online from Tokyoflash Japan uses a built in accelerometer to reveal the digital time.

LCD Watch Design with Time, Date, Alarm, EL Backlight and Accelerometer: Kisai Online

Kisai Online includes time, date and alarm functions. Made of stainless steel, this design is available in black or silver in a choice of three cool LCD colors; natural, blue or red. Kisai Online is a digital watch so is as easy to read as any other wrist watch. The "always on" LCD display is made up of vertical lines which look like a cryptic pattern to outsiders.

Turn the watch towards you and the lines fall away to reveal the time in hours and minutes. The digits that make up the time are easy to learn. Each part of Kisai Online has been individually designed and engineered, including the stainless steel case, strap and uniquely programmed LCD display. An animation mode is programmed into the watch. Download PDF manual Find out more about the original concept on the Tokyoflash Design Studio Blog.


News, Augmented » La cuisine Open Data. Lab Motion Interaction. Akten - Personal projects, artworks, research and collaborations - Work. Beeple - the work of mike winkelmann (cinema 4d project files, free vj loops etc.) Une animation de street marketing en ‘vraie’ réalité augmentée.