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Typeform. Details of an item from the British Library Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts. Sphero API. Pixel Studio FX v2.0. MarkMaker. Mark Maker Mark Maker is a prototype.


It generates logos and refines them based on your feedback. As you use it, the system tries to learn what you like, and over many sessions, it attempts to understand the visual vernacular associated with logos for different kinds of companies. How does it work? The system treats a logo as a symbol with two parts: a base design, and an accent element. Logo: the blue sans serif type is the base design, and the red “o” is the accent element. A genetic algorithm allows the system to learn your preferences and improve its designs. Ed logos are also saved in a shared database. Thanks Mark Maker uses open source typefaces from Google Fonts, public domain icons from the Noun Project, and semantic data from the Princeton University WordNet database. Search links. Zip It! - Encryption Anywhere. TaskRabbit: How an app can relieve you of all your chores.

‘The future of work is changing,’ she tells me in her boardroom one afternoon in October.

TaskRabbit: How an app can relieve you of all your chores

Petite and bespectacled, wearing a sharp canary dress, Busque has the kind of confidence and authority that comes with running a surging start-up. An assistant is hovering at the door and two schoolgirls are shadowing her for the day – all of us are rapt. ‘The crash changed how people felt. Thirty-four per cent of Americans now consider themselves freelance. In the UK it’s 12 per cent. What TaskRabbit does is match freelance labour to local demand. The task needs to be low-skill – core categories are cleaning, basic DIY, personal assistance and moving help. GET SPRITZ. Where Can I Experience Spritz?


Several applications use our Spritz reading technology. Here is a small guide for implementations that can be helpful for all kinds of readers. Read the Internet with Spritz – Download the Spritzlet Are you ready to spritz the whole internet from the comfort of your desktop browser? A bookmarklet is a piece of software that you use in conjunction with your browser to interact with webpages. Applications – iOS. Block Distracting Websites. How to Use Mind Maps to Unleash Your Brain's Creativity and Potential.

Agile and Scrum software development - Research Project

Mind Maps. Teamwork, Collaboration, Project & Time Management. FREE BOOKS: 100 legal sites to download literature. Adobe Voice - Show Your Story. - Homepage. How to Make Software Demos using Animated GIFs. Aniamted GIFs are a good alternative to screencast videos since they are easy to produce, can be hosted anywhere and people love sharing them on social sites.

How to Make Software Demos using Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs, like the ones you see here, here and here, are easy to produce and can be used for short software demos, help videos and everything else that doesn’t require audio narration. Here are some reasons why an animated GIF may be a better alternative to screencast videos: People love sharing animated GIFs on social sites, especially Tumblr and Google Plus. Create diagrams online Real time collaboration - Tour.

Draw Blog and Wiki images on Cacoo Diagrams created on Cacoo can be embedded in your Blog or Wiki in PNG format.

Create diagrams online Real time collaboration - Tour

If you edit the diagram in Cacoo, the embedded image will be replaced automatically. Export as PDF and SVG! WikiSummarizer. WikiSummarizer is a Web-based application specializing in automatic summarization of Wikipedia articles.


Automatic summarization is the creation of a shortened version of a text by a computer program. The result is a summary that presents the most important points of the original text. Mind Mapping, Mindmaps and Mind Maps. Mind mapping is a revolutionary tool used for creating, thinking, organizing, note taking and brainstorming.

Mind Mapping, Mindmaps and Mind Maps

The modern iteration of mind mapping is claimed to have been created by Tony Buzan – but who really knows. If anything, credit definitely goes to Tony for popularizing the method and bringing it to the masses. Here at Asian Efficiency, we like to think of ourselves as avid users of mindmapping, rather than “certified experts”.

We use mind mapping for all sorts of things in our daily lives, and we want to share some of that with you. Quick note: in Commonwealth countries, mind maps are often referred to as spidergrams or spidergraphs. Guide · 20 ways to use projects. Projects in Asana can be used for just about anything, from tracking your latest initiative to creating a meeting agenda, recording goals, and brainstorming ideas.

Guide · 20 ways to use projects

Some projects will have finite start and end dates, while other projects will always be active and in use. The key to customizing projects for your workflow is Sections, which are used to divide projects–by priority level, stage in a process, date range, or any way that works for your team. We recommend writing the purpose of each project in the project description, then share the project with the appropriate teammates, and the project is ready to go. Here are some project ideas to help you get your work out of email and other tools, and into Asana: 1. Web 2.0 Tools for Kids. Page 1 / 28 1. Mind42 2. 3. Beautiful web-based timeline software. Quote Generator - Make Your Own Unique Quote. Recite. Gallery. Quote Pic Maker for Facebook, Google Plus, Wallpapers, E-cards, Prints. 17 Online Photo Editors to Create Beautiful Visual Quotes. Quote generator - Create your own fun quotes at Quote4Fun!

Calculate the Best Time to Nap with This Interactive Nap Wheel. Pinwords. Web 2.0. Get More From Pinterest. About the Network. Penflip - a social writing platform. Web Tools. Virtual learning environment. How To. What is Quozio?

How To

Quozio turns meaningful words into beautiful images in seconds. Then share 'em on Facebook, Pinterest, email and more! An editor for academics. Free online speed reading software. PDF Presenter. Alina’s Test Tasks - Asana. Download Jing, Free Software for Screenshots and Screencasts. TreeSheets. A "hierarchical spreadsheet" that is a great replacement for spreadsheets, mind mappers, outliners, PIMs, text editors and small databases.


Suitable for any kind of data organization, such as todo lists, calendars, project management, brainstorming, organizing ideas, planning, requirements gathering, presentation of information, etc. It's like a spreadsheet, immediately familiar, but much more suitable for complex data because it's hierarchical. It's like a mind mapper, but more organized and compact. It's like an outliner, but in more than one dimension. PowToon, free business presentation software animated video maker and PowerPoint alternative. Massimo Rimondini - Useful downloads. This page contains some useful programs I have written. PPspliT is a PowerPoint add-in that splits animation effects into different slides. Its most practical application is when you want to produce a PDF file of a presentation where several different shapes are drawn overlapped (because they are supposed to appear at different times).

PPspliT does for you the job of producing a separate slide for each entry/exit/emphasis effect you would apply when the presentation is being actually played. Ngram Viewer. Pack Logiciels Libres de l'Entreprise. Thank you for downloading Free SWF to AVI Converter from CNET