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Texting on smartphones muddling Teen’s Brain functions. Since the technology in the shape of smartphones has penetrated in our lives, even the current generation from the stage of the toddler, pre-adolescents, adolescents and teens gets obsessed with the use of smartphones and digital world.

Texting on smartphones muddling Teen’s Brain functions

Most importantly texting is significantly integrated within the jeans of our young generation. Teenagers in the current scenario communicate mostly through text messages and it often causes them neurological problems. In order to find out more about the negativities of texting on teen’s brain via smartphones, a research led by the team of Mayo clinic and William Tatum find out by experimenting on 129 patients. The brain waves analyzed until 16 months with the help of electroencephalograms (EEGs) having the video footage as well.

Dr. The researcher told their patients to perform things like do messages, texting and finger tapping as well in order to examine the test of attention and cognitive functions. The Negative Impacts of Porn on Young Teens - Mogul. Let’s face it – Porn is the easiest thing to find on the internet.

The Negative Impacts of Porn on Young Teens - Mogul

Even though the internet has restrictions, filters, blockers, it isn’t enough to stop porn from becoming as common of a Google search as Rihanna. So, what happens when children get their hands on porn? You’re probably thinking about the age restrictions that porn sites have. Since no website wants underage children watching porn; they put up certain age restrictions that allow only 18+ people to get their hands on mature content.

However, they’re as close to useless as it gets. So, what next? What’s the big deal? Effects on a Child’s Mind. Teens And The Things They Do That Worry Their Parents - Geek NG. It is fun to be a teen in this time and age, not only do they get to do super fun things and play with technology that generations before us would die to get their hands on, but they have all sorts of things at their fingertips to amuse themselves with.

Teens And The Things They Do That Worry Their Parents - Geek NG

They can very easily call their friends on Skype that they haven’t seen in a while and catch up or know all about what their friends have been doing on their vacation via Instagram. Cyberbullying: A Nightmare for Parents + 4 Ways to Spot It! - The Chill Mom. Guest post Cyber-bullying is one of those things that media regularly exploits to gain attention, kind of like Kanye West dissing Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMAs.

Cyberbullying: A Nightmare for Parents + 4 Ways to Spot It! - The Chill Mom

It has been seven years but no one has been able to let it go. Yet the sad truth is that no one, other than the family and friends of the victims of cyber bullying really understand it. Monitor what your kids are doing on Skype through TheOneSpy spying app. An Overview The last two decades have surely been all about the internet, new applications, new software and a whole new world of communication.

Monitor what your kids are doing on Skype through TheOneSpy spying app

Ever since its release in 2003, Skype has been an important part of this internet uprising. Through Skype app, one can do video and audio calls, can share texts, pictures and a lot of different things. Increasing popularity and use of these apps have put parents in difficulties about their children and that’s why the every great spying app like TheOneSpy have the special Skype feature that keeps you updated all about the activity on the Skype.

That way, every parent can have a sound sleep at night knowing that their child is safe and secure over the internet because cyber-crimes are on the rise these days. Tips for Better Efficient and Successful Programming. Here in this article are discussed a few simple things that if the programmers follow they will become successful.

Tips for Better Efficient and Successful Programming

These guidelines will help a developer be more efficient and fruitful. Stalker Alert – Signs that Your Child is being Stalked? A stalker, no matter how cunning or cautions he may be, will always leave a trail of breadcrumbs in his or her wake.

Stalker Alert – Signs that Your Child is being Stalked?

While most of us are too busy living and creating the best life that we possibly can, these notorious and nefarious people lurk in the sidelines to take it all away from you in any way that they deem fit. It is things like these that make it all the more important that you watch out for such people before they harm you and your loved ones. When it comes to such situations i.e. the situations that involve things like cyber stalking and children, it is you that needs to be cautious and on your guard for the sake of your children because; How Can You Keep Your Daughter from Being the Next Phoebe Cannop? If you are a parent of a daughter then this is some serious news for you and one that needs your attention right away.

How Can You Keep Your Daughter from Being the Next Phoebe Cannop?

The news story goes as a girl named Phoebe Cannop committed suicide over some inappropriate racist picture she shared on Instagram, another of those social networking apps that are driving the children mad nowadays. Phoebe Cannop, a great gymnast, and an efficient student was great at school and had a great relationship with her father and actually had been working with him for raising money. What happened is that Phoebe was having a conversation with her friends on Instagram where she shared a photo of herself wearing a scarf and having a dark tone, saying that this was what he had to look like for her boyfriend’s parent to accept her.

However, this picture didn’t remain private in that conversation and was shared on Instagram. Afraid of the reaction of her Asian neighborhood, she committed suicide fearing a backlash. Monitor Teens on Valentine’s Day - Yours News. YouTube Video Attraction and the Death of Amanda Todd - TechTwisted - For Learners. Did you know that all the kids putting efforts into creating a YouTube video day in and day out, every single day to be able to create that one video that would be able to put them on the map and enable to earn hundreds of thousands of views, to get them recognized in the world and let the people know what they are capable of.

YouTube Video Attraction and the Death of Amanda Todd - TechTwisted - For Learners

Indeed, none of this is bad. Music reps have special people on board who look for the next big stars on portals such as this, which is why young and talented people show the world their abilities through this portal as well. With that being said, there was someone like Amanda Todd, a simple 13 year old girl from Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada wanted to, just like many kids out there, make a name for herself in the music industry. Unfortunately for her, her cover of many songs that she put up on YouTube and other similar websites did not give her the fame she was looking for, but her one tiny little adolescent mistake did.

Infographic by TheOneSpy - Hakin9 - IT Security Magazine. Web world often feel difficulty to differentiate hacker and spy, even though there is a huge difference between the two terminologies.

Infographic by TheOneSpy - Hakin9 - IT Security Magazine

We all know that the famous character of James Bond who monitors the activities and understand the circumstances in their enemy lines and get secret information and send back to its headquarters in order to protect their country. So, spy is something like James Bond, spy software which keeps save their targeted device and gets access to the un appropriate content or data on the device. There basic motto is to protect the user of target device.

While hackers do opposite to the spy software. LookApk.Com - Android How to Tutorials, Apk Apps, Game, Review... Digital Parenting: How to proactively enforce your rules - Motherhood Defined. Digital parenting is something that your children dislike or hate very much. Because children do not want their parents always sticking nose in their personal business, they want their private life especially teenagers. Parents should use some techniques in order to set some rules and boundaries for their children, then enforce that rules on them. Enforcing rules may take time so parents should not be hurry because it may have bad impact but when your child starts to follow those rules, the result or effect will be good. Valentine’s Day 30% Discount offer on Android Premier Plan. Nicki's Dynamic: Is Your Child an Internet Troll?

The problem with our new generation is that everything the so requires it very own manual for the parents to understand what they have been doing. They go LOL instead of actually laughing out loud and say BRB when they’re going to be right back. Even the idea of taking to someone later has been abbreviated to TTYL. Use of IMO and Necessity of Privacy for Teens. Share Tweet Email A few years ago people thought that their kids are not safe, the modern age has brought more problems, smartphones and social apps are giving more access to your children.

IMO instant messaging is one of the leading social Apps in the current world. Online Dangers – How Parental Controls Keep Kids Safe. Like every tool, the internet comes with a list of pros and cons as well. One must learn to use it properly to reap all its benefits otherwise, will end up getting caught in many dangerous endeavors. Unlike adults, children are innocent and usually unaware of all the dangers that they can get caught up in if they are not careful. However, the responsibility lies to the parents to teach their kids the right way to work with the internet without compromising their safety and future. Monitor Teenager’s Obesity With Android Spy Software. There is an old saying “health is wealth” when you lose health you lose everything in your life. Why should parents so much concerned about the teenager’s health?

Parents Should Monitor Tinder on Valentine’s Day. 5 Dangerous Apps Young Teens Shouldn’t Have on Their Smartphones – TechMalak. The Negative Effects of Technology in Teenagers. We all know that the technology is very useful for the purpose of education and for marketing; it is very helpful for students in order to get information regarding their studies. However, on the other hand, its excessive use can bring harmful effects in several ways.

Since the technology has penetrated in our lives, most importantly it has brought some serious side effects in teenager’s life. In this digital world, the technology has been integrated into human’s DNA; the young teenagers are obsessed with the use of technology in the shape of social media and excessive use of the internet. They always prefer to use the technological creatures over the real world activities, which may cause different sort of health hazards among the youth. Why Are Jailbreaking And Rooting Bad? - Tech on the Go. Cyber Safety for Kids. It is the harassment or causing humiliation to someone through social means which include text messages, social media, instant messaging, emails, online forums and chat rooms. Freaky Social Media Daring Challenge: “Burn and SCAR” How Can Parents Monitor it?

We have often seen tricks and daring challenges performed by the magicians on the television screen. Now, these types of stunts and daring challenges become the part of daily routine matter in teenager’s life. 15 Most Common PayPal Scams You Must Avoid. PayPal is the biggest online money transfer organization. Since long it has been in the business. 5 Ways to Kill Social Media Marketing on Facebook ~ Elcraz: SEO Tips, Classifieds Sites, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Latest Blog Technology. In the modern era, revamp in the industry always comes quicker and broader, last year has tremendous landmarks overall. But currently the industry’s tech gigantic revolutionizes the marketing and social media mighty website Facebook particularly has played an active role in the current year. Kids Attraction With WhatsApp: Is Secrecy Essential? - TechBooky. Should Spy Apps Be Kicked Out Of Market. Water gives us life, but it is equally capable of drowning us. Health Hazards in Teens: by using Cell Phone.

It’s been a long time now when our elders received letters from their loved ones, and in response, they have to have done the same thing, one piece of paper and couple of paragraphs for a whole month. Mobile and Internet Child Safety. Privacy For Kids While using Facebook - SG Greek. Meet TheOneSpy Hidden Spy App: Your Ultimate Helper. How Kids use Technology In A Positive Way. How to Take Care of Your Children in the Modern Era- Guest Post.

Best 12+ Plus Technology Tips For Non-Tech Savvy Parents. Family Member That You Need To Be Wary Of. Tumblr’s Popularity Among Children: Parents Should Examine. 10 Best Online Storage ServicesAll About Apps / News / Reviews / Gadgets. Free Porn - Destroying Our Lives One Brain Cell at a Time. How to Protect Kids from Cyberbullying - Mogul. Top 10 Richest Bloggers in 2016 – The Vegas Times. Parenting Digital Generation-How Spy Apps Can Help? Advancement in Spy Apps – How to Protect Your Smartphone. Intend to These Tactics Before Spying Employees Using GPS Tracking. Mobile Phones and Its Influence on Young Generation. How to Handle Teens as a Single Parent? Why can’t the victims of workplace bullying quit their jobs? - Billboards Hub. SMOMBIES – The Problem of the Day.

15 Tips to avoid WhatsApp Scams, viruses and hoaxes. Parenting Advice: 5 Tips for building better parent child relationship. Effects of Smartphones and Computer Game Addiction - Malc0de. The 20 Thought-Provoking Facts, Statistics, and Figures of PayPal. The Negativity of Hike Messenger: How Parents Can Monitor Their Kids. Social Media Privacy for Children. – Imbloggingtips. Technology and 7 Year Olds. How to Protect Your Child’s Life with Monitoring Applications. The Impacts of the Digital Footprint. The Impacts of the Digital Footprint. Privacy - What it means To Teenagers. How to Choose the Right Spy Application - The Infidelity Recovery Institute. Keep Your Kids Safe Using Hassle-Free Spy Apps - Updatefly.

The End of Vine – Twitter Announces It Is Killing Vine. Top 20 Blogging Tools to Promote Your Content - The Technology Geek. How Remote Control Makes our life Easys. Are You a Bad Mom? Simple Tips to Be a Good mother... - Sociolobby. 20 Most Explosive Revelations and Scandals Exposed by WikiLeaks in 2016. Is Your Child Addicted To Porn - Find Out With TheOneSpy App. Monitoring vs. Spying: The Dilemma Every Parent Has to Face at Some Point - Technolons. Depriving Your Kids of Internet Is Not A Solution. Guest blogging: Looking for Free guest website Join techuniverses. 20 Interesting Facts about WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange. Spy Apps – The Marauder’s Map of Today. 20 Tips for Producing Successful Facebook Live Videos - Tecpharmacy. Nourish Trust in Your Relationships. Selfie Trends between GenerationsNewsInGeneral. Life is Moving On!! Mobile Commerce -

Bugging Company Hardware - Legal or not? Time To Find Out. Parents, Children and the Month of December. Apple Watch - Starting off a New Era. Best Genuine review Website. Child Molestation: How to Know When Something Is Wrong? 5 Interesting Facts about the Spy Apps - Tech Us All. How Useful Can Remote Monitoring and SMS Commands Be. Tech Tips for you and your Kids. – Meaningful Mom. Parents Can Help Their Teens Deal with Peer Pressure. World’s Most Fantastic Smartphone Monitoring Applications. What TheOneSpy App Brought Forth In 2016. Christian Living - Mistletoe, Snow and Hidden Dangers How To Be Aware of Danger This Christmas. SMS keystrokes – SMS text messages and chat conversation keystrokes logging feature. Snapchat Activity - Snapchat screenshot monitoring feature. Christmas Sale TheOneSpy Software – SemiTechBlog.

Why the Spy App Market Is Growing So Rapidly? ~ TechzClub. 50% OFF - Christmas Sale on TheOneSpy Software Store - SeerOmega. Why People Use Spy Apps? — TechPatio. 20 Most Wanted IFTTT to Make Your Life Easy. Christmas Holidays Discount at TheOneSpy - 50% Flat OFF on Everything. Top 5 free messaging apps for iPhone - Snapchat Activity - Snapchat screenshot monitoring feature. Kik – What Should Parents Know About The App - kik traceable by police ? Ways to Make Your Children Safe on the Go - iGadgetKart.