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Advertising and Marketing Wisdom: Adages. July 2010. A few miles from my dad's lake house (where we're visiting now) are the Tempel Lipizzan Stables which house Lipizzans, Europe's oldest domesticated horses, owned by the Tempel Smith family (of Tempel Steel).

July 2010

The grounds are incredible and we love going to see the shows. {The Stables} According to, "Lipizzans are Europe's oldest domesticated breed of horse. They not only possess beauty and nobility, but also a rare combination of courage, strength, ability, temperament, and intelligence. Nutella Shots. Guess what I am drinking tonight? Ingredients & Measurements: • 1 cup ice • ½ cup milk • 2 tablespoons Nutella • 1 shot Baileys or Frangelico Hazelnut liquor • 1 shot vanilla vodka Instructions: Place all the ingredients into a blender and blend until thick and creamy. The Surprising Origins Of That Blasted "Keep Calm And Carry On" Graphic. “Keep Calm and Carry On”--suddenly, the slogan, printed on a colored background and topped with a royal crown, has cropped up everywhere, emblazoned on everything from totes and T-shirts to coffee mugs and throw pillows.

The Surprising Origins Of That Blasted "Keep Calm And Carry On" Graphic

Where did this bloody thing come from, and why has it become the meme of the moment? As one might expect, the sentiment--a steely resolve to remain unflustered--is thoroughly British. But it was coined more than 70 years ago, as one of three propaganda posters produced by the British government in the run-up to World War II. The posters were printed using a “special and handsome” typeface, which would be difficult for Germany to counterfeit, and featured the crown of King George VI. 60 Healthier Drinks for Boozing. Alcoholic drinks can be a sneaky source of calories, sugar, and even salt—but not when you play bartender.

60 Healthier Drinks for Boozing

Try to get a few healthier alternatives under that (suddenly much looser) belt to impress friends and family and order with confidence when out at the bar. Here are the eight key guidelines that make our drinks healthier options: Use only fresh-squeezed or 100 percent fruit juice to reduce added sugars. Fruit juice can still be a dangerfood, though, so sometimes it's best to dilute it with water or ice to cut back on calories. Metal Color Options. Google Image Result for. Horse Farms for Sale with Large Acreage. 172-Acre Horse Farm in Tryon, North Carolina With magical vistas and 172 acres of gently rolling terrain, Fox Knoll Farm is the largest horse farm currently on the market in our region.

Horse Farms for Sale with Large Acreage

Set amid a picture postcard backdrop, the estate features a stately main residence with in-ground pool and tennis court plus a two-bedroom guest house and private pond. Equestrian-2.jpg (600×399) Google Image Result for. Google Image Result for. Google Image Result for. Google Image Result for. Step-by-Step: Hunger Games – Katniss Everdeen Hair Braid. With the release of the much anticipated movie The Hunger Games, we decided to do an inspired hair tutorial on how to do the braid that Katniss wears in the Arena.

Step-by-Step: Hunger Games – Katniss Everdeen Hair Braid

It’s also known as a dutch braid, the only difference is it’s curved. The dutch braid is extremely simple, it’s the same thing as a French braid the only difference is you are pulling the pieces of hair under the braid, instead of over the braid like you would in French. Below are steps on how to get the look yourself! Happy Hunger Games! STEP 1.) STEP 3.) STEP 4.) STEP 5.) STEP 6.) STEP 7.) STEP8.) STEP 9.) Barn Pros Inc. Adoption Horses. Pet Search Results: Adoptable Pets in Syracuse, NY: Petfinder.

LizardAdult • Male • LargeReptile Rescue Orange CountyLake Forest, CA.

Pet Search Results: Adoptable Pets in Syracuse, NY: Petfinder

Adoptable Animals - Lollypop Farm. All animals seen here are currently available for adoption.

Adoptable Animals - Lollypop Farm

Pet Search Results: Adoptable Quarterhorse Horse Pets in Fairport, NY: Petfinder. New Page 1. When I'm watching Titanic, and Rose tells Jack that she will never let go. Explaining Londoners. Stall Fronts. European Stall front. Horse Stalls. Stall Doors and Stall Fronts. Custom European Horse Stalls and Desert Stalls. Lumber not included.

Stall Fronts. European Stall front. Horse Stalls. Stall Doors and Stall Fronts. Custom European Horse Stalls and Desert Stalls.

Lumber can be provided. Call for current pricing. Build a Barn: The Liberty 3-Stall Horse Barn. First Floor Plan Post and beam construction with exposed, solid, full dimension wood members Pre-cut solid Douglas fir structural wood members 12'-0" structural frame spacing Custom designed, exposed, powder coated 1/4" thick steel framing connections and bolts 6:12 roof slope 1x10 roof sheathing 4'-0" eave overhangs and 1'-0" gable end overhangs Solid wood 10'-0" high exterior walls of 1x10 boards with 1x3 battens Pre-hung pine/fir windows Powder coated stall exterior "Builder Series" shutters with rolled channel steel construction Sliding solid aisle doors with rolled channel steel construction and hardware Black or hunter green color for powder coated stall equipment Tongue and groove pine/fir infill material for stall shutters and sliding aisle doors All structures are designed to be anchored to concrete foundations (by others) Standard engineering for design loads (snow: 25 psf, wind: 90 mph exposure B, seismic 0.3 g ground acceleration, and occupancy category I structure).

Build a Barn: The Liberty 3-Stall Horse Barn

Springcreek 3.0. First Floor Plan.

Springcreek 3.0

The Sweet Home. The Hideaway. Horse Arenas. Horse Barns - Lester Buildings - Horse Barn Builder. Whether your horses are for hobby or business, Lester can build your personal vision. But we go way beyond just erecting a structure. We build to the practical, aesthetical and emotional nuances of the equestrian lifestyle. We build to your passion. Above all, we strive to provide the safest environment possible for your family (two-legged and four-legged!). Fashion is just the medium... / for my blazer collection. Inspiration. Lilly's Style. Have you ever seen a pair of shoes, or a bag, or a jacket, or whatever else, and instantely fell in love? But then you saw the price....not so affordable. Well the first time I saw this pair of shoes I thought they were absolutely amazing. Then I saw the price. Well, they're still amazing but the price was not.

Actually it is amazing, amazing how pricey they are. O Bow Ring. O Silver Bow Ring. O Compass Pendant. O Equestrian Belt. Straight Jean. Neville Longbottom: WILF (Wizard I’d Like To F**k) Neville Longbottom. The name brings to mind a few things… Aaron Neville’s mole, for example, or old women at the beach. But in the case of the Harry Potter franchise, Neville Longbottom is something entirely different.