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Top 5 Mortgage Questions Answered! Do you have questions about how mortgages work?

Top 5 Mortgage Questions Answered!

You’re not alone. Mortgages can be daunting, whether this is your first time buying a home or your fifth. But don’t worry—all the basics you need to know about mortgage loan services are in this article. We answer the top five questions asked by aspiring homebuyers, from negotiating interest rates to getting pre-approved. Retirement Planning Services and Solutions. Queensborough named Best Small Bank in Georgia by Newsweek. Queensborough National Bank & Trust Company has been recognized as Georgia’s Best Small Bank by Newsweek.

Queensborough named Best Small Bank in Georgia by Newsweek

This announcement comes with Newsweek’s first-ever ranking of the financial institutions that are working to meet the needs of customers during these unprecedented times. “Like virtually every other aspect of our lives – work, school, shopping, entertainment, you name it – the pandemic is changing the way Americans bank,” said Diane Harris, Newsweek’s deputy editor-in-chief, in announcing the awards. “And those changes, in turn, are creating a new set of challenges and opportunities when it comes to picking the financial institution that best suits our banking needs.” With more than 2,500 FDIC-insured institutions, U.S. banks were assessed based on 55 factors to develop a best-in-class option for 19 categories, including the Best Small Bank in every state. Cyber Security Awareness Month. Bank from Home - But Truth is We Miss Helping People Directly.

We are so thankful to have so many ways to bank from home or by phone right now.

Bank from Home - But Truth is We Miss Helping People Directly

With our lobbies being closed we are still here to help you with all your banking needs and cash management solutions. If you need to come in to have a face to face appointment or get into your safety deposit box we will make it happen! One of the things I love about Queensborough is we are a community bank. We know our customers- their children, their parents, their likes and dislikes and the way they prefer to bank. In addition to all the perks of being a community bank we are also able to provide all the technology of big banks. I want our customers to know that while we understand many people can handle most of their business without ever stepping out of their home this is not how some prefer to bank. Queensborough National Bank & Trust Co. PPP Loan Update 6/5/2020. PPP Loan Update #3 PPP Loan Customers, It's hard to believe that we booked the first of the PPP loans 8 weeks ago.

PPP Loan Update 6/5/2020

That means that some PPP borrowers are now ready to start the forgiveness application process. I hesitate to try to give you much information about how Queensborough expects to handle the forgiveness part of this program as both SBA and Congress keep adjusting the rules on us. Most of the changes give you and the bank more flexibility but in doing so seem to create as many questions as they answer. As it stands right now, the major change Congress mandated is to give you more flexibility to measure your payroll and non-payroll expenses as part of the forgiveness calculation.

We do expect to see additional changes before long, likely within the next week or so. In the meantime, we are still looking for additional PPP loan customers so if you know of people or businesses that need help, please refer them to us. Contact Us for Personal Banking Services. Queensborough National Bank & Trust Co. Online Banking Services in GA. Queensborough National Bank & Trust Co.

Queensborough National Bank & Trust Co. Increase your credit score and chances of borrowing. Wealth Management Services in Augusta, GA. The opportunities in commercial banking. It’s stating the obvious that banking and financial services in general are rapidly changing.

The opportunities in commercial banking.

As an example, there are fewer community banks today than just 10 years ago. In addition, the integrity of the overall banking system has taken some hits due to infringements made upon people’s trust due to various bank practices routinely seen in the media. Another leading factor to the change is technology. Customers can simply go online to obtain a loan, open a savings account, take advantage of retirement planning services, and plan safe online banking at any time of day. So, the convenience, service, and quality of QNB online banking and investing options limits the customers’ need to walk into a traditional retail branch, or office like a few years ago.

Bank consolidations are also continuing to take place, leaving committed long term institutions harder to find. All of these factors and more are driving the push to commoditize banking and financial services.