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Burberry to Unveil New Collection on Snapchat Amid Digital Push | News & ... LONDON, United Kingdom — Burberry Group Plc will extend its digital reach next week as the luxury-goods brand reveals its spring/summer collection on Snapchat. The initiative, timed to coincide with London fashion week, will give the UK company access to Snapchat’s more than 100 million active users who watch more than 4 billion videos every day. Burberry’s collection will appear on its Snapchat channel at 7 p.m. on Sept. 20, and disappear 24 hours later after a runway show, the trenchcoat maker said in a statement Friday.

Snapchat Inc. is a new challenger in the social-media world, allowing mobile users to send pictures that disappear seconds later. Burberry is plowing money into digital initiatives, this week introducing a channel on Apple Inc.’s music service with the aim of widening its influence and reinforcing its image as a purveyor of cool. By Andrew Roberts; editors: Matthew Boyle, Paul Jarvis, Kim McLaughlin. Shop Tactics: Why a First Flagship Matters | Intelligence, International. LONDON, United Kingdom — Inside Hussein Chalayan’s new Bourdon Street store, in the heart of London’s Mayfair, a black wooden boat looms among the clothing, and slanted rails make you unsure whether the floor, the ceiling — or you — are off-kilter; at Erdem on nearby South Audley Street, works of art by Hockney and Warhol compete for attention with a luscious Victorian fern garden; meanwhile, around the corner on Mount Street, Simone Rocha welcomes guests to step among a wedding-cake-worthy array of pink flower-shaped tables and ornate white pillars.

A first store is a turning point for a fashion business — direct retail allows a brand to bring in customers, capture sales and earn more of the margin that was previously shared with wholesale partners. But it also comes at a price — astronomical rent costs, not to mention the financial and logistical investment of employing staff and carrying inventory.

A clutch of British brands would disagree. “It's a challenge. Thom Browne, Upside Down | Fashion Show Review, Spring 2016. NEW YORK, United States — Thom Browne’s show for Spring 2016 was a perfect paradox: one of his most commercially accessible collections, one of his most perverse presentations. He manifested his topsy-turvy world in a set where a child’s bicycle, a white picket fence, a hedge — icons of suburbia — were actually stuck to the ceiling. When the models appeared, they were dressed as Browne’s idea of innocence, their school-girlish braids sticking straight upwards in horns of human hair, as though they too were suspended upside down. The show was its usual stately, ceremonial self, the girls proceeding at a glacial pace around the venue until they took their places at desks, set in the framework of a prairie schoolhouse in the centre of the set.

Teacher was conspicuously absent, though — in a detail straight from the land of Oz — a pair of legs jutting out from under the building suggested it may have landed on him as it righted itself. Top 10 luxury brand digital campaigns of Q1. Fabergé 3D window display at Harrods Digital campaigns are an integral element to any brand’s marketing strategy, and many luxury brands introduced new projects to expand their digital offerings in the first quarter of 2015. In an increasingly technology-oriented world, it is vital for brands to provide consumers with easily navigable Web sites and ecommerce platforms. Consequently, many brands updated their Web sites and ecommerce features this quarter, in addition to using digital to create unique marketing campaigns to appeal to consumers.

Here are the top 10 digital campaigns from the first quarter of 2015, in alphabetical order: Promotional image of Giorgio Armani for #Atribute Giorgio Armani’s microsite Italian fashion label Giorgio Armani invited consumers to celebrate its 40th anniversary with the brand through a digital campaign. For #Atribute, Armani created a dedicated microsite, which launched March 16 and would then be updated with new weekly themes for the following 40 weeks. Celebrities Endorsing luxury Brands | Lifestyle. Luxury brands quietly begin to go green. Dive Brief: Luxury brands such as Burberry, Gucci, and Hermès are incorporating sustainable practices into their business models to meet consumer demands for transparency.

While a few high-end brands can use sustainable practices to fight the stigma of being wasteful and indulgent, most prefer to build such programs quietly as demand grows. Voluntary certification programs such as the Butterfly Trust Mark and B Lab testing are helping identify good corporate citizens from Acne to Veuve Clicquot. Dive Insight: Luxury brands are embracing sustainable practices to ensure that future generations of consumers will look favorably upon their often indulgent goods. Kering installed a chief sustainability officer in 2012 and is creating a sustainability plan to slash resource consumption for each of the brands in its stable, including Gucci, St. As millennial consumers begin to drive luxury retail, the selling power of sustainability will expand, analysts say. Recommended Reading. Bag Snob Launches Multi-Brand E-Commerce | Intelligence, BoF Exclusive.

DALLAS, United States — When Tina Craig and Kelly Cook started their blog, Bag Snob, in September 2005, they were two Hermès-toting friends sharing stories via a Moveable Type account. “It was a hobby,” says Cook of their early posts. Or, as Craig puts it, “An elaborate pen pal system.” Ten years later, Bag Snob — which features reviews and news about the latest it-bags, accessories and other upscale fashion items — is a multifaceted business that encompasses advertising, consulting, affiliate partnerships, licensing and, now, e-commerce. This month marks the official launch of Bag Snob’s online shop, which, alongside the Cook and Craig's own Snob Essentials handbag line, will showcase a collection of designer pieces made exclusively for the site. The 10-piece line, which spans in price from under $200 to more than $2,000, includes bags by Mark Cross and Valextra, accessories by Rag & Bone and Paul Andrew, a Derek Lam blouse, as well as jewellery designed by Cook and Craig.

Fast Fashion for the Face | Intelligence. LONDON, United Kingdom — Kaleidoscopic counters of eyeshadows, foundations to suit every skin shade and a lipstick for every month of the year. Make no mistake. This is not a beauty emporium like MAC or Smashbox. Rather, it’s what your local branch of H&M will look like in a matter of weeks. In May, the world’s second biggest high street retailer announced the launch of a 700-piece beauty collection, which will hit 900 stores worldwide and online this autumn. To keep up with today’s consumers, high street brands are launching beauty lines, stocked alongside their men’s and women’s wear, to make their stores a one-stop destination. H&M beauty products | Source: H&M Fashion and beauty have always been closely aligned. According to Euromonitor, the global beauty market is currently worth $465 billion, with a growth of 5.3 percent compared to the previous year.

Beauty on the rise “Fashion and beauty sit under the same roof. Topshop beauty | Source: Topshop “Topshop is doing it well.