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Cold Iron & Rowan-Wood

With a courageous princess (and love interest), no orcs, no riddles, no dwarves, a traditional Chosen One plotline, gorgeous Czech artwork, and a hobbit Macgyver. The changes are really interesting, and in some ways add a bit of coherence to the plot – but then again, part of the charm of The Hobbit is its bumbling, sprawling arbitrariness.

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The latest fantasy news

Read and enjoy. Introduction As I noted in my first essay of […] Ex Libris: About. Sum, ergo lego. - I am, therefore I read.

Ex Libris: About

Hi, welcome to Ex Libris and thanks for stopping by! I love reading the personal background infos on other blogs, so if you are like me and are curious about the raison d'etre of the blog and the person behind the blog, this is the place :-) About « A Striped Armchair. I’m Eva, an amateur reader and full-time library aficionado. Books allow me to transcend my chronic illnesses, and I love to read diversely, in every sense. My taste ranges across fiction and nonfiction, from the just-published to classics, includes a variety of genres, and I can name a favourite author from every (inhabited) continent.