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24 hours in pictures. eBook Store. 僑務委員會 新編國別化二語教材 - 學華語向前走 試閱專區. 书库. 汉语文本指难针. 世紀百強- 好讀 (母语) 名著阅读 (母语) 儿童文学绘本图书 (母语) 热门:儿歌童谣 摇篮曲.

儿童文学绘本图书 (母语)

Yes! Chinese. 煎蛋 - 地球上没有新鲜事. 中文电子书(免费) 注册 用户名 密 码 记住登录状态 注册新用户忘记密码帮助中心 首页-新闻-军事-文化-历史-体育-NBA-视频-娱乐-财经-股票-IT-汽车-房产-时尚-女人-男人-母婴-教育-健康-旅游-BBS 资讯 | 新书 | 排行榜 | 人气特区 | 字里行间 | 读书会 | 书摘 | 专题 | 听书频道 | 文化频道 言情小说 | 官场商战 | 青春校园 | 军事历史 | 玄幻武侠 | 恐怖侦探 | 文学名著 | 外国小说 | 乡土社会 | 古典小说 | 影视小说 | 其他 历史杂谈 | 历史资料 | 社会时政 | 传记纪实 | 思想哲学 | 文化艺术 | 科学探索 | 散文随笔 心理励志 | 旅游随笔 | 两性生活 | 美容美体 | 美食烹调 | 影视娱乐 | 金融经济 | 管理营销 | 职场励志 | 投资理财 | 财经人物 全部 | 玄幻 | 奇幻 | 武侠 | 仙侠 | 都市 | 言情 | 历史 | 军事 | 游戏 | 竞技 | 科幻 | 灵异 | 排行榜 | 个人中心 | 作者平台 | VIP充值.


成长汉语 (Videos) Decipher Chinese (iOS & Android App) iChineseReader. Chinese Audio Texts. 中文(适合母语) 汉语. Extensive Reading (Advanced Level) 《中文(初中版)》教材免费下载 – Chinese Language & Culture. 纽约时报中文网. Chinese Text Sampler (Advanced Level) An Annotated Collection of Digitized Chinese Texts for Students of Chinese Language and Culture The best way to improve Chinese reading skills is to get lots of practice on a regular basis.

Chinese Text Sampler (Advanced Level)

The collection of Chinese texts presented here is intended as a resource for students of written Chinese from the advanced beginner level onward. The selections represent a wide range of periods and genres, but all are well known in modern-day China and worth reading in their own right. Each text can be displayed in your browser window or downloaded for use with Chinese text reading and dictionary software such as Clavis Sinica or Wenlin.

Clicking on the "View Text" link opens an HTML version of the file that you can read in your browser window. The numerical ratings next to each title provide a rough measure, on a scale from one to seven, of the relative difficulty of the text based on the usage frequency of the characters it contains in modern Chinese. Struggling to Learn Chinese Characters? 新唐人视频新闻网. Du Chinese (iOS & Android App) 中文阅读天地. ReadChinese! (Displaying 21 - 30 of 69 lessons) Emails, Blogs, and Diaries: Where I Would Live 1/1+ Personal statements made online about what would constitute the ideal place to live.


Emails, Blogs, and Diaries: Whom I Would Love 1/1+ Chinese teens, like teens everywhere, are beginning to think of romance and love, and write about what their ideal mates might be like. Family: Extended Family: Grandfather's Birthday Party 1/1+ The source text shows a family coming together for a birthday party and how each relative takes a role in making the party a success. Family: Extended Family: One-Month-Old Baby Celebration 1/1+ The text depicts one of the first celebrations that a newborn child traditionally receives in Chinese culture: a party to celebrate being one month old. A genealogical tree is also included to help the learner study words for various members on the mother's side of the family. 電子書坊. Chinese Reading Practice.

青少年之家. 慢速中文 Slow Chinese. 欢迎光临 WELCOME!

慢速中文 Slow Chinese

大家好! Welcome to Slow Chinese. 慢速中文 Slow Chinese is a cultural podcast for Chinese learners. Our podcasts are personal narratives by native Chinese people read in Mandarin at a slow speed. If you are learning Chinese and are curious about China, you’ve come to the right place! Clavis Sinica: Chinese Voices Project. Welcome to Chinese Voices, a collection of mini-essays with mp3 audio for students of Chinese language and culture.

Clavis Sinica: Chinese Voices Project

All of the selections are written by savvy young Beijingers and are read in their own voices. Each piece offers a perspective on modern life in Beijing you won't find in a Chinese language textbook or the China Daily. Subject Areas. Pinyin News (iOS App) GoChinese. 汉英双语新闻. 主席日报.