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Anderson-Beattie Blog – What is the best thing about Opal Gemstones? The best thing about opal gemstones is that they are very fascinating to look at. While other gemstones might as well be interesting in an aesthetic sense, they actually don’t match up. The gemstone’s display of colors when looked at from an angle making it a piece of beauty that can look at for a very long time- the hue flashes on opal gemstone is referred to as opalescence and may be many or few and of different in size and type. It’s due to this coloration that determines the worthiness of opal gemstone. The color display well in any amount of light and actually stands out spectacularly. The opal gemstones are mainly found in Australia. The best thing about Australian opals is that they are used in designing natural stone jewelry which might as well be cut into thin slices that are kept on a matrix material. Author: Trent Bringing together the finest sources of gemstones, locating the best cutters, the most talented designers and the highest quality manufacturers is no easy task.

Anderson-Beattie Blog – The Potential Power and Real Life Benefits of White Opal Stones. Ever since I was little, I have always associated white with incredible. I would see a glowing bride walk down the aisle in a magnificent white dress or an innocent child get dedicated while wearing the cutest little white clothes and I would conclude that white is very different from the rest; it symbolizes purity and is very important. I wasn’t right when it comes to everything white of course, but I was definitely right when it came to the white opals. These opal stones are known to have many benefits and I am going to be a darling and mention a few that you will surely find fascinating. Opal stones are mainly considered as a substitute stones of diamond.

The opal stones are mentioned in the olden English literature a famous English poet William Shakespeare gave it the title ‘Queen of Gem’. The reasons for wearing white opal rings or any other jewelry is that it gives an additional charm into a personality. Fire opal is a variant of opal gemstone. Save. Anderson-Beattie Blog – About Fire Opal Gemstones – A Brief Overview. Chances are you have heard of opal stones either through commercials and shows about fine jewelry or by overhearing people go on and on about how beautiful they are.

If you love jewelry then chances are also good that you’ve visited many different shops and boutiques with plenty more to explore. It is also highly probable that among the beautiful jewelry pieces you have seen, some of them were pieces made from and adorned with opal stones. Another probability is that among these opal stone pieces, there were also some that were made from the unique Mexican opal and there were some that were made from fire opal stones. All opals stones are made of water and silicon dioxide. Primarily, the opal gemstone retains some small percentage of which results in it being soft and very delicate. What you probably don’t know about fire opal stones is what makes them stand out from the other opals. Where do the fire opal stones come from? The opal is also considered Mexico’s official gemstone. Save. Anderson-Beattie Blog – Why choose Australian Opal instead of other Gems.

What has attracted people to Australian opals over the centuries? Color, color and more color! Opals change their color when one looks at them from variant sides and angles. Some of the times there is little color at all but as sooner as you move your head and suddenly a beautiful breathtaking burst of brilliant array of color blinks from the stone.

This factor is more in the Australian opal jewelry than the other types of opals found in other countries. Unless one is very lucky, the higher the cost for the Australian boulder opal is, the better the quality is. But one can still get the high blinking colors for a cheaper price if they buy doublets or triplets. These are Australian opal pieces whose reinforcement is a solid backing of no-color opal jewelry. Australian opal begins off as a silica gel which comes out through sedimentary strata gradually hardening for millions of years through a natural process. The Australian opal has also various levels of blackness. Author: Trent. Anderson-Beattie Blog – Opal jewelry under $199. Opal jewelry has become very pocket friendly for many folks nowadays.

With hundreds of people realizing the factors that this great Australian jewelry have in them, it has increasingly been popular for the fact that its able to fit very many diverse occasions and reasons for adornment. Currently there are many cheap options for wedding jewelry and designer jewelry available, all under $ 199. Despite the fact that the price has become increasingly affordable, the factors that have for generation attracted people to this amazing stones still remains. The Australian opal is known to be a birthstone for the month of October.

Getting a person you love a cheap opal gift under $199 is not a hustle anymore. All these beautiful opal jewelry are very affordable and can be a very memorable gift to the persons that they are presented to. The cheap jewelry under this pricing also includes the most sought after, wedding jewelry. Author: Trent.

Why is it best to choose the Opal Gemstones? Anderson-Beattie Blog – Why is Australian Opal so expensive? Australian opal has been known for quite sometimes globally to be so expensive. But why are they so? Well the first thing perhaps would be to understand the source and the reason for this. First, Australian boulder opal is mined in the harshest and the most remote location of Australia. The weather condition of this location is just too extreme. The Australian boulder opal is something of beauty to behold, its array of colors change according to the angle from which it is looked at.

The opal stone is mainly found in Australia, where the mines supply up to almost all of the global opals gemstones. Even though there are other cheaper versions of opal stones, those that do not display an array of coloration are relatively cheaper, but they are not very much in demand as the gemstone opals that display an array of coloration. Another factor that has made the Australian stone costly is the preparation that it takes in cutting it after mining. Author: Trent. Anderson-Beattie Blog – Opal: One of the Most Beautiful Gem Stones.

In the quest to look truly unique and to develop a dazzling personal style, people are straying away from conventional gems like diamonds, rubies and emeralds and are looking to gemstones like Opal. Opal is basically made of silica and each crystal is completely unique and the crystal structure allows Opals to give off a variety of colors. Unlike many other precious gems, colorful opals are much more prized than solid-colored white ones and most of the opal in the world comes from Australia. They are not only colorful, but they also tend to glow even in very low light making them extremely interesting and attention grabbing. The vivid hues of opals make them perfect show-stopping jewelry pieces. Truly dazzling gems The more colorful an opal is and the more the colors dazzle, the more precious it is. The vivid colors – such as red against black and green against blue – add so much drama that there is no need for other pieces of jewelry.

Author: Trent. Anderson-Beattie Blog – Opals Gemstones – Finest Export from Australia. The beautiful colors of nature are all present in the Opal. It’s the most colorful of all the gems. The mystical fire within, combined with the most beautiful colors of the rainbow are beyond words. This array of colors cannot be in any way compared to any of the gems. A nice Opal may even surpass the diamond. An Opal is something that makes one feels proud to own, the colors that keep changing when viewed from different angles are just the bomb. They keep changing from large to small from one color to the other. Actually, these colorful flashes and blinks are the ones that give a determination as far as the value of the Opal is concerned.

The Opal Gemstone home is basically Australia where her mines supply close to all the Opals found globally. Opals Gemstones are actually classified into two. In jewelry, the doublets are just but thin pieces or slices of treasured Gemstone Opals that are stuck together on a matrix material. Author: Trent. Opal Gemstone- What are the benefits of owning this stone? Anderson-Beattie Blog – Opal Gemstone- Get the facts right. Opal Gemstone is one type of silica that’s made of water, hydrogen, oxygen and silicon, and silica. Its main use is for the addition of ornamental beauty to mosaics, inlays and carvings. Let’s look at the vital facts about this rare stone; – Just a reminder, Opal Gemstone derives its name from a Latin word “opalus” which basically means stone. The Opal Gemstone is the birthstone of those people born in the month of October. And this is held with a lot of prestige. – The Opal Gemstone has dominant colors exactly the ones found on the rainbow.

. – The Opal Gemstone authentic beauty is a symbol of hope, innocence and purity. -Maximum care for this gemstone is needed due to its delicate nature one should avoid using chemicals in cleaning it. -If you are not wearing your opal jewelry for quite a while, you need to store it with a wet napkin in a small plastic bag to prevent it from cracking. Opal Gemstone- Get the facts right. Anderson-Beattie Blog – Opal Gemstone Myths and Beliefs. The rainbow colored White Opal Gemstone which is traditionally the birthstone of October and which is usually provided in the given in the commemoration of the 14th wedding anniversaries. Is actually told to dispel fear and raise one insight. Opal has it has been told over and over again, but just a reminder, is gotten from the Latin word “opalus” meaning “stone”. They are generally very interesting stones found in many color variations.

The most common being the milky white stone which holds rainbow colored arrays that sparkle in the light. A common myth goes that if the wearer of this stone was not born during the October month, then definitely the result would be misfortunes hitting them in their life. Some of the other myths concerning the Opal include things like rubbing it across the forehead helps to alleviate the memory of a given individual this was in ancient India. The Romans also had their own myths on Opal. The Opal Gemstone still holds these meaning to different people. Anderson-Beattie Blog – Fire Opal – a confusing terminology. Fire Opal is one term that’s really got people racking their minds in confusion and every customer and seller has got a different view from another. Well there are a number of Opals all in two categories, common and precious opals and Fire Opal lies in the precious category.

They admired ever since the ancient times and valued so much that it was claimed to be created in the waters of paradise. So what do we know about Opals? Well, the thing is the most significant fire Opal deposits lie in the Mexican Highlands due to the existence of any extinct volcanoes. This Mexican Fire Opal exists in an orange red tone but these can also be found in other countries though in little quantities that don’t necessarily spark any economic significance. But this doesn’t mean that no other country produces fire opals. The name was brought forth due to the color of the stones and it’s the red flare in the Opal that guarantees its position as a member of the coveted Fire Opals. Author: Trent. Anderson-Beattie Blog – Properties of Opal gemstones. The Opal gemstone is one that has grabbed the attention of many, some praise it simply because of its glamorous beauty while others could swear by its spiritual properties.

The Opal stone has its history dated millions of years back and is an amorphous form of silicon with a chemical formula SiO2.nH2O. It’s one of the few rocks that have developed love throughout the world especially when it comes to meditation and spiritual properties and everyone is convinced of the fact that these gemstones hold immense energy. For the physical properties, the Opal is quite a thing and it holds a original crystalline structure. The water content is one of the reasons that actually maintain its appeal and when lost, the stone may go cloudy or worse crack.

Fire Opal complements the active positive thinker well. Black Opal is a gemstone used to release inhibitions. The Blue Peruvian opal is said to be a stone of courage and leads to improved self-esteem to the wearer. Anderson-Beattie Blog – Gem Quality Opal. Opal gemstones have earned their place in the hearts of many and their value doesn’t just halt at being Australia’s number one natural gemstone. These rocks have girdled the globe with their beauty and every individual whose eye notices splendor would boldly agree that this rock is of no ordinary value.

It’s one that many would give up their left feet for and it’s not so hard to figure out why. Opal is ahydrated and amorphous form of the silica mineral. Their formation, as with any other mineral takes millions of years to occur with the gradual accumulation of high mineral content finally resulting in formation of beautiful Opal deposits. The stone is able to diffract and scatter light and create a breathtaking phenomenon of every visible light color from the spectrum. Its history has it connected with superstitious powers like invisibility and it’s also said to have healing and spiritual properties. Even cutters have to treat these stones with respect. Author: Trent. Anderson-Beattie Blog – Opals and Opal Jewelry winner at 2014 AGTA Spectrum Awards. Opals have rightfully earned their title as one of the most beautiful gem stones of all time and their widespread popularity with each passing day continues to prove just that. These stones are an attention snatcher with their faithful light absorbing and emitting qualities and their existence in a wide array of colors further makes them even more striking.

The stone’s latest victory yet was featuring in the 2014 AGTA Spectrum Awards, the most prestigious and by far the largest natural colored gemstone and cultured pearl display worldwide. The rooms where this competition takes place is one carefully crafted for just this activity with natural light making its way through a wall of windows and the stones sparkle, glitter and even absorb the light producing the best scenery. The Spectrum Awards also paves way for fashion trends in the jewelry industries and a stone displayed here is assured of long term demand.

Another pop up of the Opal gemstone was in the Best Use of Color award. Anderson-Beattie Blog – Opal: One of the Most Beautiful Gem Stones. Opal: One of the Most Beautiful Gem Stones In the quest to look truly unique and to develop a dazzling personal style, people are straying away from conventional gems like diamonds, rubies and emeralds and are looking to gemstones like Opal. Opal is basically made of silica and each crystal is completely unique and the crystal structure allows Opals to give off a variety of colors. Unlike many other precious gems, colorful opals are much more prized than solid-colored white ones and most of the opal in the world comes from Australia. They are not only colorful, but they also tend to glow even in very low light making them extremely interesting and attention grabbing. The vivid hues of opals make them perfect show-stopping jewelry pieces. The colors of an opal can range from rose, magenta, green, brown, and blue, to red, orange and even black.

Most importantly, a single opal gemstone can have all these colors at once making them truly striking. Truly dazzling gems Author: Trent. Opal Fossils. Black Opal vs. Boulder Opal. Opal Mining Safety on the Opal Fields. How Does Our Opal Classification System Work? Opal Cutting & Polishing - How to Cut and Polish an Opal. How is Opal Formed? - the Geology of Opal. Opal Rings for Men - Tips and Ideas. Opal Engagement Rings - Tips and Ideas. The History of Opal. South Australian Opal Mining Fields. How to Buy Opals- A Guide to Buying Opals. Opal Facts and Myths. Opal Doublets and Triplets. What is a semi black opal ? Queensland Opal Mining Fields. New South Wales Opal Mining Fields. Australian Opal Mining Fields. The Most Famous Opals in the World. A Guide to Common Opal Words. How is Opal Valued? Are Opals Bad Luck? How to Care for Opals. Crystal Opals. White Opals. Boulder opal. Black Opals. Kinds of Opal. What is an Opal? Australian Opal Jewelry & Boulder Opal | Shop for Australian Opal Rings, Earrings & Pendants.