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AVR Libc. The latest version of this document is always available from The AVR Libc package provides a subset of the standard C library for Atmel AVR 8-bit RISC microcontrollers.

AVR Libc

In addition, the library provides the basic startup code needed by most applications. There is a wealth of information in this document which goes beyond simply describing the interfaces and routines provided by the library. We hope that this document provides enough information to get a new AVR developer up to speed quickly using the freely available development tools: binutils, gcc avr-libc and many others. If you find yourself stuck on a problem which this document doesn't quite address, you may wish to post a message to the avr-gcc mailing list. Note If you think you've found a bug, or have a suggestion for an improvement, either in this documentation or in the library itself, please use the bug tracker at to ensure the issue won't be forgotten. The following is a list of AVR devices currently supported by the library. Project Configuration File — PlatformIO 0.11.0-dev documentation. A section with env: prefix is used to define virtual environment with specific options that will be processed with platformio run command.

Project Configuration File — PlatformIO 0.11.0-dev documentation

You can define unlimited numbers of environments. Each environment must have unique NAME. The valid chars for NAME are For example, [env:hello_world]. Options¶ board¶ PlatformIO has pre-configured settings for most popular boards. You can find the board type in Boards section of each Platforms & Embedded Boards. board_mcu¶ board_mcu is a microcontroller(MCU) type that is used by compiler to recognize MCU architecture.

The full list of board_mcu for popular embedded platforms you can find in Boards section of Platforms & Embedded Boards. Board_f_cpu¶ An option board_f_cpu is used to define MCU frequency (Hertz, Clock). Makefile. A "simple" makefile for Arduino. Ino — Ino 0.3 documentation. Getting Started · PlatformIO. Installation PlatformIO can easily be installed on the popular OS including credit-card computers (Raspberry Pi, BeagleBoard, CubieBoard): Mac OS XLinux, +ARMWindowsMore detailed information is described in the main documentation: Install PlatformIO Quickstart Find board type on this Embedded Boards page or via platformio boards commandInitialize new PlatformIO based project via platformio init command with the pre-configured environments for your boards:Terminal platformio init --board=TYPE_1 --board=TYPE_2 --board=TYPE_NWould you like to enable firmware auto-uploading when project is successfully built using `platformio run` command?

Getting Started · PlatformIO

Don't forget that you can upload firmware manually using `platformio run --target upload` command. "Blink" project example With the help of PlatformIO we can build the same code for the different development platforms. The source code located below in main.cpp will turn ON and OFF the Wiring compatible board with intervals of 1 second (1000 milliseconds). Getting Started · PlatformIO. Project Configuration File — PlatformIO 0.11.0-dev documentation. Interactive Online SQL Training for Beginners. SQLZOO.

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Reference: how to... How to read the data from a database. 2 CREATE and DROP How to create tables, indexes, views and other things. How to get rid of them. 3 INSERT and DELETE How to put records into a table, change them and how to take them out again. 4 DATE and TIME How to work with dates; adding, subtracting and formatting. 5 Functions How to use string functions, logical functions and mathematical functions. 6 Users How to create users, GRANT and DENY access, get at other peoples tables. 7 Meta Data How to find out what tables and columns exist. 8 SQL Hacks Some SQL Hacks, taken from "SQL Hacks" published by O'Reilly 9 Using SQL with PHP on Amazon EC2 servers Video tutorials showing how to run MySQL, PHP and Apache on Amazon's EC2 cloud servers. 10 An introduction to transactions Video tutorials showing how sessions can interfere with each other and how to stop it. 11 Using SQL with C# in Visual Studio.

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