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6 Reasons Why A Carpet Does Not Belong In The Horror Genre: alisonbradley. Horror, regardless if it's fictional, historical or in the form of a film, book or video game, is quite a messy genre.

6 Reasons Why A Carpet Does Not Belong In The Horror Genre: alisonbradley

First off, you have blood flying everywhere, human insides that are just bursting (pun intended) to come outside and body parts being severed and thrown around, sometimes even defying the laws of physics and even common sense. While not all works of horror are merciless, it's no secret that the genre itself has an unyielding desire to rot, rust, decay, vomit and splurge anywhere it can. Take a look at any black-and-white horror film and tell me if you notice environments being left clean or without just the tiniest splatters of blood or someone's exploded liver.

Of course, being chaotic as an unplanned massacre, there is never any need to actually clean up an environment unless of course, a character has to return to it. But even so, it's often a crime scene and nothing can be touched due to the whole aspect of tampering with evidence. Amazing Food Facts. The 7 Cleaning Secrets That My Grandmother Had Taught Me by Jessica Torn - Exposure.

Perhaps we use the most toxic and expensive chemicals inside our acoustic retreats.

The 7 Cleaning Secrets That My Grandmother Had Taught Me by Jessica Torn - Exposure

But surprise, surprise – you need nothing but white vinegar to clean everything inside! Being a weak acetic acid, it acts as a completely harmless disinfectant that is more than enough to handle any bacteria. That‘s why a wipe, a pair of rubber gloves, and some undiluted vinegar is all you‘ll ever need to clean any bathroom surface (yes, even the toilet bowl). ‘Putney Area - Just A Quick Guide’ by Terry Barnes. Dependable Cleaning Services in Putney SW15. Maggie's Oven Services on Strikingly. The Ultimate Christmas Cleaning Check-List. The Holy Christmas Check-list.

The Ultimate Christmas Cleaning Check-List

See the beauty of Woking, Surrey by Alice Mitchel - Exposure. Stampsy. Easy Ways to Clean Cloths and Mops. Cloths and Mops are like the two best friends of every person who loves the cleanliness.

Easy Ways to Clean Cloths and Mops

Alice_Mitchel. Cloths and Mops are like the two best friends of every person who loves the cleanliness.


We use them almost every day. That every day use is hiding a dirty secret. Cloths and Mops hide very wide variety of bacteria and they have to be cleaned after every use. We usually prefer to buy bright colours of them. This is very good, because we can see when the dirt is growing bigger. (image) Different colours of cloths. 5 Tricks to Clean Your Fridge by Your Own. Bacteria and mold always sneak around the house.

5 Tricks to Clean Your Fridge by Your Own

If you want to preserve your food from them, you need to know how to clean your refrigerator. Just like any item, it has to be cleaned once a week, but people often seem to skip this household routine. Why do we risk our family’s health for the sake of doing something much more pleasant? 10 Ways Cleaning Can Help You Live to 100. #1.

10 Ways Cleaning Can Help You Live to 100

Cleaning is burning calories Cleaning is a good way to stay in shape. If you don’t like visiting the gym, because of all the sweating people there or any other reasons, you could use cleaning as a way to stay fit. You could check your progress and how many calories you are burning with different cleaning tasks on this infographic. Also, it is well – known fact that women live longer than men. . #2. The air in closed places can be by 500% much worse than outdoors. . #3.Lower stress levels According to a study in the British Journal of Sport Medicine, 20 minutes a day cleaning your home can reduce stress level by 20% or more. 8 Air-Cleaning Houseplants Easy to Maintain. 10 Ways Cleaning Can Help You Live to 100. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.... by Alice Mitchel on ReadWave. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall....Your Office – Your Own Wonderland.5 Kinds of People.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.... by Alice Mitchel on ReadWave

Alice Mitchel 3 min Imagine some mystical landwhere you can meet every creature you can think of, such as fairies, unicorns, dark lords or even Alice drinking tea with the Mad Hatter. Now imagine your office crowded with antisocial people doing their daily tasks. Isn't that the same crazy land? 1.Snow White. Cleaning Products Ads That Will Draw Your Attention. There are variety of cleaning product brands on the market.

Cleaning Products Ads That Will Draw Your Attention

Marketing cleaning detergents is a hard task. Many cleaning companies are trying to be creative and think outside-the-box.These print ads will definitely draw your attention. For some companies advertising is an art. History Shock. Rogue Engineer. I recently designed a floating shelf for Whitney from Shanty2Chic and it had me thinking about all that wasted space inside the floating shelf.

Rogue Engineer

Then the light bulb went off! A false bottom with hidden storage! How to Adapt Faster in Your New Office Environment in London. #7. Make a Healthy Eating Plan. Office Environment - Men & Women. Home improvement. Londoners' dirty hygiene habits revealed. DIY home stuff. Incredibly Useful Digital Watercolour Tools for Illustrators.

Europe's Largest Multicultural Carnival in London. Source: There are many carnivals around the world nowadays. Europe proves that colourful and joyful carnivals are not just for Brazilians. The carnival in Notting Hill is one of the most significant events for the UK society and the biggest one in Europe. It is a celebration of multicultural diversity and bonding. West London streets become alive during the event. Here is a quick guide related to the dos and don’ts about the carnival and will provide you the needed information for the event. The programme: Yes, this wonderful event only lasts as long as two days. 9 Nightclubs in London You Must Visit.

Shocking Toys Made For Kids -you Wouldn’t Believe They Were Actually Selling These! If you are a busy parent, and don’t have an idea what to buy for your kids, here are some very interesting offers. Perfect gift for you little girl or boy. But be prepared to pay a psychiatrist after giving that to your kid. It’s funny that the manufacturing company’s name is “Control Toys”. Maybe they have something in common with the Spanish Inquisition.