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When You Have to Teach Elementary Music From Home... There are numerous circumstances that could cause you to have to teach elementary music classes from your home.

When You Have to Teach Elementary Music From Home...

These could range from weather-related school closings to an illness that causes you to be home for the week. When this occurs, you want your students to keep musically progressing. Whether you are asked to provide home instruction, distance learning, or you feel you need to teach from home so that your curriculum and performances stay on track, here are a few free technology-integrated ideas that could benefit you and your students. Navigate This Post: Every day I find new resources or updates to include in this post. What Will You Need… Most of the following ideas do require you to have internet access. It also might be beneficial for you to give tutorial videos. Video yourself with your own device and upload it to YouTube, Seesaw, Google Classroom, Edpuzzle, or Flipgrid (see all below).Create screen recordings so you can show how to use activities and websites.

Go to the Top. Home - Beth's Notes. Leicester Elementary Music: 2020. In music class, we sing folk songs from around the world.

Leicester Elementary Music: 2020

We learn about the culture of our community through folk songs. While you are home with your family, learn a song your family likes to sing. Elementary music education blog- The Domestic Musician. State Camp Song Book. Makingmusicfun. Mrs. Mattson's Music Room: Note Name Centers. I LOVE using centers in my classroom.

Mrs. Mattson's Music Room: Note Name Centers

It is a great way to practice concepts using games instead of group questioning or worksheets. I usually create 4-5 centers, depending on the size of the class. I generally don't like to have more than 4 in a group. I recently completed a large center rotation for my 5th graders studying bass clef and they loved them so much, I duplicated them the next week for my 4th graders who were starting to learn treble clef. In my 5th grade class, I spent one day doing a group lesson on bass clef. Here are the centers I used for treble clef and bass clef. Mad Minute: I always like to have one worksheet station so I make sure that every kid is understanding the concept being taught. Name That Tune: This is another worksheet I got from . Connect Four: This is another fun game I could never do with the whole class. Goldfish Spelling: You can never go wrong bribing your kids to learn with food!

Home - Dynamic Music Room. Mrs. Stouffer's Music Room Blog. Well-Trained Heart. Kodaly Inspired Classroom. The Sweetest Melody. Music with Mrs. Dennis. Treble in the Classroom. Blog - Simple Music Teaching. Teacher Downloads. TeacherOrganized Chaos: Teacher. Log In To Your Plank Road Publishing Account. HOME - Mallets, Music, Movement and More – inspiring creativity in your classroom. Music a la Abbott - Amy Abbott - Kodály Inspired Blog and Teachers Music Education Resource.

Teaching With Orff - free resource for movement & music educators. Yellow Brick Road. Home - Make Moments Matter. Mrs. Miracle's Music Room. Mrs. King's Music Class. O For Tuna Orff. Search Or Browse The Music Teaching Idea Bank. John Jacobson's Music Express Magazine. A site about music education from an the perspective of a beginning teacher. Free Children's Music Song of the Month by Nancy Stewart, Seattle Washington.

This song is for summer reading Program, 2018, "Libraries Rock" Other songs are Rocks in the Crust of the Earth and Obwissana/Rhythm of the Rocks This song has a simple, repetitive melody to mimic the constant rhythm of the waves coming in and out.

Free Children's Music Song of the Month by Nancy Stewart, Seattle Washington

It can be sung as a two-part round, with second part starting on second line. Children can play steady beat on various rhythm instruments or use hand motions below. It would be a wonderful performance song for a choir. Hand motions for each verse precede the lyrics. Pebbles in the Sea (Gently slap hips on “pocket”, then cup hands as if shaking pebbles in rhythm.

I got a pocket full of pebbles, I’ll put ’em in my hand Make a shaker that sounds so sweet Gonna go on down to the water’s edge And toss my pebbles into the sea. (Trace index finger of one hand in circular motion on open palm of other hand. I got a smooth stone in the palm of my hand Just as smooth as it can be Gonna go on down to the water’s edge And skip my stone out over the sea.