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Alica Wheen

Travelling and learning new things are my passion. I also love providing tips about home improvements. I am currently working at Homeizer.

Windows and Doors – Homeizer. Home Roof – Homeizer. Real Estate – Homeizer. Living Room – Homeizer. Bathroom – Homeizer. Kitchen – Homeizer. Write For Us – Homeizer. Do you know a unique home improvement or any home tips to help readers beautify there home or help them in a project?

Write For Us – Homeizer

If yes, then you should share it with others. We accept guest posting and the whole process usually takes 1 – 2 weeks depending on a number of articles that we are reviewing. Upon approval, you agree that we own the rights to the article and we may syndicate, promote it on our social media accounts and do various marketing strategies that we see fit in order for the article to gain the maximum exposure. Note: We receive so many email and only have a couple of editors to check your emails. Submission Guidelines: Article should be a minimum of 700 words (Author bio not included)Article should be unique, informative and interesting to read.

Above guidelines are for free submission. We look forward to be working with you! 10 Tips How to Renovate Your Bedroom at Low Cost and Budget – Homeizer. Whether you moved into a new place or you’re just tired of your daily routines or old aesthetic, a relaxing and peaceful bedroom is within reach.

10 Tips How to Renovate Your Bedroom at Low Cost and Budget – Homeizer

A disorganized bedroom can make it tough to relax. Fortunately, bedroom renovations are some of the most affordable projects for a make-over. Maybe you don’t want to spend much as it’s not the place where everyone enters, but you may wish it should be according to your desires. We promise you do not need to spend thousands of dollars or too much time for a creative and dreamy room. You also do not have to install new windows or remove any structural objects in your room. How to Build a House Eco-Friendly – Homeizer. The construction sector is facing a significant challenge.

How to Build a House Eco-Friendly – Homeizer

Eco-friendly home construction begins with intelligent design. By thinking strategically and adopting the right way of working, with the right materials and technology early, you can help save the environment and also your money. Creating an eco-friendly and efficient home includes the benefits of healthy living space, lower fuel bills, and having a positive impact on the environment. Many organizations and contractors recognize the value of sustainable and Eco- Friendly building methods. New advances in technology, materials, and practices enable companies to use environmentally friendly processes that may also lead to better overall efficiency. The most important goal is to preserve our natural resources like water, raw materials, and electric power. Design of the Building and Construction Integrated Design Approach The integrated design approach is currently in its nascent stages and expected to become soon mainstream.

Delightful Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency in Your Home – Homeizer. Each and every home uses energy in one form or the other.

Delightful Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency in Your Home – Homeizer

Statistics indicated that almost 50% of a home energy is used by its HVAC system (provides heating and cooling services in buildings) while 12% goes into the lighting. When you build a new home or renovate the older one, then you must acquire a number of energy-efficient features and these have been listed as below: Make Your Home Very Well Insulated Insulation is a key to maintain heat in your home. Proper insulation, in the right quantity, will trap heat in your home and you no need not to pay any unnecessary heating costs. There are wide ranges of insulation options that homeowners place in their homes, but some options are precisely designed for certain areas.

Roof Insulating your roof is an effective and simple method to diminish the heat loss and lower down your heating bills. This is only operative for minimum 40 hours and it pays for itself several times over. Floor Draught-Proofing Pipes, Tanks and Radiators Advantages Summing Up. Industrial-Sized Cleaning Challenges Have Industrial-Sized Solutions – Homeizer. For consumers who are responsible for getting an industrial-sized cleaning job spic and span, an Industrial Pressure Washer is the best solution.

Industrial-Sized Cleaning Challenges Have Industrial-Sized Solutions – Homeizer

There are several things that they should look for when searching for these pressure washers. One specific area is the pressure that they produce. Generally if it’s less than 1800 pounds per square inch, these do a great job cleaning dirt off vehicles, equipment, patios, sidewalks, and the siding on a building. However, for the more difficult oil, grease, or chemical stains, a model that has 3000 PSI and can utilizes detergents and solvents are much better suited. Look for the durability of the power washer and make sure that it lasts for many years – don’t get a “throw-away” model that needs to be replaced after a year or two. Industrial Pressure Washers • AR Blue Clean AR767 Pressure Washer It’s designed with Annovi Reverberi induction engine that’s equipped with a heavy duty triplex pump. . • DeWalt Pressure Washer 3800 PSI • Simpson WS3200. Best Compact Fridge In The Market Today – Homeizer. Do you want to live a nomadic lifestyle and travel places with something that can cool your drinks or food or something for your office when you have a load of work and can’t grab some snacks?

Best Compact Fridge In The Market Today – Homeizer

Even in your dorm room? Then, a Compact fridge can help you with that. The purpose of having this compact fridges is for limited storage spaces unlike your mini fridges, compact fridges are mostly built with freezer which makes it convenient to use. Homeizer – It's All About Your Home. Homeizer – It's All About Your Home.