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Interpreting Your Enneagram Test Results. Brief Overview Although discovering your Enneagram personality type is the primary object of our tests, they also provide more information about your personality and its dynamics.

Interpreting Your Enneagram Test Results

Here are some suggestions on how to interpret your Enneagram test results. For most people, it’s clear what your basic type is. If your highest score is much higher (3-4 points or more) than the rest of your scores, this is most likely your basic personality type. You can confirm this by reading about the type either on our site or in Personality Types and The Wisdom of the Enneagram.

International Enneagram Association - IEA Membership and Benefits. IEA Membership and Benefits IEA membership allows you to become part of a vibrant and growing international community of people who are enthusiastic about learning and using the Enneagram in their professional and personal lives.

International Enneagram Association - IEA Membership and Benefits

Becoming part of this community allows you to: Stay current with the latest, cutting-edge ideas about and applications of the Enneagram in the fields of psychology, spirituality, academia, and business Meet and network with other Enneagram enthusiasts and professionals from around the globe, building relationships with like-minded people who seek to understand themselves and others at a deep and meaningful level. Become better equipped to apply Enneagram-related insights and wisdom in your personal and professional life. Personal Growth Recommendations. Don’t know your Enneagram Type?

Personal Growth Recommendations

Click here to take our Enneagram Test To help you understand your type in more depth we have put on this site a sample of the material from our Enneagram books. By using the Enneagram as a guide to observing yourself from moment to moment and from day to day, you will have a method of personal development that will eventually be personally and spiritually transformative. The degree of awareness that you are able to bring to yourself as you “catch yourself in the act” and see your personality patterns at work is the degree to which your personal growth will occur. You actually do not have to “do” anything: just show up and become aware of yourself and your personality’s habitual routines—without acting them out, of course. Practical Applications. Applications in the Real World So many practical applications are possible with the Enneagram because it is a framework that clarifies the mutually sustaining, self-balancing components that are part of any complex process.

Practical Applications

Whenever we wish to understand any process more clearly (and why any course of action does or does not work), we can use the Enneagram as a guide. For example, to start and operate a successful enterprise, one needs vision and confidence (Eight), the ability to bring people together and to listen to them (Nine), ethical standards and quality control (One), the ability to serve people and anticipate their needs (Two), promotional and communication skills (Three), a well designed product and a sensitivity to its emotional impact on individuals (Four), technical expertise and innovative ideas (Five), teamwork and self- regulating feedback (Six), and energy and optimism (Seven). In Business Furthermore, the Enneagram helps us see our own personality dynamics more clearly. Enneagram Percentages: Pie Chart - Enneagram Types. The Personality Grid (sm) The following Personality Gridsm shows how all nine types take on specific Interpersonal Roles.

The Personality Grid (sm)

As the Grid indicates, the nine types can be divided into three groups of three: those whose “social function” is as a soloist, an initiator, or a cooperator. These three groups are further subdivided into three groups depending on those whose concern is primarily focused on developing the self, on looking to the future, or on influencing others. The words in parentheses describe the principal asset or talent each type attempts to bring to the workplace. Career Choices for Enneagram Types. Career Choices for Enneagram Types October 8, 2007Careers, Personality Types53 Comment After I wrote my article Bad Career Choices and the Enneagram, I realized that there weren’t really all that many websites/books/studies done out there that linked this exciting personality type system to various compatible careers.

Career Choices for Enneagram Types

And many of the ones that are out there are very general and give very “obvious” answers that may not always be accurate. So, I have put together a list of careers by type that really examines where the skills of a particular type can be put to work. Some of these careers will be new to you, if you’ve read other guides. There are a few surprises in here!

Bad Career Choices and the Enneagram. Bad Career Choices and the Enneagram October 2, 2007Careers, Personality Types23 Comment As stated in my earlier entry about the Myers-Briggs Type indicator and career choices, your personality is an important component to consider when choosing a career path.

Bad Career Choices and the Enneagram

Could it be that what you do for a living is just wrong for your personality type?

MBTI VS Enneagram