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Charli XCX explores feminism and pop in new doc. Today the word feminism is everywhere: in headlines on the internet or in bright lights at Beyoncé concerts.

Charli XCX explores feminism and pop in new doc

Charlie XCX - Body Of My Own (Audio) 17 Of The Most Feminist Songs Of 2014. This is how to make the tampon tax look ridiculous. The bedroom windows have been thrown open to allow the curtains to blow gently in the night breeze.

This is how to make the tampon tax look ridiculous

Women free bleed outside parliament to protest tampon tax. Women are lucky.

Women free bleed outside parliament to protest tampon tax

Every month, after a killer onset of cramps, migraines and psycho hormones, we get a period. That's five to seven glorious days where we bleed uncontrollably out of our vaginas, and indulge in some sensuous tampon usage – which, in case you weren't aware, is a seriously indulgent experience. Only it isn't. In reality, tampons are a very essential part of being a woman – though it's the former picture that's being painted by the UK government. According to them, tampons and sanitary items are “luxuries”, which means women have to pay a five per cent levy on all the products (aka the “tampon tax”).

Feminism, fashion and today’s new teen icons. In 1996, a group of teenage riot grrls were causing controversy at their private California high school.

Feminism, fashion and today’s new teen icons

With a DIY feminist zine, dyed and unbrushed hair, monobrows and clothes that stood out a mile from their very Clueless classmates, the political identity of the so-called Dirty Girls was intimately entangled with their appearances. Why this artist is setting fire to the naked female form. On the heels of her evocative photo series on tumblr, “And Everything Nice”, going viral – a piece that exposes society’s unrealistic expectations on females even in states of affliction, Hannah Altman strikes once again with “How To”.

Why this artist is setting fire to the naked female form

A multi-media installation that further explores the theme of female body shaming, the artist in collaboration with fellow artists Katie Krulock and Sadie Shoaf, juxtaposes mutilation with piercing irony – using references from the past as well as the present, Altman seems to be waving her finger in disapproval at our collective ignorance of the female condition. Just 20-years-old, Altman represents a slew of emerging female artists unafraid to assume a feminist viewpoint in her work, challenging the boundaries of societal ideologies with their bold, unapologetic statements. We sat down with Altman to discuss her latest project, how we can combat unattainable standards of beauty, and how she hopes young girls will react to her work.

Punk, soul and sisterhood unite in this riot grrrl tribute. From Pussy Riot to Skinny Girl Diet, there’s no denying we’ve seen a revival in the past half-decade of the feminist punk spirit that fuelled the 90s riot grrrl scene, an underground movement of activist women spearheaded by iconic bands like Bikini Kill and Bratmobile.

Punk, soul and sisterhood unite in this riot grrrl tribute

Their unabashed cries for female power and we-don’t-care-what-anyone-thinks attitude show no signs of wearing thin for a generation that has girl power and female solidarity at the top of its agenda. One artist fronting this agenda is the London-based singer and illustrator Lilith Ai, who recently teamed up with her friend, fashion model and dark-horse photographer, Georgia May Jagger, to produce a DIY punk-inspired book entitled Riot, which accompanies Ai’s four-track EP of the same name. -The Atlas of Beauty- The Atlas of Beauty: 35 images of earth's diversity shown through portraits of women. Our Epic Battle #LikeAGirl. Women's Equality. FREE THE NIPPLE. 'Tampon tax' paid around the world. Half the world's population needs to use them for a week each month, every month for about 30 years.

'Tampon tax' paid around the world

So why are sanitary products - used to absorb menstrual blood and therefore many would argue essential - taxed? Campaigns have recently been launched in a number of countries demanding the removal of the tax on tampons and sanitary towels. What is the situation in different countries around the world? Australia Australia is one of a number of countries where petitions were recently launched on the issue. Australian treasurer Joe Hockey had asked for an exemption to be looked at as part of a review of taxes. But Australia's states and territories, which have to agree to changes made to the GST, decided in August 2015 to keep the tax on sanitary products.

After the UK joined the Common Market in 1973, a 17.5% Value Added Tax (VAT) was introduced on sanitary products. David Cameron was asked about sanitary taxation by a student at the University of East Anglia. Model makes hair history at Victoria's Secret show. "I told my agent I wanted to walk in the Victoria's Secret show with my natural hair," Borges told Essence.

Model makes hair history at Victoria's Secret show

"I was nervous, but I had to do it. When they said 'yes,' I didn't expect it, but I was so happy! " Model Maria Borges showed off a more natural look at the fashion show. The fashion show is usually known for willowy models with flowing locks who strut the catwalk in skimpy lingerie fashions. But Borges opted instead to sport her afro, to the delight of natural hair fans. Hillary Clinton Running For President In 2016 As A 'Champion' For 'Everyday Americans' Hillary Clinton is officially running for president in 2016.

Hillary Clinton Running For President In 2016 As A 'Champion' For 'Everyday Americans'

"Americans have fought their way back from tough economic times, but the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top," Clinton said in a video message posted to her new campaign website on Sunday. Instagram Finally Explains Why It Won't #FreeTheNipple. A third wave of feminism is rising – and here's why we need to surf it now. We are witnessing the beginning of a third wave of feminism.

A third wave of feminism is rising – and here's why we need to surf it now

Taking up the struggle of Victorian social reformers, suffragettes and the revolutionary feminists of the 1970s, feminists today are fighting again for equal treatment and an end to sexual violence in a 21st society that remains patriarchal. It’s a busy time for feminists in Britain. In late October, the new Women’s Equality Party launched its policy programme. It is pressing for equal representation in politics, business, and industry; equal pay and equal parenting; equal treatment of women by and in the media; and an end to sexual violence.

A few days after attending the launch, I went to the Feminism in London conference, which attracted over a thousand women and men who had come to listen to an array of speakers talking about issues as diverse as trafficking for domestic labour, equality and austerity, and the campaign for 50:50 representation in parliament. Why black models are rarely in fashion. With London fashion week finishing and Milan fashion week beginning, I can exclusively tell you white is BIG this season. It is not quite as dominant a trend as it has been in seasons past – some would argue its ubiquity is fading somewhat – but it is still, undoubtedly, a mainstay. Obviously black as a clothing colour is de rigueur – so slimming! – but as a skin colour it has, shall we say, struggled to be accepted by the fashion mainstream. Miley Cyrus and Ruby Rose are gender fluid: What is it? Ruby Rose stars in her own short film, which explores gender roles and the identities behind them.

Courtesy Youtube/Ruby Rose Miley Cyrus identifies herself as being gender fluid. CELEBRITY hounds will no doubt have watched with interest as Miley Cyrus and Ruby Rose spoke publicly about identifying as gender fluid.