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Aline Carrara

Aline Carrara is a writer & editor. She is an ardent reader and a professional writer. She spends most of her time browsing through technology-related subjects such as the operation of various devices and use of mobile applications

Mic Bug Surround Recording – Record Surround Voice & Sounds Remotely. Recall Your Child that Technology is a Privilege, Not a Right - World Informs. What is the meaning of the right?

Recall Your Child that Technology is a Privilege, Not a Right - World Informs

Right means to give the advantage or grant something. From several years, everyone is debating on the same topic that whether internet access is a fundamental good or just a privilege? Controversial Trends On Digital World: Parent Need to Aware. A decade ago, no one has the power to have the high-speed internet in order to do such activities which the whole world is doing at the moment through the internet and digital world.

Controversial Trends On Digital World: Parent Need to Aware

Since the internet has come into existence, it has opened the new gateways for finding information, sharing ideas; eliminate the communicational gap between the whole worlds. Now people are using the internet technology to run business and getting huge profit margins. Therefore, the internet has the influence on the masses in a positive way and also in life-changing ways. However, besides the entire benefits internet has brought for humanity, on the other hand, it also has the darkest side too. Thegreatapps. How to Bypass Social Media Dangers for Kids – D Tech Rank. Buying teens a digital device can be a bad omen nowadays.

How to Bypass Social Media Dangers for Kids – D Tech Rank

Why is it so? We have figured out and conducted a survey of teens where we came up with informative analysis. The reports reveal that teens have become active on social media platforms, but this is not in their favors at all. Sexting, pornography and another unwanted content are commonly available on Tumbler, Facebook and other dating sites. Teens should be kept away from such material, but they are deeply engaged in sharing this, their personal data, photos and even family information too. Infographic Source: Monitor Teens WhatsApp Conversations - MustTech News.

Are you aware of the fact that young teenagers have widely adopted instant messaging applications (IM’s)?

Monitor Teens WhatsApp Conversations - MustTech News

If your answer is no, then you should need to know the fact and figures about the usage of the social messaging app in teen’s life. It is no doubt about that the IM’s is the rising feature of teen’s life. In the contemporary tech-lover world, teens are masters to keep them busy after school timings up to way bedtime. Whenever they got free time they are busy in an online world. WhatsApp is one of the most influential messengers on teen’s life. “Bulling” Beyond the School Gates. Every individual parent wants to send their young kids and teens to school for the sake of getting knowledge and learn to live a well-organized and well-disciplined life.

“Bulling” Beyond the School Gates

But most of the parents, who don’t have time to go with kids at school timings, often are insecure because of bullies. It was a time when we found bullying at the school gates, now it is present beyond the school gates. So parents need to show convincingly parental engagement in their kids and teen’s issues they often face within the school or outside the school premises. Step by Step Installation of Spy Apps - Worlds Latest Trends; Latest News, Updates, Useful Tips and Blog. The introduction to spy apps is merely an induction of the course level already known.

Step by Step Installation of Spy Apps - Worlds Latest Trends; Latest News, Updates, Useful Tips and Blog

Through many ventures and the personal interpretation, the spy apps are a need of today. To dwindle into the world of safety and prosperity, one should have spy app installed on the smartphones used by their kids. The installation of the spy apps is pretty easy and some of the spyware are confined to be user-friendly, rather name it, the most precise is TheOneSpy. The installation procedure involves a few steps: SelectionDownload and ConfigureInstallationLogsPayments 1.

Teens and Sexting: What Should Parents Do? - New York City, NY Patch. Sex texting or in other words “Sexting” has become one of the common crimes of the present world.

Teens and Sexting: What Should Parents Do? - New York City, NY Patch

Previously the cell phones gave it a support, while the present smartphones removed all other arduous elements such as the multimedia sharing. How to Do Image Optimization For Better SEO? - BlogDada. Are you a blogger?

How to Do Image Optimization For Better SEO? - BlogDada

Or you are writing for web-based magazine or newspaper? Are you mostly being asked that, is it necessary to add an image to my article? The answer is simple “yes”. When you add an image in your article, it makes your article more striking and it also helps SEO for your article. How to Do Image Optimization For Better SEO? - BlogDada. 7 Steps parents can take to enforce mobile and internet safety. 7 Steps parents can take to enforce mobile and internet safety The world is changing quickly.

7 Steps parents can take to enforce mobile and internet safety

Top Best Education System Countries in The World. The best education system of a country enables its generations to make their country’s future prosper and successful.

Top Best Education System Countries in The World

Since last fifty years and until now, the countries have better education system making progress along with the best living standards. So, the nation’s future and success depend upon their well-educated youth in many ways, what sort of thoughts and actions they have and what sort of experience and skills they have in order to compete with the modern day in goverment job challenges. The best countries in education rankings are based on two equally weighted countries attributes. However, the well-developed education system and the availability of the universities considerably addressed in order to make ranking among best education system countries in the world. Canada: How to Keep Kids Safe in Digital Landscape - Movablemark. A digital landscape or the digital landscapes, it’s not just one, they are too many. And each and every one has some distinctive pleasure and a distinctive danger.

Our Net Helps. Since the technology has developed in the shape of cell phones, the new term of bullying has been introduced to as online bullying or cyber bullying. It is no longer limited on the roads, in school yards, university campuses and even not to street corners. Bullying can happen anywhere, even at home, on text messages, phone calls, and social media websites and on the contemporary instant messaging application along with the possibility of plenty of people’s involvement. Online bullying is an illegal and unethical activity to do; its effects can be disastrous, leads a victim teens to depression, anxiety, fear, anger and sometimes to suicide. What should teens do? “Bisexuality & Homosexuality” is on the Rise: How Parents Protect Teenagers? Everything in the universe follows the nature. Earth revolving in their orbit and around their axis, flowers blossoms in spring and mankind came into existence because of Adam and Eve.

When anything tries to go against nature, destruction is imminent. A rapidly increasing number of women and men claim that they are bisexual, according to the reports of the national survey of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Since the awareness campaigns about the bisexuality have started over the last few years, the bisexual people started admitting as bisexual publically, the professor at Indiana University and author of well-known book “Sex Made Easy,” Stated that. Plenty of people claiming as a bisexual and has risen almost 45% within last three years in the United States. According to Professor ROY Baumeister of Florida State University, female sexuality is totally different than male sexuality.

Can You Trust You Child’s School Teacher’s Anymore? Forms.americantowns. Description: Children indeed are the future of our nation. Grooming them into the best adults and giving them everything they’d need to becoming the best version of themselves and to have all that they need in life is a big responsibility that falls onto the shoulders of every parent out there. Such a humongous responsibility makes the work of Atlas carrying the sky on his shoulders look small and insignificant. For any good parent, social interaction of their children from theirown age group, their younger peers, and other adults have considerable importance, as they know that the world is no longer a safe place for children no matter how many times we assure them and ourselves it is. While their peers may bully them or exchange sexts with one another, adults might go as far as to groom them and earn their trust.

Thus, keeping their children away from such people is any parent’s top most priority. Sockpuppet – Gone is the Good Old Definition. Gone is the time when a sockpuppet inspired by their favorite Sesame Street characters used to bring them delight and joy and they would consider themselves cool and a part of the “IT” crowd of owning such a thing. Today, if you claim to be owning a sockpuppet, especially a sockpuppet account on one of the social media platforms is a sure shot sign of knowing that you are up to no good. What is a Sockpuppet? A sockpuppet is a social media profile, a web page or a website created with the pure intention of deceiving people. It is usually used to defame someone by imitating them or to gain someone’s trust by pretending to be somebody they can trust and later use to information collected in order to exploit them in a number of ways. While the term was initially introduced in 1993, it didn’t become much popular until the late 1990s whereupon it was added to the Oxford English Dictionary where it is defined as someone whose actions are intentionally controlled by another individual.

ChatRoulette – Traumatising Lives One Spin at a Time - RealMediaHub. Have you ever played Russian roulette? How To Make Facebook And YouTube Safer For Kids - Cybersecurity Zen. The Internet is a frightening place. Believe me; I work there. Obesity and the Related Health Issues. Obesity is a term that is used to describe a person having a ton more weight than an average person of their height and age. Most of the time, obesity occurs due excessive consumption of calories, however, obesity can also occur as a side effect of some other major disease that we will discuss a little later.

Instagram Dangers: How Parents can Protect Teens: TheOneSpy Android Monitoring App For Digital Parenting. Spy App: A Door to Your Kids Private Life - ELIXIR UNIVERSE. In this highly frantic world it becomes difficult to keep a vigilant eye on your children especially when you have a hectic routine but this does not mean that you leave kids unsupervised in this digital world where bullies, stalkers and other people with bad intentions are looking for an opportunity to harass, stalk and exploit your kids.

Digital Traditions: Everything Parents Need to Know About. Going through some history books, one would obviously look around the traditions of the world in each era. When You Should And Shouldn’t Spy on Your Kids. Being constantly surrounded by temptation in all of its various forms; it is quite hard for a kid to just be a kid these days. Cloud Computing Top 5 Benefits for Business Management - MYVIGOUR. Track Teens Using Cell Phone While Driving. Use of IMO and Necessity of Privacy for Teens – Interior Design, Design News and Architecture Trends. Ways for Making Home Improvements - Friso Home.

Royalty Being Cyberbullied – Prince William Speaks Out On Cyberbullying. What Are the Factors That Increase the Risk of Obesity - Health and Beauty Supplements Reviews. Leading Causes of Obesity and Weight Gain - Tips2Fit. Global Obesity Hike - ManyTypesOf. Obesity Control Tips: How to Monitor Obese?  Surveillance on Teenagers. How To Do Effective Employee Monitoring - SCM Wizard. Top 3 Spy Apps to Monitor your Employees and Kids - Aktiv DorfAktiv Dorf. Why Do People Go Obese - Bloggers. CIA Hacking Android And iPhone Smartphones: Tech Companies Pushing for Fixes. Racism: How It Affects Teenagers. Social Networks and Cyber bullying – What Should Parents Do? - TechWeblyTechWebly.

A Short Introduction To Computer Programming - Top Three Android Spy Apps for Employers 2016. Parental Monitoring Stops Drug Abuse amongTeenagers. Three Signs That Your Child Is Depressed - Cole Cionando. How Can TheOneSpy User Access Data Being Collected from the Target Device. Pokémon Go – A Threat to the Health and Well-Being of Your Teens. Best App to Monitor Your Kid's Activities on the Internet - UPLARN. How To Harden WordPress Security: Necessary Plugins OD N EVN. Look After Your Spouse by Using Monitoring App. Everyday Young Mum. Is Your Partner Cheating on you with Someone? - Yours News.

Intend To These Tactics before Spying Employees Using GPS tracking Device. How can we do Digital Parenting? How Can Jealousy Ruin Your Marital Life – Jealousy in Marriage. Ultimate Mobile Monitoring and Tracking Application - IFTW. Social Media Marketing role in Technology. Issues of Privacy in the Digital World. Monitoring apps and issues of Trust. How TheOneSpy Monitor Top Trendy Instant Messengers (IM’s) Digital Media in the Hands of Kiddos. The High-Tech Business of Parenting. How To Increase The Productivity Of Employees. Digital Parenting: Let’s Do It. Ways to Meet Easy Home Security and Safety Methods - NEW HOME DECOR. Why Kids Hide Things From Their Parents. How to Know If You Have Employed a Cyber-bully at Work? ~ TricksUniversity. Effective Facebook Ad Campaign Strategies For Brands - Tricky Enough. Signs to look for if Your Child is Cyber-bullied - SeerOmega.

Use TheOneSpy App on Multiple Devices and Operating Systems. Spy Apps – Revealing the True Face of the Threat. Are Cheap Smartphones More Vulnerable to Spy Apps? TheOneSpy Software Review - 9jaextra. The Digital Parenting Checklist - TechLinu. Social Media and Distorted Teen Body Image - Smart Advice For Parenting. How to Expose Cheating Partner the Easy Way ~ Top Faith Blog in Nigeria - BelieveAll Outreach. Is Your Partner Truly Away On A Business Trip? Find Out With TOS. Tracking Fraud in Corporate World with TheOneSpy Tracking Software. Mobile Tracking – Making Parent’s Lives Easier. The Black Friday and TheOneSpy 50% OFF Sale Season. Fake Social Media Profiles – How To Keep Your Child Safe From Them? What Is The Right Age To Get Your Child A Cellphone? Line Chat Spy App - Monitor & Spy on Line Messenger with TOS Android Spy.

What is a Smartphone and Why is it so Easy to Spy on? – Crossed Tech. Marvel App – The Best Android Wallpaper Manager. Omegle – Is it Dangerous for Your Teen? – TheGuideX. FBI Warns Parents against the Use of SnapChat among Children. Monitor Skype Chat on Android Phone – Skype Chat Spy Software to Monitor Employees. 5 Smartphone Apps That Parents Need To Worry About ~ Free Tips and Tricks for PC, Mobile, Blogging, SEO, etc... Adjust Safety and Privacy Settings for Apps on Social Media - Sea of Inventions.

The Pressures Teens Have To Face On Social Media. Toolbox for Parenting Digital Generation. Monitor Facebook Chat – Android Spy App to Monitor Facebook Chat Conversations. Top 5 Online Dangers For Kids. Android Key logger - Keystrokes Logging App for Android Cell Phone & Tablets. Safe Travels Are All We Seek. The Sales of Spy Applications – Why the Demand Has Grown in Recent Times. Adjust Safety and Privacy Settings for Apps on Social Media.