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Pin by Cindy Pool on art room lesson. JohnPost.US - Art Teacher - Potter. 4th grade ceramic flower sculptures; approx. ... | Art Projects: 6th … Mrs. heller's art blog: dessert boxes. Clay Curriculum. The following are the Power Standards that I follow during the month of January. In January, all elementary teachers in our district are working with clay at the same time.

We do not spread it out through the year. We do all grade levels in one month. Do you now understand my Clayfobia? Each month, our art department plans together beforehand to share ideas. I, as the department facilitator, make a planning matrix that helps everyone brainstorm ideas. Here is an example of the ideas we generated according to the above Power Standards for our month of clay in January. Below are the projects that I chose to do for each grade level…As you can see, each teacher can choose the project they want, as long as it fulfills the skill for that grade. Kindergarten and 1st Grade: Variety of Pinch Pot Projects 2nd Grade: Coil Pots in Red Earthenware Clay 3rd Grade: Slab Clay Clastles 4th Grade: Thiebaud Inspired Clay Cupcake Containers 5th Grade: Pop Art Clay Food…. So, there you have it. Clay tiles. Cupcakes! What easy!

These directions break down making these cupcakes into easy to understand steps. After seeing these cute ceramic cupcakes on several blogging posts, I decided to try them myself. The project took 2, 40 minute classes.The results were fantastic! Create both the top and bottom with potters clay. Each section is a pinch pot. The bottom is then pressed into silicone molds.

Dry and fire as directed by the clay you use. Tip: Have your students put their name on color coded class papers. Day two Glaze the two sections. 4 Crazy Kings: How To Make a Quick Clay Owl. 10 Wow, what a week this has been. It is not that anything different happened this week it is just that I didn't have the energy and felt completely scattered all week. This ever happen to you? For example, I packed the prize boxes, of course forgetting to put in a nice note to all the winners, then I couldn't mentally gear myself up for: juggling two kids, 5 boxes, rain, and most likely a line at the Post Office. So the boxes drove around with me all week. I finally completed the task wasn't even that terrible of a task. I hope you all love your cards! Sorry for the delay. I also wanted to acknowledge all of the people who entered my first giveaway! Here is a quick how to I came up with while Lu was making beads.

Start with a ball (we used Model Magic Smoosh to make circle Use marker cap to make UUUUUU's on belly Fold sides in Fold top down - pinch ears a bit Use marker cap to make eyes Let dry and paint. Click here for a variation. Art Form: Pottery for Kids. Ceramic ideas for kids. Art Room 104: YAM: 3rd Grade Picasso. Third grade teachers really jumped on board for my YAM activities. They created a two week unit in their classroom about art! Last week, they spent time studying different styles and mediums of art. This week they're talking about Picasso! They made some really awesome packets for students to use in the classroom and they've really impressed me!

So, my connecting Picasso project is to make slab Picasso faces! (Pinterest influence found here.) One third grade teacher asked if they could come down and do the clay Picasso project with the students (during their free period..gasp! Last week I started this mini Picasso unit off by having the students draw a quick, 20 minute self-portrait using oil pastels. My example is on the left here... Because they are covering Picasso so in depth in the classroom, I'm not really doing a full unit on Picasso.

I pulled out the texture rollers so that they could give their faces some interesting texture. MagicMarkingsArt an artful blog about color and whimsy: magic markings art camp. Art for the home and garden Art Camp Projects For our first art project the artists created a terrarium from a slab of clay. We discussed vessels that can be used and what can grow inside a container. Armed with this information the artists drew, cut out and applied over a slab of rolled out clay a paper terrarium pattern. The boys and girls traced around the shape, cutting through the clay with pencils, to form the foundation of their terrarium design. The handmade terrariums were set aside to dry, fired to a bisque ware state in my kiln, painted with lead-free glaze, then fired one last time.

Bird sculptures were created from clay left over from the artists terrariums. A very colorful flock of birds ~ glazed, fired and in flight. With thoughts of butterfly, rainbow, balloon and princess gardens for the girls and death, grave and zombie gardens for the boys; the artists sketched and painted a bisque garden stake. Inspired by Daliah Smith's colorful Peach Painting xo.