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CSS3 : 15 Ressources utiles pour vos prochaines réalisations - ressources-css3. Les hacks CSS pour Internet Explorer. How To Create an IE-Only Stylesheet. Get to know your CSS3 :target pseudo-class. The :target pseudo-class is one of those amazing CSS3 features.

Get to know your CSS3 :target pseudo-class

It matches an element that’s the target of a identifier in the document’s URI. This identifier in a URI contains a "#" character followed by an identifier name that matches the value of an id attribute of an element within the document. Support Because we're talking about CSS3, it's supported by all modern browsers excluding IE, from 6 to 8. Disappointing as usual, but this fact shouldn't stop you using it. How can you use :target? This pseudo-class can be styled, just like we use to style the :hover, :active or :focus pseudo-classes on links. Demonstration Further, I am going to make an example of when and how to use :target.

View Demo The HTML markup Below you have a list of 4 links and also the same amount of blocks. The CSS The following rows will style the content to get the desired effect, which is to show the current identifier (in this case a shadow will surround the box). That's all! Further references. Twenty Advanced CSS Tutorials. The following collection focuses on advanced CSS tutorials to help you sharpen your CSS skills.

Twenty Advanced CSS Tutorials

Once you’ve recreated these tutorials on your own, you can use and re-use the resulting files and keep them in your personal toolkit for future reference. We avoided tutorials that used combinations of CSS and jQuery to focus entirely on CSS development tricks. jQuery is a powerful tool, but if you want to learn pure CSS, then these advanced tutorials are a great place to start. Position fixe en CSS. S'il est facile de positionner de manière fixe des éléments sur les navigateurs comme Opera, Safari, Firefox ou IE7 qui implémentent en grande partie les propriétés CSS issues des spécifications CSS 2, ce n'est pas le cas sur IE6.

Position fixe en CSS

Il existe cependant des méthodes pour simuler cette position fixe sur ce dernier, et nous allons voir l'une d'entre elles dans ce tutoriel. Remarque : Cette méthode n'est fonctionnelle que si Javascript est activé sur le navigateur Internet Explorer 6 du visiteur. De plus, on estime qu'un DOCTYPE complet et valide est utilisé dans le document dans lequel le code à venir sera placé.

Sans cela, le code ne sera pas fonctionnel. Dans les exemples suivants, on sous-entend que le code exclusif à IE6 est placé dans une feuille de style à part, incluse à l'aide de commentaires conditionnels. Elément utilisé tout au long du tutoriel Sélectionnez <div id="fixe"><p>Du texte</p></div> II-A. Lightbox 2. Generateur d'ombrage via box-shadow en CSS3 - Design et programmation web2 - Dji.

WOW Slider : Diaporama jQuery & Galerie D'Image jQuery. Mise en page et CSS. Introduction à la mise en page par les CSS Les CSS permettent de gérer deux aspects relativement distincts de la présentation de vos pages : La présentation des textes, en jouant sur la taille, la couleur, l'interligne, le type de caractère, la graisse, etc.La mise en page, en gérant la disposition des principaux élements (en-tête, menu, pied de page, etc.) et de leurs contenus.

Mise en page et CSS

Ce deuxième point est sans aucun doute le plus complexe à maîtriser. Introduction aux CSS. CSS3 Menu. Free CSS Menu Maker. What's New CSS3 Menu v4.9 (March 12, 2014) * New flat skins: Neat, Refined, Facet and Jalousie * New flat icon sets: Smart-grey and Smart-orange CSS3 Menu v4.7 (January 30, 2014) * New flat skins: Posh, Boundary.

CSS3 Menu. Free CSS Menu Maker

Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog. LightWindow Demo. After researching every single modal window, lightbox, slimbox, etc out there nothing fit the bill.

LightWindow Demo

Granted some of them were very nice but only fit a specific purpose, others were a nightmare on the code end, and others were just hacks of another. None of them truly supported all of the features we needed and those that were close could not be easily adapted without a bottle of Prozac near by. Other caveats were the complete lack of ability to style and position the system, and the insane over-kill of some of the systems trying to reproduce either another desktop (As if most computer users aren't confused enough) or the reproduction of a popup window (Show me someone who likes popup windows...). Lastly, most people didn't actually test for their media types and how they behaved in other browsers and operating systems (Yes the movies and Flash work in Firefox for the Mac).

Media Movies, Flash, PDF's... just link directly to the file! Quicktime Movie Example - 20MB Local File! Or Media Movie.