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20 perfect color combinations to brighten up your kitchen. The exciting task of creating a new interior usually starts with choosing the perfect color palette for your space. Indeed, a responsible, tasteful use of color is the key to a harmonious, stylish, and easy-on-the-eye home decor. Bright Side would like to share this handy cheat sheet with you.

It will help you choose the perfect color scheme while designing your kitchen. Bon appétit! Orange and Grey detalhesmagicos Yellow and Blue detalhesmagicos Pastels casamea Grey and Yellow nicoleisnicole Turquoise and Orange casabellissimo White and Yellow specklesdesign Grey and Fuchsia cicce Blue and Pink archzine Beige and Brown johannakarttunen Yellow, Red, and Turquoise carnetmagique Green and Beige lahabitaciondeana Red and Grey hgtvhome Shades of Bright Green razkazi Black and White studioadprogettazione Grey and Brown Tones pinterest Grey and Orange mydomaine Green, Dark Brown, and White fleut Pink and Grey detalhesmagicos Dark Blue and Brown blairharris Seafoam Blue and Red mystripestpainting We’d love to hear your views on this… Q&A: New evidence shows brain-training games don't work.

The desire to improve our cognitive ability through brain-training games has turned into what is said to be a trillion-dollar industry. Such games are based on the idea that testing our memory, attention and other types of brain processing will improve our overall intelligence and brain function. Companies like Lumosity, Cogmed and Nintendo are all cashing in hugely on this idea. But many scientists and experts in brain research feel the theory has serious flaws. There has yet to be concrete evidence proving anything close to what such companies claim to be able to do. In fact, David Z. We spoke with Hambrick about the limits of intelligence and the findings from this new and potentially ground-breaking study. SmartPlanet: What are these brain games actually training or improving? David Z. SP: What would be one test used by one of these brain-game companies, like Lumosity? DZH: One is called a dual n-back test.

SP: How is that supposed to be improving our intelligence? DZH: Great question. I Had No Idea Doing THIS Was Better Than Drinking Coffee! I'm So Glad I Know! According to WebMD, 2.2 million Americans complain about being tired every single day. And with the approach of winter and cold temperatures, getting out of bed in the morning is about to get even harder. However, rather than relying on coffee and other caffeinated beverages, I am the type of person who likes to take control of things the natural way.

Luckily, just like there are natural ways to fight a cold or the flu, there are plenty of easy, caffeine-free hacks for overcoming sleepy mornings. This exclusive list of early morning hacks is perfect for fighting that drowsy “just woke up” feeling. Scroll through below to see how you can combat sleepy mornings and start your day off on the right foot. Do you plan to try these easy, grogginess-fighting techniques? Wake Up At The Same Time Every Day LittleThings / Heeral Chhibber While you may have the urge to sleep late on the weekends, this is actually making it harder to get up in the morning during the week. Take A Whiff Keep A Log Light It Up.

9 Things You Should NOT Have to Give Up to Be Happy. Email “All happiness depends on courage and work.” ―Honoré de Balzac “This morning my best friend, Karl, confided in me that he’s having trouble playing a depressed character in our school’s end of the semester play. ‘Call me one of the lucky ones,’ he said. ‘But I just have no emotional tie to the role, and I know it’s hurting the quality of the character I’m trying to portray.’

The kicker, Karl is one of the kids, just like me, who constantly gets picked on by the popular jocks at our school. Those are the opening lines to an email I received this morning from a reader named Darin. Darrin’s words hit home with me, not only because I once let a high school bully get the best of me, but because I know all of us, in all walks of life, have taken a wrong turn in the pursuit of happiness a time or two. So my hope is that this post helps serve as a reminder: Although sacrifices must be made, you should not have to give up… Final Reminder: Have you checked out our book? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Choose Unfamiliar Work Music for Better Productivity and Focus. Schedule Your Day Around Your Body's Optimal Times.

Do I Really Need to Learn a Productivity Method? Rather than simply following a ToDo list, try Kanban method (tools: KanbanFlow, Trello). If you still want just a ToDo list, Any.DO is really good for simple tasks management. However, keep in mind that the tools doesn't matter. Pomodoro and Seinfeld are must follow methods to keep distractions away. Kanban is a very good method but I'd like to have just the pen and paper rather than something on a web browser, which is the #1 distraction in the world.

I've hidden shortcuts to the web browser and just did putting an app shortcut (Chrome) to Focus Booster App. Be Awesome at a Moment's Notice: A Guide to Powering Up Your Brain.