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Diseño Grafico

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Empresa faz currículos incríveis usando o Microsoft Word. Ter um currículo bem apresentável é um diferencial para quem está em busca de um emprego.

Empresa faz currículos incríveis usando o Microsoft Word

O problema é encontrar um layout ideal que não seja ultrapassado ou poluído demais com informações. Uma empresa –a Creative Market-- criou dezenas de modelos de currículos que a primeira avista pode não parecer, mas foram feitos no Microsoft Word. Herramientas para crear catálogos virtuales e interactivos. 28 Mind Blowing Photos Of Scotland - Avenly Lane Travel. Scotland is a place that I still have not been able to go to!

28 Mind Blowing Photos Of Scotland - Avenly Lane Travel

I have always dreamed of visiting Scotland, but somehow it has consistently slipped through the cracks. Thankfully, I am about to rectify this mistake as my husband and I are currently planning our first trip there for later this year. I seriously can’t wait! Even though Scotland can often be overcast, the lack of sun doesn’t do anything to take away the allure. Supposedly the landscapes alone make it worth the trip. I think these photos speak for themselves. Side note – Have any of you men been there? UPDATE: Sign up here to stay up to date with out travels. -Claire Come join us on Snapchat! Glencoe mountains in the Scottish Highlands. Gorgeous autumn colors in the Highlands. Eilean Donan Castle is located on a small tidal island in the western Highlands of Scotland. The green valley river mountains in the Pentland Hills covered by violet heather flowers.

Edinburgh castle (purple lights) and the cityscape at night. Photo: Flickr. Todoart. MODELO A4 área útil 21x29,7 cm .Peso 1,4 kgs .


Become a VIP Member for FREE - Focus Magic. Lens Correction for Professionals. Piccure Plugin Magically Reduces Camera Shake, Beats Adobe to the Punch. A couple of weeks ago, we shared a sneak peek of Adobe’s upcoming Shake Reduction Tool for Photoshop that has been dropping jaws ever since an advanced preview was debuted all the way back in October of 2011.

Piccure Plugin Magically Reduces Camera Shake, Beats Adobe to the Punch

The tool selects a section of the image, uses some complicated calculations to determine how the camera was moving when the photo was taken, and then remove the blur — pretty incredible stuff. But it looks like Adobe has been beaten to this magical release by the small startup Intelligent Imaging Solutions and their newly announced Photoshop plugin Piccure. Announced officially today, the Piccure plugin just claimed the title of “first software to automatically detect and correct camera shake in images.”

Photoshop permitirá corregir desenfoques de una imagen - Adobe nos muestra una de las caracterí­sticas que incluirá la próxima versión de Photoshop.

Photoshop permitirá corregir desenfoques de una imagen -

En el Adobe MAX de 2001 se mostró una función que permití­a enfocar las imágenes lo cual generó bastante expectativa, sin embargo contrario a lo que se pensaba ésta caracterí­stica no se incluyó en Photoshop CS6. Ahora Adobe nos muestra ésta función como una de las novedades de la nueva versión de Photoshop bajo el nombre de Shake Reduction y al parecer trabaja bastante bien. Puede que les esté asaltando una duda: acaso Photoshop no ha tenido siempre filtros de enfoque? Cuál es la novedad?

Amazing New Filter in Photoshop Will Deblur Your Images. Adobe has developed a new prototype filter that will deblur your images after they're taken.

Amazing New Filter in Photoshop Will Deblur Your Images

Simply put, it "calculates the speed at which an inept snapper's hands were wobbling, then digitally 'removes' the shake from a photograph, restoring it to pristine sharpness. " Video after the break. The process is near-instant, particularly with small image files. The software analyses blurred files for what Adobe terms a 'blur kernel' - a mathematical recreation of the motion that caused the image to be blurred. Estabilización del desenfoque de la imagen. Top 90 Best Photoshop Tutorials From 2011 - Part 3. Learn to Remove Blemishes This tutorial will teach you how to use the spot healing brush in order to remove blemishes.

Top 90 Best Photoshop Tutorials From 2011 - Part 3

Add Dramatic Gritty Effect This tutorial will show you how to how to add a dramatic, gritty, bronzed effect to your photos. Advertisement Do Professional Hair Processing. 60 Best Photoshop Tutorials of 2012. I'm a little bit late with this post due to the fact that there were an unbelievable amount of amazing tutorials released this year.

60 Best Photoshop Tutorials of 2012

I have finally compiled the 60 best Photoshop tutorials of 2012 below, so give one a try. I have also ordered these from newest to oldest. More Years 1. The Great Gatsby Art Deco Style in Illustrator and Photoshop 2. How to Wire-Wrap Beach Glass the Easy Way. DIY Roundup: 25 Easy and Creative Sharpie Crafts - Yes Missy! DIY & Crafts The Sharpie permanent marker is a necessity in every DIY’ers arsenal!

DIY Roundup: 25 Easy and Creative Sharpie Crafts - Yes Missy!

Aside from their everyday task of labelling and doodling, they are one of the all around most versatile tools in my DIY kit. DIY Label Projects and Free Printables. I’m not normally the most organized person in the world, I have to admit.

DIY Label Projects and Free Printables

Poor Steve could tell you stories! Labeling my world isn’t the first thing I think of when I want an activity to fill a Saturday afternoon! But there is obsessive organizational labeling, and then there is having fun and making decorative DIY labels for your home, and that’s what we have for you in this post… DIY label projects and free printables! Divi 2.4 Has Arrived! Welcome To The Biggest Upgrade In Divi’s History. Welcome to the biggest upgrade in Divi’s history. In no product has our team put more time, effort and love than Divi, and never has a Divi update been more expansive than 2.4. This is a monumental update, including over 1,000 new module design settings and theme customizer controls, as well as an all-new fluid grid and a re-imagined set of flexible modules that are more versatile and easy-to-customize than ever. These ultra-customizable layouts are also easier than ever to use thanks to the Divi Library, an all new way to save, use and organize your own collection of Divi Builder layouts.

Say hello to your new web design toolkit. All of the amazing things we have added to the Divi Builder are even more wonderful when you consider that the Divi Builder has now been extended to all post types. Tutorial: técnica de súper-enfoque de Dan Margulis. Extracción perfecta de imagen BIEN EXPLICADO (2015) Photoshop CS6 HD. Recorte Perfecto Photoshop CS5. Rotate Video online, for free.

Emily McDowell Studio. Tutorial Procesado de fotografías con Photoshop en español. Capas Base en Photoshop CS6 - Tecnica para retoque fotográfico. ¿Cuánto cobras en tu agencia? Mind Tools: Management Training and Leadership Training. 10 free presentation tools to help you deliver that perfect pitch. Whether you're giving a talk or pitching to a client, attractive presentations are vital in communicating complex information, ideas and concepts to general audiences in a simplified manner. But the secret of how to create a presentation that engage the audience immediately requires a combination of different presentation and graphic tools.

Here we've shortlisted 10 of the best free apps to help you discover how to create a presentation that will blow them away... 01. Prezi Prezi is a stylish online presentation creation tool that lets you use images, videos, objects or simple text, and animate them using a wide range of effects. The finished presentations can also be shared directly from Prezi on all major social networks. 02. Zoho Show is a web-based tool that comes with all you need to design highly attractive presentations, and is available in both free and paid versions. 03.

Create Easy Infographics, Reports, Presentations. Free Logo Maker, Generator, Design, Creator, Templates, Online, Custom.

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