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Small fine on 4th Conviction for Drug Trafficking. Charges Withdrawn in Drunken Domestic Tirade. Charge(s): CC: s.266 – Assault, s.264.1(1)(a) – Uttering Threats; CDSA: s.4(1) – Possession of Cannibis Resin (hashish) Allegations: My client assaulted his wife in their home while he was intoxicated.

Charges Withdrawn in Drunken Domestic Tirade

He became enraged, was pulling her hair and yelling at her, then punched a hole in the wall beside her. He then grabbed her by the arms and pushed her by the chest and throat up against the wall to make him listen to her. Statutory & Regulatory Violations. Charge(s): CC: s.344(b) – Robbery, s.348(1)(b) – Break and Enter and Commit Robbery (Home Invasion Robbery), s.145(3) – Breach of Recognizance; YCJA: s.137 x 5 – Breach of Youth Court Order; CC: s.279(2) – Unlawful Confinement, s.268 – Aggravated Assault Allegations: My client, and five of her companions, left Manitoba in a stolen truck and headed toward BC, committing a string of offences on the way, including numerous gas thefts.

Statutory & Regulatory Violations

While in Saskatchewan, an RCMP officer attempted to stop them. Criminal Defence Lawyer Calgary. Charge(s): CC: s.266 x 2 – Assault, s.264.1(1)(a) x 2 – Uttering Threats, s.267(a) – Assault with a Weapon, s.88(1) – Possession of a Weapon for a Dangerous Purpose, s.145(5) x 2 – Failing to Attend Court Allegations: My client was accused of inflicting harm on his wife on several occasions within the past eight years of their marriage.

Criminal Defence Lawyer Calgary

On one occasion, he threw a telephone at her, causing bruising and swelling to her hand. On another occasion, he hit her with a garbage can in the face and almost broke her nose. Criminal Defence Lawyer Calgary. Charge(s): CC: s.334(b) – Theft Under $5000 Allegations: My client stole a 51” Samsung Plasma TV from The Brick.

Criminal Defence Lawyer Calgary

A store employee recognized my client a few days later at a local drug store and tried to detain him with his friend as the police were called, but my client got away. The employee told police that my client picked up this large, heavy television, still in its box, and ran through the store to the warehouse bay door to a waiting car. Criminal Defence Lawyer Calgary. Charge(s): CC: s.253(1)(a) x 2 – Impaired Driving, s.254(5) x 2 – Refusal to Provide a Breath Sample, s.145(5) – Fail to Attend to Identification, s.145(5) – Fail to Attend Court Allegations: While driving under the influence of alchol, my client was reported by witnesses to be driving erratically on McNight Blvd. weaving through traffic, trying to squeeze in between two cars and eventually colliding into the rear of another vehicle.

Criminal Defence Lawyer Calgary

My client then tried to drive away, but hit the other car again. Criminal Defence Lawyer Calgary. Charge(s): CC: s.266 – Assault Allegations: My client engaged his wife in a heated verbal dispute.

Criminal Defence Lawyer Calgary

The argument continued in the kitchen area, where my client smashed a plate of food and then struck his wife in the face, knocking off her glasses. She ran outside and called the police. Criminal Defence Lawyer Calgary. Charge(s): CC: s.163.1(3) – Distribution of child pornography, s.163.1(4) – Possession of child pornography, s.163.1(4.1) – Accessing child pornography.

Criminal Defence Lawyer Calgary

Allegations: A member of the Lethbridge Regional Police Service, assigned to the Southern Alberta Internet Child Exploitation (ICE) Unit was conducting an online investigation into the distribution of child pornography images on Peer to Peer networks. Following a complex investigation, and forensic computer analysis, it was determined that my client was accessing, in possession of, and was making available several child pornography files. Criminal Defence Lawyer Calgary. Charge(s): CC: s.239(a) – Attempted Murder, s.268 – Aggravated Assault, s.267(a) – Assault with a weapon (firearm), s.88(1) – Possession of a Weapon (firearm) for a Dangerous Purpose, s.87(1) – Pointing a Firearm, s.86(1) – Careless Use of a Firearm, s.85(1)(a) – Using a Firearm to Commit an Indictable Offence, s.90(1) – Carrying a Concealed weapon (firearm), s.91(1) – Unregistered Possession of a Firearm, s.95 – Possessing a Loaded Firearm, s.92(1) – Unlicenced Possession of a Firearm, s.96 – Possession of an Illegally Obtained Firearm, s.139(2) – Threatening a Witness from Providing Evidence, s.423(1)(a) – Threatening a Witness, s.244.1 – Discharging a Firearm in order to Prevent Arrest or Detention, s.244.2(1)(b) – Reckless Discharge of a Firearm, s.264.1(1)(a) – Uttering Death Threats.

Criminal Defence Lawyer Calgary

Criminal Defence Lawyer Calgary. Charge(s): CC: s.270(1)(C) – Assault Peace Officer x 2, s.129(A) – Obstruct Peace Officer x 2 Allegations: My client yelled profanities at two peace officers at an LRT station.

Criminal Defence Lawyer Calgary

They confronted him and demanded some form of identification in order to issue him a violation ticket for employing vulgar language on LRT property. Criminal Defence Lawyer Calgary. Charge(s): CC: s.266 – Assault, s.264.1(1)(a) – Uttering Threats; CDSA: s.4(1) – Possession of Cannibis Resin (hashish) Allegations: My client assaulted his wife in their home while he was intoxicated.

Criminal Defence Lawyer Calgary

Criminal Defence Lawyer Calgary. Breaches of court orders are a special type of offence as defined under the Criminal Code of Canada. These include agreements made between the court and someone accused of committing some other form of criminal offence that are violated. Oftentimes court orders are part of bail hearing procedures, where the accused agrees to the terms and conditions the court presents in return for their freedom from custody to prepare the defence for their upcoming trial and for one reason or another violates the terms and conditions of bail, resulting in a breach of a court order. Breaches of court orders also include: Contempt of CourtFailure to AppearFailure to Comply with a SummonsDisobeying a Court OrderFailure to Comply with Youth Probation OrdersBreach of a Peace BondFailure to Comply with Probation OrdersDisobeying a Court OrderFailure to Attend CourtFailure to Comply with Appearance NoticeFailure to Comply with Promise to Appear Notice.

Criminal Defence Lawyer Calgary. Disorderly conduct criminal offences typically involve an act where the accused is charged with public defiance on some level. The seriousness of the offence could range from a minor charge of disturbing the peace to a more serious charge of inciting a riot. Common disorderly conduct criminal offenses, as defined by the Criminal Code of Canada, include: Common NuisanceResisting ArrestObstructions against a Police/Peace OfficerConspiracyPublic MischiefPerjuryIndecent ActsTrespassingOrganized CrimeAttempting to Commit and OffenceBeing an Accessory to an OffencePersonating a Police/Peace OfficerFabricating and/or Providing False EvidenceEscaping from CustodyAccessory to EscapeVagrancy There are different penalties for pleading guilty to, taking a plea arrangement, or being found guilty of disorderly conduct offences.

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