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Aiwa's 1970s mini stereo in a suitcase. In the late 1970s, Aiwa produced the 22 series mini-separates stereo system.

Aiwa's 1970s mini stereo in a suitcase

This was the classy Aiwa of the olden days, before it became a Sony subsidiary specializing in cheap gray polyethylene. The 22 was a striking product; a fully-featured, premium-grade stackable stereo component system, including tuner, cassette player, digital timer, pre-amp, power amp and goodness knows what else, all at a fraction of the size of the era's metal monsters. There were carrying cases and even furniture designed to accomodate a set.

Matching speakers and a turntable were also on offer. Audio, Hi Fi, Home Audio, Reviews. Web 'Zine Page 1. The Audio Critic: Introducing the Web 'Zine As of February 15, 2005, The Audio Critic is no longer a print publication but a Web ’zine.

Web 'Zine Page 1

We have migrated to the Internet. This is a radical change, with both advantages and disadvantages. It required a radical decision that was not made lightly. The new Web ’zine format allows us to add equipment tests and other articles just about every week, bit by bit, continuously, like a blog, instead of the long months of silence between print issues. Our reasons for the change were many and compelling. Table of Contents Audio Legacy Audio is a mature technology. —Peter Aczel Powered 4-Way Dipole Loudspeaker System Linkwitz Lab LX521 Designer: Linkwitz Lab, 15 Prospect Lane, Corte Madera, CA 94925.

For photos (lots of them), please go to the websites indicated above. There are basically two approaches to advancing the state of the loudspeaker art. Trends Audio PA-10 tube pre amp review - Compact valve sound [Italian version] Product: Trends Audio PA-10 tube preamp Manufacturer: TrendsAudio Cost: MSRP Price 225US$ (265US$ for the 'SE' version) (YMMV) Reviewer: Nick Whetstone - TNT UK Reviewed: February, 2009 I recently reviewed the TubePre, a tube-based pre amplifier module from Audiodigit.

Trends Audio PA-10 tube pre amp review -

I was suitably impressed with what that did when connected to the 'right' amplifier, 'right' being typically a chip amp, or one of the 12 volt class-T amps. The PA-10 comes in a standard version and in an 'SE' version. Ecualizador Grafico Stereo 2 Bandas 20+20 Av052 - $ 1.799,00 en Mercado Libre. Amazon. DACs: everything you need to know.

You may not have realised it, but most of us will make use of at least one digital to analogue converter, more commonly known as a DAC, every single day.

DACs: everything you need to know

Built into the likes of computers, tablets and smartphones, the DAC is the fundamental key to unlocking the convenience of digital music, transforming it back into an analogue signal to make it intelligible to the human ear. Any device that acts as a source of digital sound – be it a CD or Blu-ray player, digital TV box, games console or portable music player – will need a DAC to convert its audio to an analogue signal before it is output. Traditional amplifiers don’t amplify in digital, speakers don’t play in digital and our ears certainly don’t hear in digital – they all need an analogue waveform. Without a DAC, your digital music collection is nothing but a collection of “0s and 1s” (more on that shortly) that makes sense only within a digital device. In short, DACs play a large part in making digital music possible.

Orbit Plus Turntable – U-Turn Audio. RBH Sound Support Center. HiFiMan HM-801 Portable HiFi PMP Review. Does the world need another PMP?

HiFiMan HM-801 Portable HiFi PMP Review

Isn’t the iPod the end-all-be-all there will ever be for potable HiFi? Â Can something be made that will ever displace the iPod position at number one? Â Questions need answers and the HiFi enthusiast shouldn’t be limited to our dark dens and hundred thousand dollar music rooms. We deserve great sound on the go. Companies like Wadia Digital and PeachTree Audio have been developing products that make up for the iPod’s lack of HiFi sound by circumventing the iPod’s DAC and taking the digital files straight out like a transport.

Acoustic Geometry Curve System room treatments. For a few weeks each year in the high summer of Minnesota, the corn sold from rickety roadside stands is so sweet and tender it is best eaten unadorned.

Acoustic Geometry Curve System room treatments

For the wise and lucky nibbler willing to forgo condiments, the rewards of eating these naked kernels are the pure taste of Midwestern soil and sun transformed into a juicy, golden confection. I've begun to wonder if the yearly encounter with this magnificent and ephemeral sweet corn reminds Midwesterners of the joys of simplicity and plainness. Though my hypothesis is a stretch, it sure would explain a great deal about the Midwestern mentality. Perhaps Midwesterners subtly learn from this corn that if we get too fancy or try too hard, we can often screw up what nature has already made perfect. Conversely, we learn that no amount of fancy accoutrements will make a bad ear of bland, mealy corn come alive in the mouth. So it was with a sense of hope that I encountered Acoustic Geometry's new Curve System of room treatments.