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How our Localization Automation Platform Works. Getting Started with Transifex. Français. Prép. Driver - French translation. Les liens logiques. Marqueurs de relation, connecteurs ou mots-charnières. Problèmes d'orthographe ? Demandez à Voltaire ! Accelerometer - Android: I want to shake it. An Absolute Beginners Guide To The Intel Edison. Hey there!

An Absolute Beginners Guide To The Intel Edison

I recently received an Intel Edison board from Instructables, as a nice gift. If your wondering what that is, the Intel Edison is a tiny computer the size of an SD card (that's seriously small), for electronics and computer hobbyists out there. It has dual-core Atom CPU, and includes WiFi and Bluetooth in one heck of a tiny package. The Edison goes well with its breakout board (which I used), as it makes it easier to program and use. Paymo – Applications Android sur Google Play. SleepBot - Sleep Cycle Alarm. Find out what's really happening in that missing third of your life...Smart Cycle Alarm + Movement Tracker + Sound Recorder + Sleep Debt Log + Data Analysis + Trend Graphs + Sleep Help + Auto-Wifi/Silence/Airplane modes + Export + Sync to The completely new Sleepbot is finally here!

SleepBot - Sleep Cycle Alarm

We’ve spent months developing a beautiful, intuitive sleep cycle tracker and dependable optimal alarm that lets you customize your sleep tracking. Record your movements and sounds during the night and wake up better each morning during light sleep. Want an app or device to track my hormones (esp. estrogen and progesterone) I have a health interest that from what I can tell seems to be largely ignored by the QS community.

want an app or device to track my hormones (esp. estrogen and progesterone)

Maybe I'm wrong and if so someone please tell me where to find what I am looking for. Or, I hope that some brilliant Silicon Valley type entrepreneurs will see this and create something to meet the needs of myself and many others. Like at least 40% of the adult female population, I suffer from uterine fibroids (benign growths in the uterus). One of the causes is excess estrogen especially compared to the levels of progesterone in the body. Progesterone during menstrual cycle - Progesterone. H2O-Pal Stay Hydrated, Stay Healthy. Nellcor Respiration Rate Monitoring Using a Pulse Oximeter Finger Sensor.

Breath Taking Experience. NCEI Geomagnetic Calculators. App-006.pdf. 5 Apps to Help People Live a More Sustainable Life. By Jessica Oaks Technology has provided society with countless ways to gain information and take action toward a sustainable lifestyle.

5 Apps to Help People Live a More Sustainable Life

With global warming being a hot topic and constantly inconsistent extreme weather patterns taking place all across the globe, it is now more apparent than ever that, regardless of any debate, awareness has been raised. People may feel helpless when taking on the task of trying to save the planet, but that’s where technology comes to save the day. Thousands of useful apps and increased knowledge have become very accessible. The killer combination of technology and sustainability has led to the creation of the following apps that help people live a more sustainable life. 1. iRecycle Reduce, reuse and recycle with iRecycle. 2. You are what you eat, and the food you choose to buy not only affects how you personally sustain your life, but the process of how it was made also affects the environment. 3. 4. 5.

Image credit: Flickr/ Nicky Morgan vows to ease needless bureaucracy for teachers. The education secretary has promised teachers she will tackle unnecessary bureaucracy in schools by establishing working groups on marking, lesson planning and pupil data, following years of complaints from the profession.

Nicky Morgan vows to ease needless bureaucracy for teachers

Nicky Morgan said she would ask the three committees to look at the administrative burden faced by teachers and school leaders, after stirring controversy earlier this week when she suggested teachers could reduce workload simply by not answering emails after 5pm.   Google Fit   Bean Loader options for Windows users - General Questions - Beantalk. Here's how to setup your Arduino 1.0.5 IDE to work with a LightBlue Bean on Windows.

Bean Loader options for Windows users - General Questions - Beantalk

First download the Arduino 1.0.5 IDE as an installer or zip file16. I like the zip file because I can just unzip it to my C:\ and have a convenient spot for it right at the root of the drive. Next download this collection of files54 that you'll need to modify your Arduino environment with. These contain the Example files and the Bean library source code that will compile in the Arduino IDE. I have personally scrubbed through all of the examples and cleaned up the whitespace and indentation for all examples. Hopefully you have one of these AVR Pocket Programmers from Sparkfun.com36 or the USBtinyISP programmer from Adafruit39. Get a Win 8 or Win 7/XP driver here.11 It's VERY important to set your ISP programmer to NOT POWER your target (the Bean) as it will likely overdrive the VCC of the BLE module to 5V which is beyond it's maximum rated supply voltage of 3.6V.

Then set the Programmer type to USBtinyISP. Translation Jobs. Work-at-Home Translation Jobs - Find Companies Hiring Translators. Appen Butler Hill In addition to translation, this company hires language professionals in search evaluation, transcription and interpretation.

Work-at-Home Translation Jobs - Find Companies Hiring Translators

Languages include:Arabic (Egyptian, Gulf, Iraqi, Levantine, MSA, Syrian, Maghrebi Algerian, Libyan, Moroccan, Tunisian), Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia, Bakhtiari (Iran), Basque, Bulgarian, Cantonese, (China PRC, Hong Kong), Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dari, Dutch, English (Australian, Canadian, Gulf, Indian, Irish, New Zealand, Singapore, South African, UK, US), Estonian, Farsi, Finnish...See full list More »

How to become a location-independent freelance translator. Work-at-Home Translation Jobs - Find Companies Hiring Translators. Parohia Aparatorii Patriei 1. Enfants et pré-adolescents. Fiches pédagogiques : retrouver les indices. Comprendre le français – Compréhension orale et écrite - Exercices FLE A1, A2, B1, B2. Suchergebnisse - sofortwelten. 'The Awful German Language' by Mark Twain (2) From Mark Twain’s A Tramp Abroad (1880) Mark Twain: Part 1 > Part 2 Note that the German orthography is that of the late 19th century.

'The Awful German Language' by Mark Twain (2)

Tale of the Fishwife and Its Sad Fate 2. I capitalize the nouns, in the German (and ancient English) fashion. It is a bleak Day. There, now, the reader can see for himself that this pronoun business is a very awkward thing for the unaccustomed tongue. There are some exceedingly useful words in this language. Just the same with Zug. One cannot overestimate the usefulness of Schlag and Zug. German Grammar, Online Dictionary for Spelling, Inflection and Wordformation of the German Language. Home Page - Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek. German Word of the Day - Free German Vocabulary Lessons Online. Les films français avec sous-titres français en ligne gratuit. Parler français B2 : Se préparer pour un débat. America's Wildlife Resource. Le plaisir d’apprendre - Le site de ressources FLE du CAVILAM - Alliance française.

Lexique FLE - Tests de français et exercices sur le CECR. Bonjour, vous pouvez retrouver sur cette page, des tests et activités selon le Cadre Européen Commun de Référence des langues.

Lexique FLE - Tests de français et exercices sur le CECR

Vous pouvez retrouver un descriptif des objectifs en français à cette adresse Vous pouvez participer à l'élaboration de ces activités en proposant de nouvelles rubriques ou exercices. Vous pouvez également faire des remarques sur le forum.TESTS. Sites compagnons - CLE International. Apprendre le français avec des webdocumentaires - Parlons français, c'est facile ! Accord niveau 1. C2 - Écrire en français (formules) Accord niveau 2.

Grimm Grammar : site index. Évaluation FLE - DELF DALF - TCF - TEF - TFI - CECR - Test de français - Test your level in French - Evaluation de français. Accepter En poursuivant votre navigation, vous acceptez l'utilisation de cookies qui permettent d'assurer le bon fonctionnement du site, de personnaliser les annonces et d'analyser le trafic. En savoir plus Cookie Consent plugin for the EU cookie law Apprendre le français Learn French Aprender francés Französisch lernen Apprendre le français.

Jeu pour découvrir les monuments français.