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StateManager - Helps managing Android applications settings and state. Classes tutorial. TheDesignatedGeek.Net. Right now, here are a few links to get you started.


How to create an Electronic Signature Capture in Android using Basic4Android. Good day!

How to create an Electronic Signature Capture in Android using Basic4Android

This is my other tutorial on Android creating a Signature Capture using Basic4Android. An electronic signature is any electronic means that indicates either that a person adopts the contents of an electronic message, or more broadly that the person who claims to have written a message is the one who wrote it and that the message received is the one that was sent. By comparison, a signature is a stylized script associated with a person. In commerce and the law, a signature on a document is an indication that the person adopts the intentions recorded in the document. Thus, creating this electronic signature that can capture of what you entered will be an advantage to the people. On this, you need to create one panel and named it as "Panel1", two buttons named btnClear and btnSave. Declare your variable in the Sub_Global like this: Sub Globals Dim Panel1 As Panel Dim Canvas1 As Canvas Dim SD As SignatureData 'This object holds the data required for SignatureCaptureEnd Sub.

Basic4android. Basic4Android Book Resources. ActionBar / Sliding Pages tutorial. [Library] ComboBox. Basic4android (Basic for Android) - Android programming with Gui designer. Recursos/elec/programas/Basic4Android Core.pdf. [ New Library] B4AExtendedDialogs. TheDesignatedGeek.Net. OAuth 2.0 / Google web services tutorial. BetterImageView. [Class] SlidingSidebar.

[Lib, Chargeable] UltimateListView. ListView supporting RichStrings. [Class] CheckList. [Lib] ListViewWithScrollEvents + ScrollPanel demo. [Class] CheckList. AHQuickAction library - Nice looking popup menus. Generador de Codigos QR– Genere aquí sus QR Codes gratuitamente. DgActionBar - yet another ActionBar. Code Snippet - String Format. Real newb question about how to display a block of scrollable text. Class - ActionDrawer - ActionBar and NavDrawer Made Perfect. AHNavigationDrawer - Native Google Navigation Drawer. DgActionBar - yet another ActionBar. Libraries - Basic4android Wiki. Developers, you are more than welcome to edit this page and add your libraries.

Libraries - Basic4android Wiki

Contact if you do not have write permission. Libraries and classes can be downloaded here: [1]. You can use the site search engine to find libraries. For example: Library For information about the impact of using libraries, see this thread. List of updated official libraries and other useful modules Most libraries are included in the IDE installation package. NotificationListener library Remote Database Connector. Reflection library. [lib]mListView based on native ListView. AHNavigationDrawer - Native Google Navigation Drawer. Customtoast library.

Wrapper to zxing QRCode, EAN-13 & EAN-8 Generator. Basic4android - ABZxing. Barcode and QR code libraries. ABZxing Barcode reader. [Class] DataBases. New Easy to Use DataBase Functions V1.0 with Samples. [Lib] ScrollView2D. DBUtils - Android databases are now simple! Dialogs library. Example - SQLiteLight Three simple SQLite projects. Grid Sample. Grid and ListView Library. Grid and ListView Library. Grid and ListView Library. Spanish - Crear Rejilla (Grid)

Home Screenshots Showcase Features Download Purchase Online Community Documentation About Us Spanish Crear Rejilla (Grid) Discussion in 'Spanish Forum' started by felixjavierdiaz, Feb 28, 2013.

Spanish - Crear Rejilla (Grid)

Similar threads Spanish Instalar/crear una carpetaSpanish Se puede crear una variable en tiempo de ejecucionItalian Creare Griglia su cui disegnare sopraSpanish Crear un reproductor para una Radio FMB4J Tutorial FlickrViewer felixjavierdiaz Member Licensed User Hola a todos ... Recent Posts Share This Page Loading... Members Quick Links. [Class] Flexible Table. Access any database or system with B4AServer. DBUtils - Android databases are now simple! Question - [SOLVED] Phone library.

Example - Graphics ListView with 2 images, two labels and populated from a text file. Example - Graphics ListView with 2 images, two labels and populated from a text file. Example - RDC - Simple way to create your own back-end database. WebView Example, Pimp Up Your App! Tutorials & Examples. Essential Basic4ppc.pdf. Best view (control) for showing a large text file. Basic4android - Views (Core) Tutorial Español en Android ToggleButton Botón con enclavamiento.

15.- WebView.

Tutorial Español en Android ToggleButton Botón con enclavamiento

Navegador Web Tutorial. Estudio del WebView. Presentación - Mediante el WebView podemos realizar un navegador web. Tutorial Español Programas BASIC4Android. BASIC4Android por Juan Antonio Villalpando mi correo: (IES Fco.

Tutorial Español Programas BASIC4Android

Romero Vargas - Jerez de la Fra.) Aquí puedes encontrar la instalación y configuración del programa BASIC4Android para realizar programas para el Android de los teléfonos móviles. -- Tutorial de iniciación de Basic4Android-- -- Basic4Android se denomina ahora B4A -- - Programas de iniciación: 0.- Instalación. 0B.- La barra de menú de Basic4Android. Pronto... 52.- Mapas estáticos de Google. ScrollView en Android Scroll SeekBar Horizontal. Tutorial.

ScrollView en Android Scroll SeekBar Horizontal

ScrollView con imágenes y textos Presentación /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// (Tutorial) Basic4android - Preparándose para programar. Tomado de mi Blog para los que no somos expertos y preferimos empezar con un lenguaje más sencillo y después expandir nuestros conocimientos y habilidades.

(Tutorial) Basic4android - Preparándose para programar

Basic4android es un software con suficientes opciones y capacidades para hacer muy buenas aplicaciones no solamente programas básicos. En esta y en publicaciones futuras veremos solamente algunas cosas básicas las cuales muchas veces solo necesitan esfuerzo y creatividad para crear algo más complejo. Veremos en seguida como prepararse para empezar a programar con Basic4android y un dispositivo Android. 1 Descargar e instalar el programa en encuentran una versión de prueba y otras opciones de pago con mas opciones, además encuentran varios foros en el sitio y lo que se necesita instalar para la compilación de sus proyectos.

Yo no he tenido problemas para empezar a programar porque uso Remote Compilation Mode. [Class] TableView - Supports tables of any size. [Class] TableView - Supports tables of any size. DBUtils - Android databases are now simple! DBUtils - Android databases are now simple! Android home screen widgets tutorial - part I. Custom Expandable ListView. Custom Expandable ListView. GPS Example. Dear Klaus :sign0013: sorry my english ( I am layz ) I am novice for android , yes of course unzip maybe I can not explain clearly setep by step: 1-) downloaded your code 1.1 version 2-) unzip C:\Program Files\Anywhere Software\Basic4android\SourceCode\GPSExample\ 3-) I see all code and modul files image files no problems but I didnt see apk files on object folder 4-) open Basic4android my pc and select GPSExample.b4a 5-) I see designer your activity 6-) I click RUN button ( blue arrow on toolbar) and give error like this I didnt understand why error ?

GPS Example

I want to thank you really have an educational application regards. Add imageview half manually. Gridline in Tableview using scrollview. ScrollView examples summary. Basic4android (Basic for Android) - Android programming with Gui designer.