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Occam's Razor by Avinash Kaushik - Digital Marketing and Analytics Blog. Measuring Usability Blogs & Articles. Top 10 Mistakes in Web Design. Thirteen Tenets Of User Experience. Advertisement In my career as a user experience professional, part of my purpose has always been to help push our profession forward.

Thirteen Tenets Of User Experience

And I’ve had the great privilege of being able to do just that in a myriad of ways — by writing books and articles, speaking at conferences all over the world, delivering in-house training workshops at wonderful companies, and simply doing the work for a great many clients. If I could be remembered for just one thing, I’d want it to be this, because this is what designers and companies need to know and understand about the nature of user experience as a profession, a goal, an idea.

And it’s taken me 13 years to be able to say it in exactly this way. Following is my list of 13 beliefs on the value of user experience strategy, design, and designers, one for every year I’d been in the web industry at the time I wrote it in 2012: Tenet 1: Tenet 2: “User experience is strategic. Tenet 3: “Every detail of a company and its product says something about it.

52 Weeks of UX. User Experience: What Is It And Why Should I Care? User Experience – dubbed UX for short – is a hot topic.

User Experience: What Is It And Why Should I Care?

In the broadest sense, it can be defined as the overall experience you have when you are using or interacting with something – and that ‘something’ could literally be almost anything in the world! For many people, user experience comes to mind in the context of ‘technical’ devices like smart phones, computers, software, and websites.

But all of us have dozens, even hundreds of daily ‘user experiences’ when we drive our car, stop at a red light, go through the checkout line at the grocery store, cook a meal in the microwave… the list goes on and on. User Experience: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Think of a recent interaction you have had that would qualify as a ‘great user experience’. User experience definitely gets more of our attention – when it is bad than when it is good. User Experience in the IT Industry It is erroneous to think that user experience is just one of the above list items. “That’s gonna be a LOT of work…” 劇本導引設計練習. 劇本導引設計練習/旅遊雜誌設計 日期:2012/10/06 地點:高軟園區(高雄市前鎮區復興四路2號4樓之1) 引導人:Nor Chen [前言] 「劇本導引設計」,聽起來就是件有趣的事,雖然還不知道要怎麼玩起,但衝著一股完成「新體驗」的動力,於是便不辭辛勞、不顧荷包,熱血的衝往高雄參與「劇本導引設計工作坊」,可惜的是那時筆記的經驗還不足夠,再加上活動過程因時限下相當緊湊,故未在每一個活動階段拍照留下記錄,只好多以文字敘述來記錄活動的流程。


[工作坊流程] A定義問題訪談:在訪談階段,將會得到「接觸點」、「使用者需求」、「Persona」。 接觸點:在訪談的過程中,將所有的關鍵字詞寫在便利貼上(黃色便利貼)。 B拆解舊劇本(舊劇本=故事情境=互動情境+客觀事實) 故事情境:故事情境即為「舊劇本」,以下為劇本範例。 (作者Nor Chen) 互動情境:為舊劇本中的「動詞」,可參考使用的元素包含,人(Human)、物(Object)、動(Action)、訊(Message)。 客觀事實:為顧客實際做的事=Activity(未免與"互動"混淆,這裡我統稱為"客觀事實") (作者Nor Chen) C建構新劇本 再次修正Persona:經過「價值」提取,「互動」變更後,微調Persona,使其更加明確。 由3-5個「主要價值」中篩選出2個最重要的。 Researching the best ways to improve the online user experience - Baymard Institute. GDS design principles. Wicked Problems: Problems Worth Solving - My Epiphany. I became interested in the power of design in social contexts during a project at my former employer, frog design.

Wicked Problems: Problems Worth Solving - My Epiphany

Project Masiluleke (or Project M) was organized by Pop! Tech, frog, and MTN, an African mobile phone operator. Project M was designed to help stop the spread of AIDS in KwaZulu-Natal, a South African province with about 10 million people, including an estimated four million who are HIV-positive and 400,000 who will develop AIDS each year.Dugger, Celia. "South Africa Is Seen to Lag in H.I.V. Fight. " Only 500,000 people have been tested for the disease and know their status, and of the 200,000 people in treatment, close to 40% will abandon the treatment program within two years. In many ways, the societal norms of the country were more difficult to overcome than lack of test kit accessibility, the interdisciplinary team routinely noticed during initial research. Research also showed that an estimated 80% to 90% of South Africans have access to a mobile phone. Ethnography 研究法 - 醫療社會學. Ethno 是人的意思,而 graphy 是繪圖、畫像的意思,顧名思義 ethnography 是為人類畫像。

Ethnography 研究法 - 醫療社會學

Ethnography 原為社會人類學者以參與 觀察的方法,對特定文化及社會搜集製作資料、記錄、評價、並以社 會或文化人類學的理論來解釋此類觀察結果的一種研究方法,所以一 般稱為人種誌或民族誌法。 人類學的發展與地理大發現有直接關係,人類學的工作可以追朔 到十九世紀末殖民者傳教士所做的記錄報告及探險家所描繪的奇風異 俗誌。 這些早期的作品因為不是受過訓練的專業人類學者所為,因而 難免帶有傳奇浪漫及種族中心主義的色彩,直到二十世紀初 Rivers 才開始強調由有訓練的觀察者直接進行密集田野工作(intensive fi eld)。 Rivers 主張研究者要與他所研究的對象住在一起、說他們的 語言、研究他們的文化,他也提倡利用恰當的報告人(informants) 、搜集當地文物、家譜、及生活史並作系統性的記錄。 Malinowski 更進一步主張研究者要確知自己研究的目的。 Ethnography 方法論 關於質性研究的哲學基礎本人已在「質與量研究的爭議」一章中 討論過了,此處不再詳細敘述。 Ethnography 田野工作操作方法 至於在田野裡究竟應當怎麼做? 當然如此說法並不表示他人的經驗不可以做為借鏡,也不是說 e thnography 研究完全沒有規矩可循,為了與同好互相切磋,以下依然 遵照研究方法之慣例,將田野工作的操作方法依序簡單介紹︰ 一、研究設計︰ 因為 Ehtnography 屬發現性及探索性的研究,其目的不是理論或 假設驗證,加上研究者對即將研究的對象不但所知有限,也不願干擾 掌控,所以研究過程無法如其他形式的社會研究一般事先完全設計周 詳。