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Steve McCurry photoshop scandal

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Steve McCurry photo editing scandal. Jens Meyer/AP Photo If photojournalism had a Mount Rushmore, Steve McCurry would be on it.

Steve McCurry photo editing scandal

He's probably the closest thing to a mainstream celebrity in the field, because you can have this conversation: "Hey, have you heard of Steve McCurry? " The Case of Steve McCurry: What Is 'Truth' in Photography? Recently, one of the most well-known photographers in history was caught in a Photoshop scandal.

The Case of Steve McCurry: What Is 'Truth' in Photography?

Naturally, this begs the question: where is the line between truth and manufactured reality in photography? Steve McCurry needs little introduction. Steve McCurry Says He Will 'Rein in His Use of Photoshop' Eyes of the Afghan Girl: A Critical Take on the 'Steve McCurry Scandal' More Photoshopped Photos Emerge in the Steve McCurry Scandal. Botched Steve McCurry Print Leads to Photoshop Scandal.