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Did you know that Pinterest attracts more than 1K visitors per minute and it gets 2.5 million page views per month. The international traffic of Pinterest in 2013 has grown 125 percent while its average user stays on the platform for more than 15 minutes. And what if I told you that Cooking, DIY and crafts are the top activity on the network, that, 73 percent of users say they use Pinterest for entertainment and time passing. And that 1 out of 4 fortune global 100 companies are leveraging Pinterest for their business. Why Pinterest Will Be The King Of Social Media In 2014 - infographic Why Pinterest Will Be The King Of Social Media In 2014 - infographic
Pinterest has opened up mood-boarding to the digital masses. A tool that was once exclusive to creatives behind the scenes has gone mass-market on a platform that still doesn’t have an API. And the masses are thrilled! The traffic-load is huge and brands are salivating about how to get involved. While there isn’t an ad platform yet there’s still a way for your brand to be active as Pinterest matures – here are a few tips: Why Business Should Take an Interest in Pinterest Why Business Should Take an Interest in Pinterest
How to Use Pinterest Analytics, 6 Metrics Worth Measuring Is your business using Pinterest to reach your audience with one-of-a-kind visuals? Are you measuring your Pinterest marketing effectively? It’s crucial that any business understands whether their time spent on a social network is generating results. Why Pinterest Analytics? Consistently measuring your activity on Pinterest can also help your business identify what types of content resonate best on this channel and with your specific audience. The number of followers your account has is important to note, but it’s certainly not the final indicator of a successful Pinterest strategy. How to Use Pinterest Analytics, 6 Metrics Worth Measuring
Social Media 2013: User Demographics For Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest And Instagram [INFOGRAPHIC]
Pinterest Introduces Analytics Platform Pinterest Introduces Analytics Platform Pinterest introduced a web-based analytics tool Tuesday morning, allowing site owners to track users' engagement with their sites on the social network. The free tool allows site owners to track the number of pinners and pins collecting material from their sites, and the number of repinners and repins those initial pins received. Site owners can also track total impressions and reach on the network, as welll as referral traffic, both in cilcks and unique visitors, sent back to their sites.
Pinterest Strategy: Are You Pinning with Purpose? Let’s say you’re a tour guide. For the sake of this example, you’re in Rome. You take the excited group of participants on a walk and end up in a random piazza. Everyone looks around, squinting at the buildings and studying their surroundings. “Maybe this is where Michelangelo studied,” quips one. Pinterest Strategy: Are You Pinning with Purpose?
A Major College Flowchart by on The Bazaar. Buy creative products by online!
Pinterest Image Optimization - How to optimize for Pinterest On February 22 this year, Matt Siltala spoke on Pinterest (Growing your Brand with Pinterest Marketing) at SearchFest 2013 in Portland. The presentation was a huge success and provided the attendees with loads of executable information for their businesses. When Matt was first putting together his presentation he asked me if there was any updates to Pinterest since we first launched the PIO (Pinterest Image Optimization) graphic a year ago on Mashable. I reached out to Pinnable Business, developer of email alerts for Pinterest, who we collaborated with us on this infograhpic. Pinterest Image Optimization - How to optimize for Pinterest
10 Tips for Marketing your Business on Pinterest If you think that publishing is going through an evolution then photography is experiencing a revolution. There are happy snappers everywhere. The smart phone with the inbuilt high definition camera is turning everyone into a photgrapher. Add some software technology with Instagram filters and an ordinary photo is becoming a piece of art. Sites such as Pinterest are also allowing us to share this visual art form in glorious color, creativity and ease just by pinning images from the screen with a couple of clicks. 10 Tips for Marketing your Business on Pinterest
Is Pinterest the Social Media Platform with the Most ROI? Pinterest, the social media Cinderella story of 2012, is fast positioning itself as a major tool for e-commerce. Along with the site’s growing user base, other businesses have seized the opportunity to build on top of the platform. How revolutionary is Pinterest? Sharad Verma, CEO and co-founder of Pinterest analytics firm Pinfluencer, considers it one of the most transformational forces to impact the e-commerce space in recent years. “Pinterest is really about product collection. It's really about product curation. Is Pinterest the Social Media Platform with the Most ROI?
Top 5 Things To Know About Pinterest for Businesses So you want to introduce Pinterest to your social media toolbox, but have no idea how to use Pinterest for business instead of pleasure? You’re not alone. There is a common misconception that this social media website is just for recipes and DIY tutorials; however, it’s entirely possible to successfully market your product or business on one of the fastest-growing social sites around. Make sure you address each of the five tips below, and you’re well on your way to gaining followers and seeing repins from all over. We also want you to get the most out of Pinterest for business! Top 5 Things To Know About Pinterest for Businesses
Pinterest Launches Holiday Site, Shares Famous People’s Seasonal Inspiration
Social Media / Cool #infographic on #Pinterest on my Pinterest, how fitting!
Pinterest does not communicate much about its expansion or strategic plans but with its $1.5 billion valuation earlier in the year and its recent move to new offices, worth $9 million in San Francisco, California, the social scrap booking website could be preparing itself for a possible IPO in the near future. Propelled into the social networks scene in 2010, Pinterest has seen an explosion of its audience in recent months. Indeed, between June and November 2011, the site had registered a 2,000% growth, becoming the first to cross the milestone of 10 million visitors faster than any other site. Today with already more than 20 million users, Pinterest is certainly far from the 900 plus million Facebook or Twitter 500 million users, but is believed to have an enormous potential by analysts and investors. Its strong audience growth has been constantly attracting, despite the fact that the company is still being tested and only accessible by invitation. Pinterest IPO: Step Aside Facebook, Why Pinterest's IPO Could Be Around the Corner Pinterest IPO: Step Aside Facebook, Why Pinterest's IPO Could Be Around the Corner
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Pinterest and Instagram: Pictures speak louder than words Instagram is as addictive as Pinterest - and is all mobile Facebook’s $1billion purchase of Instagram solidified one of the hottest social trends: Photo images have huge engagement value over text. Another photo site, Pinterest, has recently been commanding the airwaves, claiming 10 million users and “the fastest growing standalone site ever”. Photosharing is not new.
How Facebook, Pinterest Compare In Social Commerce
More Colleges Try Pinterest for Social Media Marketing April 26, 2012 With Pinterest being all the rage, colleges are beginning to take notice and more are using the social networking website as part of their marketing efforts. "Our primary motivation with Pinterest is to connect with several of our audiences, including our current students, alumni and prospective students," Aaron Jaco, digital media specialist at Drake University, told U.S. News & World Report. Pinterest is the third most popular social media platform after Facebook and Twitter.
PinView Turns Your Facebook Timeline Into a Pinterest Board Ever wished that long, scrolling Facebook Timeline was somehow easier to manage — like, say, a Pinterest board? Brand new Facebook app PinView displays items from your News Feed, Timeline, friends list and multimedia pages as small panels, just like social bookmarking site Pinterest showcases images on Pinboards. The spiffy app launched Thursday with the mantra, "Browse Facebook like you browse Pinterest." Once you download the app, PinView opens up your News Feed in grid format.
Honda Wants You to Stop Using That Damn Pinterest Already Honda is having its Pinterest and eating it, too—with a new campaign that urges top pinners to stop wasting their life already and get outside. Its "Leap List" campaign for the CR-V is all about getting out and living life to the fullest. So, for the Pinterest portion, Honda agency RPA is offering $500 each to the most active pinners (as identified by Mashable) if they'll take a 24-hour break from Pinterest—aka a "Pintermission" (groan)—and actually go out and do stuff they've been pinning about.
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