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Pin by Sarah Paige on art lessons. Paul Klee Portrait. Portrait ideas for older kids. Art Lesson Plans for K-12: 2nd & 3rd Grade Self-Portraits. APlayfulPortraitPairing. Le site de l'école de Quieux - Nos chefs d’œuvres - Le portrait. Pour travailler sur le portrait on a étudié différents artistes.

le site de l'école de Quieux - Nos chefs d’œuvres - Le portrait

Photoshop - Self-Portrait-with-a-Cartoon. The David Lubin Art Studio: 6th grade. 6th Grade collage parrot or toucan, they used a choice of pattern/bird to create the base then added their own wings, feathers and beak details.

The David Lubin Art Studio: 6th grade

Great way to use up the end of the year scraps and bits plus they looked great too! Using patterns of toucans and parrots, students traced and cut out their own tropical bird. This cardboard base was the foundation for a collage project using a variety of scrap papers such as wall paper, painted paper, foil papers, specialty prints and construction paper. This projects connects directly to 6th grade world culture standards and builds on their 5th grade Audubon bird project. Each student is encouraged to select colors and designs that appeal to them- they can pursue a more realistic color palette (photos of the birds are on display) or chose a more personally imaginative approach.Using patterns of toucans and parrots, students traced and cut out their own tropical bird. Art Room 104: Next Up in 4th Grade...a Portrait Unit! Alright, it has to be said that drawing people/portraits is not one of my strong suits.

Art Room 104: Next Up in 4th Grade...a Portrait Unit!

It's not something I've ever really enjoyed doing, especially in college! But, I decided to stretch my limits and do a portrait unit with my 4th graders. It fits right in with my theme of drawing from real life so here is what the plan is. I took the first day to go through the proportions of the face. No, I don't expect the students to remember everything about the proportions, but I had hoped that what they would take away is that they eyes fall half way down the head, your head is 5 eye lengths across, and the ears and nose are the same length. For our first project, we are doing pop art self-portraits in the style of Roy Lichtenstein. Here's my example! The self-portrait in my power point is one I found through a Google search. Originally, I was going to have the kids use Q-tips to add the dots, but I think I like the Sharpie marker better.

4th grade pop art self portraits. Fourth grade artists explored the colorful cartoony world of Pop Art through exploration of Pop Art painter Roy Lichtenstein.

4th grade pop art self portraits

Students used his same techniques of primary colors, comic book subject matter, text, thick black outlines, and BEN DAY DOTS to create an eye catching comic book style self-portrait! The students created a two-dimensional work that demonstrates awareness of space and composition by filling the page with their self-portrait and text bubble. Students identified relationships between selected art elements and principles by using only the PRIMARY colors and a PATTERNED background. Craig Redman » Portraits. Art ideas for my girls (and clients!) / Giant Cardboard Self-Portrait Busts in Grade Four. Salt Dough Portrait Craft. First week of school project.

Hello blogging world art teacher friends!!!

first week of school project

For some of you, the summer is coming to the close and the fresh smell of empty rooms and blank planners is near!!! I am in need of some great beginning of school activities. I have posted below my all time favorite first week of school activity for you!!! It was easy to set up, mess free, and made a BEAUTIFUL display (great way to start out the year) I would LOVE now, for you to post YOUR beginning of the year activities for inspiration!!! I love reading all of your blogs and use so many of your fabulous ideas!!! If your blog is not on my blog roll PLEASE comment or e-mail it to me so I can add you!! 2nd grade art projects / Artsonia Art Museum: Window Self-Portrait - Second Grade. Portraits in Blue - Fourth Grade. Contour Self-Portraits - Fifth Grade. Gallery Options: About this exhibit: Fifth graders created a self-portrait using pencil, puffy paint, and chalk.

Contour Self-Portraits - Fifth Grade

To warm up, they completed two drawing exercises where they drew their hand using contour lines. The first time, they couldn't look at the paper when they drew; they could only concentrate and follow the lines on their hands with their eyes (Blind Contour Drawing). The second time, they could look at the paper sometimes, but when they did, their pencil had to be frozen (Modified Contour Drawing). Also check out: Miro in Ink. This is a project that I have done a couple of times with my Year 1's and 2's.

Miro in Ink

I love that it is simple enough for every child to be able to complete it successfully, but also provides opportunities for them to add their own style and details. We start by playing a couple of rounds of 'Roll A Miro' - there are a few versions of this game out there and mine if definitely not the first! This is the link to my version - feel free to use it! Roll A Miro Game This is a great way to introduce the work of Miro and the types of lines, patterns and symbols that he uses.

The students then create their own Miro inspired 'creature' - I ask them to draw nice and large onto A3 paper and to include some of the shapes into the background. 5/6 art ideas / Portrait ideas for older kids. Jamestown Elementary Art Blog: 4th Grade Mary Cassatt Self-Portraits. Australian activities for children/students/kids. Self portrait art lessons. Brenda Gladwell's Art Blog: Lesson element. Kids self portraits. Artrageousafternoon: break out self portraits. Art ideas for my girls (and clients!) / Giant Cardboard Self-Portrait Busts in Grade Four.