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Hi I am Alice Smith and my interest lies in Shopping, Entertainment and Food. Get to know about the latest industry trends and much more by following my blogs.

Beautifying Your Garden With Outdoor Vintage Furniture. Unique Collection of Vintage and Patchwork Rugs. .fusion-slider-10 .flex-direction-nav a { } Every piece of our Vintage & Patchwork Rugs is masterfully woven by hand and truly unique.

Unique Collection of Vintage and Patchwork Rugs

Our rugs are 100% wool with 100% cotton lining on the back. If you see a rug you adore but not in the size you want, we can get one made just for you, right down to the exact length and width you desire. 5 Top Characteristics That Define A Good Furniture Store. Millions of trees are cut down each year to get timber wood.

5 Top Characteristics That Define A Good Furniture Store

The lavish and sturdy wood furniture we get is a consequence of the sacrifice of infinite number of trees axed each single day! While wood furniture is the most preferred form of furniture over metal and plastic furniture, it is bought in huge numbers across the globe and gives rise to cutting of properly grown up trees which take years to grow and are chopped down within minutes! Such an agonising tale of the murder of mature trees may seem quite ludicrous to few people, but my dear friend, the cycle of nature will affect you only in the long run!!!


Get Sherwani On Rent In Jaipur. If you have an event coming up and you want something exclusive to wear, then Wrapd can get the perfect outfit for you.

Get Sherwani On Rent In Jaipur

We have a wide selection of clothes on rent in Jaipur comprising of ethnic, western and Indo-western wear for men and women. From birthday parties to weddings, our rental store has something to match every special occasion of your life. Get bridal outfits on rent from Wrapd at the best price. For women we have Anarkali suits, Lehengas on rent in Jaipur, party dress, evening gowns and much more. In the men’s category, you can get suits, Nehru jackets, Kurta pajamas, Bandhgalas and Sherwani on rent in Jaipur to name a few. Following areas are covered by us - Raja Park, Malviya Nagar, MI Road, Tonk Road, C- Scheme, Nehru Bazaar, Bapu Bazaar, Johari Bazaar, Badi Chaupar, Chhoti Chaupar , GT , Gaurav Tower, World Trade Park.

Antique Home Decor Products Online. Want To Gift Something Memorable To Your Loved Ones? Opt For Antique Gifts! If you are eyeing for a gift for somebody really special and wish to find an item the individual will admire, or something truly impressive, consider purchasing an antique nautical telescope.

Want To Gift Something Memorable To Your Loved Ones? Opt For Antique Gifts!

As antiques are usually rare or one-of-a-kind objects, you need not worry whether the individual already has one. When birthdays and festivals come around, there is always somebody for whom finding just the accurate gift can be an arduous affair and sometimes a vexing tribulation. All About Vintage Home Decorations And Accessories. Voluminous families and folks have begun to embrace the customary and easygoing vintage style for their abodes.

All About Vintage Home Decorations And Accessories

This is because of the cordiality, the soothing ambiance and the ease that this style comes with. Landowners do not have to expend so much on vintage home accouterments too as they are very reasonable and easy to find. In fact, prevailing antique telescope at home can be pleasant and serviceable decorative piece even if it looks hoary already. Book Bridal Makeup artist in Noida. Book Bridal Makeup artist in Chandigarh. 3 Magic Potions For Glowing Skin - GetYourMakeup. Created Date: March 4, 2016 Hits: 50 times Comment: 0 It’s time of the year again when your wardrobe needs a changeover, with jackets and woollens requiring to be replaced by sleeveless tops and dresses.

3 Magic Potions For Glowing Skin - GetYourMakeup

Is it all? What about the waxing and exfoliation sessions? So, here we are bringing to you five amazing scrubs for a summer-ready skin.Lemon Juice & Sea Salt ScrubTake 2 tbsp salt, juice of half a lemon and add sugar. Book Online Top Makeup Artist In Noida. Wish To Find The Most Terrific Sherwani For Your Wedding? Read On! Everybody dreams of having an enthralling wedding with over-the-top decorations, wide-ranging buffets and most outstandingly, glitzy dressing attires.

Wish To Find The Most Terrific Sherwani For Your Wedding? Read On!

Particularly in Indian marriages, it is believed that clothes are a paramount vital and crucial part of any ritual. This occasion is all about diverse rituals each day and so bride and groom get an opportunity to feel like king and queen. Just like bride, groom also dreams of looking wonderful and handsome on this extraordinary day of their lives. Nowadays, groom makes every conceivable effort to gather praise and admiration on this lucky occasion.Despite of numerous choices available for men like suits, kurtas, achkans, the superlative option that can be elected on a marriage is Indian customary sherwani.

Sherwani, being the most traditional form and part of Indian ethos, gives Indian groom a graceful and indigenous look. Get Online Wedding Dresses On Rent In Delhi. Vintage Boat Compass, Antique Nautical Compass & Brass Compass. Brass, Vintage, Marine & Antique Nautical Telescope in US. What To Look For When Buying A Vintage Coffee Table? A living room looks incomplete without a sofa set and a complementary coffee table to go along with it.

What To Look For When Buying A Vintage Coffee Table?

Not most people give a lot of importance to choosing the right type of coffee table for their homes; however, it is an important element of your home decor. Here are the 10 most important things to consider when buying an appropriate vintage coffee table for your living room: 1. Purpose- Be precise about your desired purpose of the coffee table. Smart Shopping Center » Custom furniture: Enhance your home in the way you desire! The magnificence of your house and the furniture in it go hand in hand; enhanced quality and look of the furniture creates a better appearance.

Smart Shopping Center » Custom furniture: Enhance your home in the way you desire!

However, selection of furniture for your abode may give you a tough time; possibly you might have disturbed nights because you have to choose the design and architecture of the furniture for your abode. At times, you walk for miles, visiting one or the other furniture store, yet all things considered, you are still with fruitless decision because you haven’t managed to purchase one piece of furniture as per your anticipations. This feeling of being a loser is the unhappiest trait of shopping, and it drains you both mentally and bodily.

While you are still masked in the unhappiness of the furniture, you find that your friend now owns new and extravagant furniture. On questioning about the same, you find that he has bought custom furniture Perth over standard furniture. Meet the Irresistible! Collectiblesbuy is happy to serve the antique loving community with a collection of antique reproductions.

Meet the Irresistible!

We are the finest curators of timeless classics offering unrivalled design, high quality and unparalleled value. In this section, we will be talking about some of our most popular offerings. • Telescopes: Nautical, naval and Victorian telescopes in simple and delicate designs. Harbor telescope, brass telescope with spyglass, chrome finished telescopes and more. If you are looking for a gift, this is really a good option. • Lamps: Vintage tripod floor lamps, vintage desk lamps, ceiling lamps, marine tripod spotlights and ships lamps are some of the lighting options that we can offer. Back To Old School with Vintage Decor. I wish I could have an antique decor in my office!

How many times have you gone through this? May be a number of times, but either the hefty price tag or inaccessibility have held you back. Well, it’s time to fulfill your wishes. Log on to, for this online store brings to you a wide selection of antique décor that are reproductions of the original historical items. Besides a huge range, the stores offer competitive pricing. Antique Home Decor Antique pieces and figurines are the latest trend in interior decorations, or better to say the trend is timeless as their designs. Searchlights: An Evergreen Luminous Source.

What To Get Your Hubby On Valentines? Despite the popular belief that men don’t like to shop, it is relatively easy for them to pick out a gift for their loving ladies whenever they want it. A large part is played by the marketplaces which are stocked up with quality gifts you can buy your lady love whatever her taste and preferences may be. In this post we have listed out 4 interesting things you can buy for the man in your life this valentine’s day: 1. Shoes- Get him a pair of formal, swanky shoes to go along with one of the professional suits he owns. Shoes are one fashion accessory men are proud of. 2. 3.

Interesting Gift Ideas For Your Geek Partner. Not everyone in a relationship loves heart shaped balloons and chocolates; some people have different tastes. Your partner might be one of those people who don’t bother much about arranging the perfect date with candles and roses (but still do all those things to make you happy). If your partner loves to watch back-to-back episodes of Star Wars on their free weekend or get excited with every new launch of the Apple iPad, chances that you struggle to find them a perfect gift on every special occasion are one too many. Here are two incredible gift ideas for nerds and geeks that you can easily find online: 1. iPad pouch- There is nothing more appealing to a geek than new technology, high-tech gadgets.

Antique Home Decor Products Online at Antique Shop US. Shopping for vintage furniture- important tips. Discover Your Dining Table Options. Looking to buy a dining table? Well, it is as perplexing as buying any other homewares given the number of options available. The basic points to consider are: the size of the room and the number of diners you would like to accommodate. As simple as that! The tricky part comes afterwards when you have to decide whether your need a rectangular, round, square, oval or unsymmetrical dining table.

If you have a narrow, long room, you would probably like to go for a rectangular table. Look Good & Feel Good with Hair Bar. Florists Services In Highgate. How To Buy And Use Refurbished Furniture In Your Home? Explore Beautiful Bed Designs for a Great Look! A luxury bedroom features a number of design elements but the bed remains the centre of attraction. Simple ways to save money while grocery shopping. Vintage Furniture Buying Guide. 5 Tips for Homeware Shopping. Importance of Privacy Policy while Shopping Online. Storiesonthewall - Blog. Unique Wall Art and Oil Painting. Bonnie Atlan I move through time, space and moods visualizing everything in rainbow colours, changing greys to pinks, blacks to blue, and darkness to sunshine. Mix And Match Vintage And Modern Designs! Aug 17, 2015 Shopping 17 Views It is very rare that people find a completely vintage or contemporary look appealing.

While it may look fabulous at first, soon a boring monotony sets in around the place. Moreover, some people prefer vintage decorations instead of the modern ornaments but do not wish to do away with the convenience of contemporary utilities. So what is the perfect solution to this predicament? Blending both the modern and antic décor in adequate proportions is the perfect way to achieve balance. 1. 2. 3. 4. Stories on the Wall » Useful Tips to buying vintage furniture. Unique Vintage Dining Tables in Perth. Dining on a boat is quite elegant, but what about dining on a naturally weathered timber dining table with traces of the sea and salt? Teak, Mahogany, Iron Wood, and mixed tropical wood from mature century year old trees. As the boats aged, they were repainted, over and over again, giving them layers of multi-colored boards. The stories remain intact, and the paint is sanded to bring back the many layers of colours and let the beautiful grains of the old wood show through.

Your page4 homepage - Home. Furnishing An Almost Bare Dining Room. When I first moved into my new home last week, the first thing I went to check was the dining room as most of my time is usually spent there. Useful Tips For Selecting Dining Room Furniture. Shopping for dining room furniture becomes relatively easy once someone is absolutely sure of what they are looking for. 3 Ways to Select a Vintage Fur… Vintage Tables – A Perfect Tool for Home Decoration. Lamp and Lighting Shop Perth. Including Vintage Decorative Items In Contemporary Surroundings! Follow these simple mantras to adorn your vintage furniture! Live Alone? Rely On Online Grocery Shopping! Would you buy recycled boat furniture? Facts about Custom-Made Furniture. Explore Birthday Gifts Ideas. Easy Online Cake Delivery In India. Delight Your Loved Ones with Gifts. Antique vs Vintage Furniture! Vintage Tables in Perth. Thai Takeaway in Gorseinon. Are you looking for Homewares and Home décor items.

Daag Achhe Hain! Artistically use Furniture to give your place a classy look. A World of Colour Beneath Your Feet. Beautify your floors with patchwork art! Enjoy some heartwarming days with your family. Divers Helmet. Do You Know What Makes Your Home Special? Get World-Class Stylish Nautical Accessories! 5 Awesome reasons to buy custom furniture! Buy Vintage Tripod Floor Lamps, Antique Spotlight, Desk Lamp in UK. Buy Vintage Candlestick & Rotary Dial Phone. Transform your Living room into a Luxurious space. Revelling in the beauty of Indian handicrafts. Online Grocery Store in Delhi/NCR. Buy Online Antique Candlestick Telephone. Buy handmade products online for the true gratification of mind! Tips to Buy Indian Salwar Kameez Online. Online Custom Outdoor Furniture Store Perth. Health Benefits of Vegetarian Diets.

Online Grocery shopping in delhi/NCR

Looking For Some Eye- Catching Handicraft Gift Items?