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AnyLinuxWork is an ISO-certified web company working exclusively on PHP-MySQL and mobile development. We specialize in web applications including eCommerce, shopping carts, CMS, LMS, rental, custom and SAAS applications; server management, and mobile applications.

Custom & Responsive PHP Web Application Development Company India. Project Overview Reputation Loop is SAAS based online reputation management & marketing platform.

Custom & Responsive PHP Web Application Development Company India

The platform offers a medium to the business owners and business agencies to manage their online presence on various search engines, social sites and local listing directories with accurate information, thereby providing a complete business listing management. The system allows the business owners to manage their customer reviews and ratings and increases the ambit of their online reputation management. Technology/Package Used Zend Framework 1.11 Operating system: Linux PHP 5.3.29 Apache 2.3.29 MySQL Database HTML5 jQuery 1.11.1 CSS3. Ajax Add to Cart. Overview: The Ajax add to cart extension will help to add products to shopping cart directly from the category and the product pages without reloading the page every time, using Ajax operations.

Ajax Add to Cart

This extension also provides add to compare and add to wish-list feature by Ajax operations from product and category pages. In shopping cart page, users can add cross-sell products to cart, compare and wish-list directly using the Ajax add to cart extension without page reload. This extension also allows users to add products to cart directly from wish list page. User would be able to add all types of products: simple, configurable, bundled, grouped, virtual and downloadable from the category page itself.

For the products which require options to be selected before adding to cart (configurable, bundled or grouped), a light box iframe window will come up showing the options to be selected by user before adding products to cart. Extension Feature List: **Money Back Guarantee** Suppliers Extension. Overview :- We bring to you a unique and easy to use Supplier Extension which is compatible with all latest Magento editions.

Suppliers Extension

Adding multiple merchants to your online store is just one click away, where you can assign various suppliers with rights to upload their products and prices, manage orders, shipping and invoices and site admin receives commission in return. The ALW Magento Supplier extension provides a unique feature of adding suppliers as third party users on Magneto’s e-commerce website. The site admin will be able to allow suppliers to manage their product supply process; this will reduce the task related to product supply and also allow admin to offer other suppliers to sell their products through a well established web store on minimum charges. Paypal Adaptive. Overview: PayPal Adaptive Payment Extension of Magento allows parallel payment method in PayPal.

Paypal Adaptive

A parallel payment is a payment from a sender that is split directly among more than one receiver i.e. a set of multiple payments made in a single pay request. It is useful in cases when a buyer wants to make a single payment for items from multiple sellers. For example you are a merchant who owns an online store and some of your products are related to different suppliers. With parallel payments, the sender can see the transaction to each receiver. Extension Feature List: Parallel payments enable a sender to send a single payment to multiple receivers.Enables users to send money in many different scenarios.Handles payments between a sender of a payment and one or more receivers of the payment.So here the sender knows the receivers and the amount paid to each one.Parallel payments are useful in cases when a buyer intends to make a single payment for items from multiple sellers.

Product Attribution Sort for Magento 2.0. Quick Checkout. Overview :- ALW Quick Checkout is a one step checkout extension to simplify the checkout process.

Quick Checkout

It ensures your checkout process is now easier, faster and simpler to increase user experience, sales and revenues. This extension will help to reduce the six standard Magento checkout steps down to one. The ALW Quick Checkout also provides customers a link to login/register, to opt for gift wrap option, increase/decrease product quantity and add any comments during the checkout step. All the prices and totals in the order review section are dynamically updated via Ajax when shipping/payment method or gift wrap option is selected. The user simply fills in their address and chooses delivery/payment methods on the same page, rather than having to do a separate step for each. Extension Features :- **Money Back Guarantee** Configurable Catalog Extension. Overview : Generally we know that when a customer chooses a configurable product from an e-commerce site based on Magento, he is able to actually choose the variants only on the product details page.

Configurable Catalog Extension

He is not able to choose the variants on the product list. This makes the user browse an extra page like category page for choosing the variants.