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Alindus is a fast growing, goal-oriented Information Technology (IT) Services company based out of Dallas Metro Area. It helps organizations realize the potential of e-Business through the use of Internet Technology and Client Server business systems.

Quality Assurance & Testing - Alindus. Custom Process. Cherwell provides an array of options to create series of custom-define actions.

Custom Process

Onestep action, business automation and email monitoring are few outstanding features from Cherwell that enable you to automate business processes, emails and SLA’s. These features also allow you to trigger notifications in the form of dashboards, reports and messages automatically. Cherwell is the most flexible solution that helps you customize, setup and configure any feature of the solution as per the business needs. Custom Mobile Application Development for Your Business. 13 Jan Nowadays, Custom mobile applications are gaining strength.

Custom Mobile Application Development for Your Business

As per the statistics, approximately about 7.5 hours are being saved by an employee on a week by using customized mobile applications (CMA). CMA directly or indirectly generating additional revenue to the businesses as it saves much time to increase productivity. The reason behind CMA in gaining strength is it suits partially or fully to most of the business requirements. These applications are adjusted to address a particular audience rather than providing a solution that serves to a large group with distinct needs. Irrespective of the size of the business, CMA assists them to stay competitive and in increasing productivity. Benefits of Custom Application Development for Your Business - Alindus.

24 Nov Do you want to get custom application development done for your business?

Benefits of Custom Application Development for Your Business - Alindus

Many businesses have gone forward with their decision and as a result they have streamlined their business process, saved time on various tasks, and even have brought their team together. One benefit of going through with the decision is that you can get the customization you can’t find in third party applications. Important Characteristics of Custom Application Development.

05 Jan It is very hard to get the tailored made software on the market which meets your business requirements.

Important Characteristics of Custom Application Development

In these competitive days, business organizations are updating their applications with the most recent technologies along with adding new tools to the software. Business organizations are bringing out more demand for custom made applications to the software development companies. The client needs to ensure the history of the specific outsourcing software organization before asking them to render the services. There are numerous Custom Application Development Companies that rely on up-to-date technologies to provide solutions that help the client to overtake his competition. Each sector of business e-commerce, health, travel, portals, banking requires a different set of applications which are user-friendly and have a great market value thereby enhancing the scope for developing the custom application on larger platforms.

Evolution, Features and Future of Web Development Services - Alindus. 03 Nov Web development can be explained as a set of activities used for the development of web site or web application for World Wide Web.

Evolution, Features and Future of Web Development Services - Alindus

Web development services can also include website design, ecommerce website development, website development, website maintenance, shopping cart development, custom web application development, content management services, payment gateway integration into the web application and search engine optimization services and so on. These web development services showcase much effect on the betterment of human lives in terms of convenience and time saving, as we are experiencing in our lifestyles. Entertainment, air tickets, movie ticket, shopping, bill processing etc website can be furnished by using web application or websites through internet making the life easier and luxurious. Important Characteristics of Custom Application Development. Custom Web Application Development Solutions - Alindus. 27 Oct There are a number of solutions custom web application development can provide.

Custom Web Application Development Solutions - Alindus

Organizations can benefit greatly with these solutions and hence the demand for these applications is growing by the day. IT recruitment agencies can help to provide organizations with professionals who can provide customized solutions to organizations and can help in creating a complete online member community of intranets and extranets in a timely an effective manner. This can enable effective communication between the employees and the customers by providing the right application for the organization.

Application Development. Why Alindus. With so many out there, why choose Alindus?

Why Alindus

Have a glance at what makes us standout from the crowd: Provides best possible tailor-made solutions in the industry.Works with minimum lead time without compromising quality.Gets job done from finest professionals in the industry.Goes above and beyond the call of duty to help our clients succeed.Always stands by our commitments.Gets repeat business from its customers.Beats the competition both in performance and PriceGuarantees client satisfaction.Compares us with competitors for a visible differenceNumber of satisfied existing and past customers.

Custom Built Apps. Get a competitive edge with our custom-built apps!

Custom Built Apps

We build and integrate custom application on Cherwell management system as a service. We have a team of well qualified and professional who can build powerful applications swiftly using Cherwell mApps platform which is abandoned with the pool of prebuilt GUI components and templates. Whether it is an enhancement of packaged solution or software, we have an experience of building apps that strengthen the abilities of existing software. Our Cherwell mApps is an ideal platform that enables developers to build and test applications offline so it may not affect the continuity of the ongoing business activities. ITSM Out Of the Box. Custom Built Apps. Mobile Technology. Mobile Technology Leave the constraints of your desk behind – enjoy the freedom offered by mobile technology!

Mobile Technology

Our peerless service management solution, Cherwell comes with built-in Cherwell Mobile app that enables you to access your Cherwell account with iOS, Android and Windows based hand-held device from everywhere. Anything that can be done on the desktop can be done using Cherwell Mobile, including custom business object operations that you may develop. Cherwell mobile apps not only increases the availability and accessibility of business but also leverages the productivity of the business. View, modify, and create records directly from Outlook® – you don’t need to open a separate application. Monitor Twitter® and, if required, open a ticket directly from Twitter.

Access your data anytime, anywhere from: Windows® application Cross-platform browser applications Outlook® iPad®, iPhone® BlackBerry®, Android®, Nokia®, Windows® Mobile 7 etc. CBAT Development. Easily create additional applications to support a wide variety of business needs.

CBAT Development

Cherwell Service Management. We offer you a PinkVerify and ITIL based Cherwell service management solution that helps you manage and deliver better IT services to your client. Cherwell service management is a complete service management solution from Cherwell that enables you implement both ITSM solutions and business technology beyond the ITSM demands. Cherwell is an award winning ITSM platform with any array of flexible and facile features that help you manage and customize every aspect of Cherwell without writing a single line of code.

Cherwell is an all-inclusive, scalable solution customized to meet your business needs. Many entry-level ITSM software solutions provide only a limited number of processes while enterprise-level competitors charge by each process – causing licensing fees to skyrocket as your organization grows and matures. With Cherwell Software you have the freedom to use as many, or as few, processes as you desire – without incurring additional license fees. ITSM Services. Commitment to Our Customers Alindus consults with you to find the right software and module/s for your organization’s needs, helping to align your IT needs and business goals so that you can achieve the optimal return on investment. Alindus ITSM Services is built upon the proposition that understand our customers, care about and strive to meet their needs, and provide quality products and extraordinary customer care, then we as a company will stand the test of time – all while having a little fun and building great relationships along the way.

Feedback from our customers remind we are doing things right. Achievements. We believe our success is defined by success of our customers. Alindus boasts to have hundreds of satisfied clients from various industry verticals, including financial services, healthcare, retail, manufacturing and telecommunications. For us, list of clients is more than just a list. It’s a list of strategic partnerships. Why Alindus. Company - Alindus. Alindus, Inc. is a global IT Consulting company based in the US. Services. Alindus Inc.