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Self Employment for the Myers Briggs Types: A Guide | The Great Office Escape. Self Employment for the Myers Briggs Types: A Guide March 2, 2010Feature, Personality Types0 Comments The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a very popular personality-assessment tool that can teach you quite a bit about your temperament, style, and lifestyle. While it doesn’t have the psychological/scientific backing of the Big Five (OCEAN) assessment, it is very revealing, popular, and helpful as a self-exploration tool.

If you have not taken the test, (or don’t know your type) you should go here first before reading the article ahead. Temperament and Self-Employment The Myers Briggs Type Indicator groups everybody on the planet into four separate temperaments (from the main 16 types) and there are 4 personality types within each temperament. The temperaments are: While not all the types are drawn to making The Great Office Escape and building their dream careers, I have put together a handy guide for all 16 types to make the leap. Generalities Yes, I know generalities can be dangerous.