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How Android app can track cell phone users without their permission. Today, literally our whole lives revolve around cell phones. What once used to be a simple device to call and stay connected with your near and dear ones, has now turned into a powerhouse that has influenced almost every aspect of our lives. For some, this may be a boon, but for some it might turn into a source of constant worry and anxiety. Parents of teenage kids for instance may find themselves constantly worrying about their kid’s online activities and wondering what apps they use regularly on their smartphones. Well, the internet is an ocean of opportunities – to explore and learn. But in reality, not all of us use this freedom judiciously and sometimes even the most careful ones fall prey to the dangers of the internet.

To protect ourselves and our loved ones is up to us. Tracking without permission from the owner? Tracking someone’s online activities without their permission seems like invasion of their privacy. What exactly can you monitor? Instead of spying, monitor your child to keep their respect. A phone tracker app is a parent’s must-have these days. A lot of kids already have their own cell phones even before they learn how to drive. In fact, kids are getting their cell phones at age 10 , according to a study by Influence Central, a marketing agency. Cell phones offer a lot of advantages. They can be used as learning and communication tools. Sometimes they are even used for fitness and entertainment. And now that the Internet of Things (IoT) is here to stay, they can be used to control other devices such as ovens and televisions. There are, however, several disadvantages to letting young children use their phones unsupervised.

Spying on your children may sound too much, but if you are doing for the right reasons, like your child’s safety, cell phone tracking is definitely a must. If you decide that your children are old enough to have their own cell phones, you are also deciding that they should be accountable for their behavior. Let your children know your standards. Phone tracker app to create a healthy family media diet. New 0 0 0 With the advent of smart devices that make internet easily accessible, it’s next to impossible to keep your kids away from the ‘screens’.

Well, screen time may not be as bad as it sounds too. After all some part of your kid’s learning happens there too. It’s simply about striking the right balance and inculcating a healthy media diet in the family. It’s always a tough call when it comes to deciding what’s right for children in today’s highly digitized world. We worry about: How much screen time is OK? The truth of the matter is that kids cannot be separated from the use of smartphones and the internet. Here are a few tips and recommendations to help you : Find balance – It’s important that you do not count minutes while trying to restrict screen times. Walk the talk – Well, if kids are implementing a healthy media diet, everyone in the family must follow. Creating tech-free zones – You can set rules for your family as to when gadgets are allowed and when they are not. Buy Phone tracker, app pricing and packages | Easy Logger.

How does the phone tracker online application work? Click here to read how the application is installed and used. In short, you get a full report on all the relevant phone activity, delivered to your inbox everyday. What is the best way to contact support? Email us at, you can expect a response within minutes.

How many devices can I see in my console? You can have an unlimited number of devices associated with your account, these can be free or pro licences. What do I need for the application to work? Simply install the application on the target phone and ensure the phone has internet capabilities at least once every day (WiFi or 3G) Where do I download the application? Download or send the app links to your phone as a text message from here > What if I do not like the application? Simply email us for an immediate refund, no questions asked. How big is your support team? Is the purchase price refundable?

Yes! I have multiple devices to track. How to Track phone calls - Free Online Cell Phone Tracker. Simple "Where Is My Husband?" App - Easy Logger. Similar to cell phones, mobile tracking is a great technology. It was invented 20 years ago and since then, it has been growing in popularity. If phone affairs of your husband are questionable, and you want to be on the safe side, mobile phone spying software installed on mobile devices can help prevent these types of danger. A typical example is Where Is My Husband App. With this app, you can get access to your husband’s phone data (incoming and outgoing messages, photos, emails, videos, web browsing history, chat messages, call details, and GPS locations); there is no need of guessing things.

Is it useful? When you put things into perspective, you will realize how useful Where Is My Husband App can be! As a wife, if you are suspicious of your husband’s phone calls and want to track any of his phone activities, this app is what you need. How is it used? The Where Is My Husband App works under one the major mobile platforms– like Android, Blackberry and so on. Usability. Tracking a cell phone without affecting phone performance. New 0 0 0 The modern world is surrounded by new-found threats that have become a part and parcel of our life.

Parents worry about their children being assaulted by child kidnappers, sexual predators, child traffickers, and adults worry about the security of their family and elderly at all times. There is a growing concern in society regarding the ways we can keep an eye on the loved ones and addressing the security concerns of said individuals. With Easy Logger installed on your loved one’s smartphone, you can be rest assured that you remain updated about their activities, so you can intervene whenever you think they are in danger. Easy Logger provides location tracking to provide accurate results of your family’s current and exact location at all times, with a live location trail that enables to check in real time, the whereabouts of your loved ones from point to point on a Google map. Easy Logger also acts as your travel buddy, when you are out alone or with your family on a vacation. How to remove spyware on smartphones. Phone spyware is getting more and more popular as phones have become an integral part of our lives.

This blog discusses ways and means to avoid spyware and if infected how to remove spyware from smart phones. Surveillance for legal purposes like a parent monitoring their child or an employer monitoring an employee is most common and acceptable due to the inherent benefits to the phone owner. Unfortunately sometimes phones are installed with phone spyware for ulterior motives where the person installing the spy app has no rights to the phone. Phone Spy apps can be installed in seconds, Easy logger takes merely 10 seconds to download, install and configure.

Some incidences of abuse have come to light hence this blog. How to avoid and remove spyware from smartphones:- Remain safe from phone spyware by always keeping an eye on your phone, spy apps can be powerful, they can record phone calls, track your geo location, review text messages, call logs and even access your photos on the device.

Kids tracker app for your children | Easy logger. The increasing use of smartphones, social networks, webcams, and personal computers among young kids and teens has given an opportunity to potential offenders to engage with them. Your kids are on Instagram, Facebook, and many other online platforms, as are those who wish to hurt them. In such a scenario, it has become essential that you learn about the potential dangers of the online world and take proactive steps to gain a better control on your child’s online activities. Fortunately for concerned parents, a simple GPS tracker app such as Easy Logger can be programmed to give you every detail about your child’s online activities.

It gives you detailed information about the apps that your kid has on his phone, how much time he spend on each app, websites visited, text messages, their current location, and more so you know every minute detail about your child’s activities. The dangers of online predators Proactively helping your child Download Easy logger, free online cell phone tracker. Teen Tracker App: Cell Phone monitoring and tracking. The smartphone though small in size has proliferated our lives, creating an epidemic of distracted friends and families. Recent studies show that children, ages between 8 and 18, spend on an average nearly 40 hours in front of screens, making parents increasingly anxious that unhealthy screen time that is robbing their children of real world experiences.

With its ease of access, high-speed connectivity, and the rise of free or cheap apps, teens are increasingly relying on their devices for communicating with their friends or family. This generation has never known a world without a cell phone, and their relationship with screens goes well beyond what we experienced with laptops. Is your child addicted to smartphones? So, how can you help your child? Monitor your teen’s smartphone activity: Make your child understand that as a parent, you are allowed to set screen time limits and monitor his or her online activity.

Cell phone monitoring and phone tracker app | Easy Logger. Free SMS tracker, cell phone tracker and monitor | Easy logger.